Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Skincare

Sadly I was not blessed with perfect skin and had acne for many of my teenage years however now aged 19 I think I am learning to control it more. Do I have perfect skin? No, but I have a skin routine which gives me significantly better skin then I have ever had.

If you do have bad skin you should know you are not alone and it’s something that you will probably learn to control sooner or later. I think it is worth speaking to your doctor about it if it is really affecting you, they can often prescribe stuff to help improve it. I tried various creams given by the doctors but none really helped. I then went onto the contraceptive pill in order to help clear my skin and although this did work quite well for me it is something that may not be right for you and does have other side effects. Although it did help clear my skin I chose to come of it as I had other side effects and I felt I wanted to see if I could keep my skin clear without being on the contraceptive pill.
I now use 4 inexpensive products which I love and which I recommend to all my friends.


Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser and No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser
I use both these cleasers as although I think the Liz Earle on is better the No7 one is cheaper so I switch between them. Someday I even use both of them if I want to cleanse twice and am wearing a lot of makeup. I don't really feel the need to use a exfoliator when I use this product either as the muslin cloths exfoliate my skin lightly every time I use it. Review here- Liz Earle and No7
Even though there is quite a huge hype around this product but I wasn't expecting too much, however it hydrates my skin without leaving it oily. Review here
I don't really need to use SudoCrem any more however if I do happen to have a blemish I simply put a little of this on just the blemish and go to bed, in the morning the blemish has usually been dried out.

Although this is by no means a perfect skincare routine it works for me, I would recommend using a few other products such as a toner and a face mask. I use a Liz Earle mask and toner but neither is essential in my routine.

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  1. Always love reading what other people use even though everyone's skin type is different.

    Already use both the cleanser you mentioned and do really like both but you are right - the Liz Earle cleanse & polish does the better job of the two.

    Really think I need to get a pot of Sudocem though as I really didn't ever think it could help clear up spots. Though I think I may had to de-pot it into something nicer as it just reminds me of my grandad haha :)

    Fee x

  2. Sounds like you've worked out a pretty good routine, will definitely try the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser after reading your review on it as I also use the Liz Earle Cleanser but it would be good to have a second one x x

  3. I've never heard of a 'hot cloth cleanser' but it sounds really lush and warm! :P

  4. Soap & Glory has a similar Hot Cloth Cleanser but I didn't like it. I'm using the Boots No.7 Sauna Mask. It didn't perform miracles but I love the heating mechanism.

  5. I totally love sudocrem, it's so great!