Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Matalan Swimwear 2011

With great 20C+ weather over the next few days in London I thought it would be perfect to talk about Matalan's Summer Swimwear. I blogged briefly about the event I attended but thought I would also share some of my favourite pieces from the lookbook.
Matalan swimwear is very affordable and they offer a variety of styles from swimsuits to bikinis. I love that the bikini top and bottoms are sold separately so if you are bigger in one then the other you can mix and match.

The above dresses, playsuits and shoes are Matalan at its best in my opinion! I love how stunning all the patterns are, they are all so easy to wear and fashionable. The shoes are so inexpensive ranging from £16-18 and are perfect for shopping in the city or a beach holiday!

Matalan also offer great flat sandals at really affordable prices £12-16 I think I might buy a few of these for my holidays!

Summer to me is all about gold jewelry, I just love how beautiful it looks against tanned skin. The feathers and touch of colour add a little quirkiness to any outfit!

What do you think of my picks from the Lookbook?

Sabrina X

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  1. Really like the black playsuit second from the right - there are so many i want for this summer! Firstly though, i would very much like to buy a figure that i can wear a bikini in!!

  2. I really like that yellow bikini! I think I'll have to pick that up for my holidays :)

    I always forget about Matalan, there isn't one right near me so I never get reminded of it to look at the website!


    :-) xo

  3. Nice post,

    Love the selection of playsuits.

    Great blog,

  4. I actually love alot of things here! Matalan are really upping their game. Fav is the asymetrical playsuit!

  5. Cannot believe this is from Matalan. I love everything, so on trend and wearble without they hefty price tag xx :o)

  6. Oh wow, I love the sandals and jewellery!

  7. aw man these pics all make me think of summer...and here we still have storms, in fact i think there's ice raining storm tmr...OH WELL, my favorite swim suit is the last one! :D hehe, ok keep blogging, take care! xoxox

  8. looks gorgeous!!!!!!! i miss matalan - australia doesnt have matalan nor primark...argh