Monday, 28 February 2011

Where to get inspiration...

I was recently asked by my friend Ana (see her blog here) how I get inspiration for my blog and I thought I would quickly write a post about it. I wouldn’t say my blog is the most inspired blogs as it consists mainly of reviews and swatches but every now and then I do write about other things.
  1.      Get yourself a notebook- I love writing list for everything I do in life but I find it particularly useful with my blog. I write lists about what has been requested, what products I want to review, what posts I would like to do and what products I would quite like to buy. I update it all the time and have a read through it when I am about to write a post. 
2.       Save inspirational posts in your favourite- I love to save tags and other posts that I think could inspire one of my own post, I save it as a favourite so I can both credit them and to remind me to write the post.

3.       Take part in tags that are going around- I really love the 100 things that make me happy tag started by Sofia and which I am also taking part in.

4.       Review your stats and see what’s popular. I use Google analytics and I would really recommend that every blogger get it, it allows you to see what posts were popular and what people type in to search engines to get to your page. EG mine says that my No7 spring collection post is really popular and a lot of people Google Sleek Makeup and end up on my blog therefore I can predict that if I were to write another post about either No7 or Sleek it would also be popular. 

5.       General life updates are often popular since we are all naturally nosey.

6.       Ask you followers on twitter and Facebook if they have any requests. 

7.       See what Google suggests- type in the first half of phrases and see what Google suggests as these are usually the most popular. 

 8.       Read lots and lots of blogs- I follow 400/500+ although I don’t follow them all religiously I do read the titles of all of them and pick what I may want to read. 

9.       Read magazines- You can often turn lots of magazine articles into blog posts but modifying it a little and adding your own spin. I also think this folder idea from Bubblegarm is fantastic to keep all your inspiration and favourite images stored together. However magazines can get expensive click here to read about my top free magazines, I would also recommend Grazia if you are a fashion blogger and Essentials magazine if you are a lifestyle blogger.

Hope this helped! Where do you get inspiration?
Sabrina X

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  1. Bookmarked! You little life saver ;D!! I do love to blog but sometimes I need a bit of motivation and help going in the right direction. Thanks for sharing!!

    Love J.

  2. I like the magazine idea! :)

  3. This is such a great post! I haven't been blogging for very long but I have taken to writing down in a notebook what I wish to blog about next, whats popular etcetera. I don't have that many followers just yet, and have only received a few comments on my posts - however all comments have been positive and spur me on even more.

    Once I have a slightly bigger readership, I will be certain to follow the rest of your tips!

    I love your blog by the way, I make sure I visit everyday <3


  4. Nice post. Definately going to start keeping a favourites of posts which have inspired me:) I usually write about my life and the things i buy or see xx

  5. I love the Google idea :) I find myself doing this all the time.
    I always loved doing "Why are the British..." and seeing what Google had to say, ahaha.

  6. haha thank you sabrina, this has actually really helped.. favourting them to remind you to post and also the note book, im a general list addict myself so perfect! thank you X

  7. Thanks so much. This is exactly what I was looking for.

  8. Totally agree with following hundreds of blogs! I follow many bloggers, beauty brands, celebrities and magazines on Twitter as they often post some interesting/useful stuff. For nails I follow the top nail technicians :D Thank you for this post, very useful! xx

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  10. Great post! Thank you for all the tips, I'm going to look in to google analytics.

  11. This is such a good post Sabrina! i always carry my notebook around with me and dedicate a page to whatever blogging wise is in my head that day. Sometimes it can be absolutely nothing, other days i see blogs that have one single word that strikes something. :) Im going to have to look into this google analytics. xx

  12. i have so many note books and pieces of paper with all my ideas scribbled everywhere xxxx

  13. I love this post, so useful! I need to make a list based on this post alone:)

  14. Lovely post!

    We all need a bit of inspiration sometimes and it's nice to see that all bloggers relate and draw from each other :)

  15. thankyou for this post, a few months ago I started my blog and these are very good tips, thankyou :)