Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday Ramble

I haven’t done a Monday Ramble for a few weeks now and I have somewhat missed it, I like to keep all my readers updated with what I am doing just so they can know a little more about me and in this case hopefully understand why I haven’t been blogging as much.

Last week was somewhat of a crazy week, I had my first proper week at my new part time job as well as still attending university and getting my coursework done. I think last week was very hectic but hopefully as I get more use to my timetable and now that most of my coursework is finished I could hopefully resume (almost) normal blogging. 

I also went to the National Beauty Bloggers event, where I picked up a few things which I am going to review very soon, click here to see a few photos from the event on my Facebook page.
Now the thing giving me most problems is my laptop, I have a HP Pavilion which has been in rather bad shape for a while, but I got it upgraded to windows 7 and was happy with it again However this morning the hinges holding the screen up broke meaning I have to sit at my desk with my screen leaning against the wall, which isn’t ideal. I found out that this is a common problem with this laptop, so I phoned Curry’s and was told they would charge me £230, to get it fixed! £230! I would rather DIY-it it seems like such an easy and quick job but I found some where a quick bus ride away that I trust and say will charge about £40, that’s much more reasonable! (Sorry, really wanted to have a little moan) 

Current Obsessions
Makeup Savvy Blog- AMAZING blog and check out her free blog headers here.
 Primark £10 Loafers- I need more colours!
 My Cath Kidston-esque inexpensive duvet covers from IKEA
The sun (even if it is still cold) 

What did you do last week? What are your current obsessions?
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  1. Hmmm, you have got me thinking! My current obsessions are: rings, growing my nails for the first time ever and Boyzone as I got see them on tour again soon;) Ha ha!

    Carol x (Check out my vintage shop too if you get a chance)

  2. I am jealous of you having the loafers, there was only tiny sizes left in primark when I went in. Hopefully they will release more and some other colours as well! x

  3. That duvet cover is so cute! I am going to check it out now =)

  4. The primark loafers looks really cute! Might have to check those out tomorrow x

  5. Thanks so much for the mention really lovely of you... had such a bad day and this has definitely lightened it!

    Thanks again,

    Fee x

  6. Ahhhh Cath Kidston LOVE!

    Emma x

  7. Wish i'd known about the bloggers event, will you be posting about it?
    Need to go into Primark, have seen some brilliant items on blogs recently.

  8. Oh my gosh those loafers are adorable :).

  9. Wow is that duvet recent then? I couldn't see it online! Love the reversibleness!

  10. The duvet is so beautiful! super feminine and cheery =)