Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Kiss Nails

If there is one thing I have is strong nails, they don’t really break, I can grow them easily and apart from some staining they are quite good. I wish that instead I had strong, thick hair but I don’t! This means I haven’t ever really been too interested in fake nails however at the National Beauty Bloggers Event I got some press on nails applied.
 Some of the reasons as to why I never tried fake nails are because I always thought acrylics ruined you nails and that press on nails like these never lasted longer than a day but I thought I would try these Kiss nails nonetheless.
 Nails day 1
I got these applied by the lady at the event, but they were applied basically how I would apply them at home. My nails were in fact a little longer then the false nails so my nails had to filed slightly, if I were to do them myself I would clip the whole of my nail down. 
 The box contains 28 nails in 14 different sizes, pink gel glue, a mini file and a manicure stick. The nails come with small little tabs which you use to apply the nail and then twist and bend to remove the self-tab. 
 Nails day 7
The box claims that they will last 7days and I did manage to get 7 days wear out of them, however I was one nail down on the second day as I managed to bang my nail really hard. I still think it’s great that 9 of the nails lasted a whole week! Towards the final day they still looked great but the glue was becoming a little loss on some nails and they did need to be removed. I also really liked the length of the nails, these were called real short and although they are not long they aren’t extremely short either. The length makes them very practical and natural looking, but Kiss does also make a petite set which are even shorter. 
 Kiss has a good range of natural looking nails in a variety of lengths. 
However if you are looking for a more colourful and fun look then they do have a range that may cater to your needs, the Broadway range has a variety of different colours and patterns.   
 To remove the nails there is a Nail remover product which I would highly recommend, you simply soak your nails in it and 10 or so minutes later they will all have melted of, It also a rough surface to help you remove the nails. My nails were left basically as good as they were before and I don’t really feel that they harmed my real nails.

I would recommend these nails to people who are looking for easy to apply, natural looking nails (or not if you chose to try the Broadway range) they retail for about £8 (available from Boots) so are far cheaper then getting acrylics in a salon. I think I will reach for these when I have events to go to and I want my nails to look great!

What do you think of these nails?
 Sabrina X

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  1. I like you them! and i wanna try them out after seeing your good results! :)

  2. Ahhh they look awesome,
    I wish my nails constantly looked like that.
    I've never tried fake nails before!

  3. Your nails look gorgeous! =). Thanks for this review...i've just found out i won one of Fleur De Force's Giveaways and included in the prize are some of these nails! I've never tried them before but they look amazing! So glad to know they don't ruin your natural nails as i already have long nails too. =)
    Much love, Stephanie xXx

  4. ive always wanted to try false nails, or acrylics so i might go for these, although id probably try and get the petite ones because id be scared of ripping my own nail off with the false ones! xx

  5. I have pretty small nails, so I've never tried false nails...I don't know that they would fit!

    I also worried that they ruin your nails, my friends always complain about that.

    Yours look really nice though!

  6. I never get fake nails either because I feel like it's such a hindrance. These look great though and they look really easy to put on and take of. Maybe ill give them a try :)

  7. They look really lovely and natural! May have to pick these up next time I wear falsies xx

  8. I love these! I just bought 5 boxes since walgreens is having a 50% off sale on all nail supply.

  9. I love these too! Totally addicted :)

  10. I'm loving these new print/patterned nails that I can put on for events/shoots and not have to worry about chipping!

    May have to check this range out at boots! :)

    Have you checked out my March Blog Giveaway? Please do :)

  11. They look fab! I'm not really an acrylic nails sort of girl, but they look amazing! xx

  12. These look very natural on you! I have always heard that the Kiss brand is the way to go!

    Liesl :)

  13. Ive had acrylics before and although they look great, they really mess up your nails. When they rip, its so painful and if one comes off, they look rubbish. Ive never work press on nails before, i think mainly because i associate them with places like claires and think they look cheap when comparing them to acrylics, but the ones you have there look really nice, and very wearable, especially been as there are different styles. Deffo a benefit. They sound like such a bargain price too, will have to give them a try next time im in boots. :) xo

  14. I use the KISS fakies for the toes, with a french mani finish :)

  15. Might have to try some of these! Great post!

    I just found your blog and it's fab! I look forward to reading more!

  16. wow they look lovely! i wanted to try some good press on nails for a while so i think i'll try these ones now :)


  17. ohh...this would def come in handy..hope in States have similar ones ! If you use glitterly polish it's pain in the xxx to get it off!

    +new follower!


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  19. can you get them in australia?? and love your blog :)