Wednesday, 26 January 2011

No7 Spring 2011 Gel Eyeliners

I have spoken about the release of No7 Spring 2011 collection a few times now but I just wanted to share the swatches of the eyeliners. 
The collection was released online and in stores today!
The collection comes with three gel eyeliners in Black, Blue and Turquoise. As far as I can tell the purple looking one is called Blue, however on the website they seem to have made a mistake. 

They Say
For instant allure paint on your colour of choice with the brush applicator and flick out at the ends.
“Fabulous gel eye liners to focus your Bardot Kitten eyed look. Gel formulations are so much easier than liquids because their creamy texture allows for a longer application time…so time to perfect your flick!
In three great shades, black is a total classic, blue is a chic and softer alternative to black and the creamy bright turquoise is just fabulous for making a bold eye statement.”
I love these eyeliners and they are much better then other drugstore gel eyeliners which I have tried! They are pigments, creamy and they last all day! My favourite is Blue as it a little more interesting then black but still adds definition to the eye area. This colour would also make the whites of your eyes appear brighter which is always great! 

I love the turquoise on the bottom lash line and the black eyeliner is my go to product for the waterline!

What do you think of these colours will you be picking any up?

Click here and here to see the rest of the collection

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


  1. I have never tried gel eyeliners, I only ever use liquid or pencil, as I have always thought gels must be harder to use, are they?

    Great post, I will definatley being checking out the collection tonight. x

  2. These look great, I heart gel liners. Would you say the "blue" is more blue or more purple in real life? I don't have a cool-toned purple liner, so if it's the latter I'll be grabbing! Thanks! x

  3. The colors are gorgeous wish I could get them!

  4. hello, im looking for a gel liner, have u tried the bobbi brown one? if so which do you think is better? many thanks for your help . louise xoxo

  5. Wow, I didn't realise it was released today. I'll have to take a trip into town! Great swatches.
    Zoe x
    Please take a look at my blog and giveaway, here.

  6. @miss LV- I personally find that they are just as easy to use! and I love them on the waterline

    @The Postcolonial Rabbit- I would say its an indigo sort of colour, very beautiful!

    @Annoymous- really sorry never tried the Bobbi Brown ones! X

  7. Oh yes more gel eyeliners,
    my sleek one is all dried up!
    The blue one looks amazing,
    i want iwant!
    I've misplaced that no7voucher somewhere :(
    must find it!
    Great blog post

  8. oooh these look like the mac ones, might have to give them a go x

  9. These look amazing from your swatches but the price is quite high considering they're only a bit less than the MAC eyeliners.

  10. wow these look great, i wish i hadn't just given my £5 no 7 voucher away ha x

  11. Lovely! I have a gel eyeliner from Coastal Scents that I use regularly but the colors on this seem so much more vibrant!