Sunday, 13 March 2011

No7 & Poppy King Review (Allure & Glamour)

Last week I spoke about the new No7 range created by Poppy King and mentioned that I would come back with a review and a few swatches.
My two favourite colours were Allure and Glamour so that is what I am reviewing today and so far I love them!
Glamour is a perfect pink, quite sheer but still buildable. The texture is fantastic, hydrating and light feel like you are wearing almost nothing. This is a great everyday shade if you like pinks or are looking to try pinks as it isn't too in-your-face. The lip gloss matches it perfectly, isn't sticky and smells Divine!
I didn't included swatches as I think the below image shows the colour of really well, this pretty look was put together by Lisa Eldridge.
Allure is slightly more of a grown-up colour but still pretty and playful. Its a natural peach colour which is also great for everyday. This colour would suit almost any woman and any occasion, the lipgloss is also lovely
The packaging of the collection is also very beautiful and I am very impressed with what I have tried! I would recommend checking out the range if you haven't already and even spend your £5 off voucher as I am sure there is a colour for you.

I will most definitely be wearing this two shades for the next few seasons, what do you think?
Available at Boots this month; lipstick£12 lipgloss£11

Sabrina X

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  1. I like the pink shades now :)


  2. Wow everything looks gorgeous x

  3. These shades are exactly what i would wear for everyday use! So perfect , and I adore the packaging! Great review xx :o)

  4. Loving Glamour...gorgeous colour!! xox

  5. Loving these colours! One of the best parts of this new line, my Shopper's had SO much No.7's old lipsticks on clearance for $4 :)

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