Thursday, 10 March 2011

Savvy Shopping Asos Beauty Sale

Buying cosmetics can become very expensive and unlike clothes I find that they are very rarely on sale, apart from on the ASOS website. I love their Beauty sale section and I would recommend checking it quite regularly.
Today the section isn't quite as good as it is sometime but there are still some bargains I would pick up!
  Paul & Joe ASOS Exclusive Nail Polish Set Was £20 Now £9.90 
Nail Rock Fashion Print Designer Nail Wraps Was £6.70 Now £4.25 
Illamasqua ASOS Exclusive Nail Duo Was £20 Now £10.35

ASOS also offers a super save UK delivery which is really worth getting, it just means waiting an extra two or so days.

I would really recommend adding this to your favourites and continuously checking back to see what they have to offer.

Click here for ASOS Beauty Sale

What are your tips for savvy shopping? 

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  1. Oooh i definately agree, i think cosmetics is the one thing I see to spend the most on as it is soo dear!
    Will have to keep my eyes peeled on asos for bargains xx :o)

  2. Ah I'm going to be obsessively checking it now!

  3. Ooh I'm going to be obsessively checking now

  4. Thanks for this I will definitley be checking back on this regularly. xxx

  5. Too obsessed by any dresses to even check out the beauty bits, will now :) x

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  7. I'm definitely going to check this out!

  8. I always try and get the good bargains too:)

    If I like a store I always sign up to their website that way I will always get emails about the good sales!

  9. I love ASOS!


  10. the green in the illamasqua duo is just stunning!

    oh my goodness, i love your blog!

    following you now :)

  11. Thanks for the tips! I usually get an email from my favourite stores with the latest offers - love bargains! x

  12. love the photos!!!