Monday, 16 May 2011

Beauty Blogger Chat #bbloggers

Those of you that follow me on Twitter you would have seen that I took part in the Twitter beauty bloggers chat yesterday night. It was a chat organised by my favourite beauty blogger Fee from Makeup Savvy. This is something that will be happening every week with a different topic, each Sunday at 8pm (GMT+1) you can log on to Twitter and share you opinion on a certain topic. Click here to read Makeup Savvy’s full post.

This week’s topic was ‘How to gain reader’ and lots of beauty bloggers and non-beauty bloggers got involved and it even became a trending topic! I think it’s worth having a quick look at the chat here by scrolling down and to participate this Sunday. 

What I gathered from the chat…
Social networking is a must -Twitter and Facebook are a great way to get to know other bloggers and  make friends but its also a little creepy to add someone’s personal Facebook. Only add what is on someone’s blog- don’t go searching for them on Facebook unless you really know them. Also don’t be embarrassed and share your blog with your friends!
Content-Write interesting posts with all the information needed. I like to include links in case people want to find the product quickly online. 
It is important to have a well-kept blog- Most people prefer a simple neutral background with large, clear photos taken by yourself. You do not need a fancy camera just good lighting and don’t forget to use macro when taking close ups. 
Don’t blog to become a well-known blogger- blog because you have a passion for that subject which you want to share with others. 
Regular posts but not too many- Most people said one post a day was the perfect number anything less is not enough and anything more is too much.
Share a photo of yourself and name- I think everyone loves a face and a name to put together with a blog. It makes you think you know the writer more. I have a little about me section and I love reading people's about me pages.
Write something you would read- The blog is yours after all, you are the person which spend hours writing it so make it an extension of your personality!
Its okay to add variety- Its okay to have the occasional post about a slightly different topic as long as you think your readers will enjoy it too. 
Not everyone can afford High End products- so be sure to write about affordable products too.
Avoiding review the same product as every other blog but do try and write about new up to date products.
Analysis your stats- what is your most read post and why? You clearly were doing something right!
Consider removing word verification- It can get very time consuming if everyone has word verification.
Never have automatic music- If we wanted a song to listen to we would go to iTunes and pick our own.
Remember you can’t make everyone happy so just have fun!

What I have learnt and will change…
More How-to and practical post- I write far too many reviews as they are easier so when I have the time I will try to write different sort of posts.
Commenting on others blogs- Everyone likes comments so I think it’s only fair if we write comments too. This is something I must work on, although I read lots and lots of blogs I don’t always comment. 
Have a .com or I actually bought mine but am still yet to connect the two.
Must spell check more! I can’t spell or write too well so this is a must for me!
Youtube Video bring more views- I actually have a channel here and will do my best to start using it again quite soon. 

A few of my favourite tweets...

Food for thought…
Is it worth having giveaways? Do you just give your readers that chance to win prizes as a Thank you for reading your blog or do you just have people enter which want freebies?

Huge thank you to Fee who came up and organised the whole event! I learnt so much and really enjoyed it too!

Check out Fee's Blog and Twitter

Sabrina X

Ps sorry that this post looks a mess... this is what your post shouldn't look like. Well done if you saw past the mess and got this far. X

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  1. Thanks for this,i missed it on twitter last night. Being a new blogger it helps me alot,because im never too sure what people want from a blog :)

  2. I also took part in this chat, and it really helped me understand what readers want from a blog. xx

  3. I absolutely loved the #bbloggers chat, it was a lot of fun bouncing ideas and viewpoints between each other. I followed quite a few new people too, it's horrible when you follow a blog but don't follow their twitter!

    I can't wait for next weeks discussion, and thanks for including one of my tweets. I'll definitely be getting a DSLR soon though so the iPhone will finally get some rest lol.

    I thought the most helpful tip was from Fee herself, saying about bouncing light from outdoors onto a product using a mirror against a window. Obvious idea I never thought of.


  4. @Sophie- I totally agree.. now I have to find a mirror haha X

    1. specifically the last part :) I care for such information much. I was seeking this particular information for a very Excellent post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Extremely useful information long time. Thank you and good luck.

  5. I can't believe I missed out on this, I'll definitely be tuning in next week! I'm new to blogging but your post definitely gave me some inspiration and now I know which direction to head in! xx

  6. Really really good post!

    I think it explains some of the major traps of beauty blogging, like I do reviews a lot, like only reviews, and I'm thinking that could change.

    And the thing about commenting.
    SO TRUE.
    I'm forever checking for new comments, whilst perhaps not being the best at commenting my self.
    Another thing to change.

    What great lessons, and such a great post!!!!


  7. This is very helpful, thank you! I am very new to twitter and blogging, (but love it) so this helps loads!
    Just got to work out how to use blooming twitter now lol.

  8. I've just discovered your blog, it's lovely!!! Thanks for the update on the #bbloggers chat - unfortunately I missed most of it :(

    I'll be a keen follower from today - woohoo!!

    katie x

  9. I loved the chat last night, it was funny trying to keep up lol.

    I've already made a couple of changes to mine. Plus I'm going to check out Bloglonvin'.

    As for the giveaway thing, like I said last night, I have 193 followers, who I love for following my blog and I have not yet held a giveaway.

    I have entered a couple but I have not followed a blog just to enter the giveaway, I've already been following them.

  10. My twitter post made your blog. :)

    It gave me a few ideas of tweaks I could do to change a few things but not change my blog so much that it loses it's personality

  11. I loved this little chat, like you I've learned about stuff that I have to improve on and its really interesting to see what others think! Thanks for the sum up!x

  12. really interesting post, and great that you summed up everything as i found it hard to keep up :')
    em xx

  13. Thank you so much for this great Fashion Blogging Tips in a Nutshell! I really wanted to attend the #bbloggers night out, but I was already night-ing out in real life. I was bummed, especially because it was the first time, but thanks to you I got all the important info! I need to and want to work on my blog too. X

  14. Im so happy you did that post! The problem is,that always at Sundays nights Im working and can't take part in that chat:( So you made my day with that post - chat summary! Thank you!

    About giveaways. Just few weeks ago, I did my first giveaway. I did it as aThank you for my followers - I didn't as to tweet about it, to do a post, or put on a sidebar, all these things a for to attract more followers. But I don't like this, cuz these persons just want something for free but they are not interested in my blog, they will never read or comment my posts. I don't want such a followers. And I feelsooo good, when I see new follower Im so happy, that this person is REALLY interested in what I do!

  15. Very interesting post.
    The chat last night gave me lots to think about + it was so lovely to hear other bloggers opinions.

  16. Really interesting post.. I only caught the end of the chat.. But all these tips are great .. Hopes it make my blog better and more enjoyable to read

  17. Great post - I love how you summed up the conversation! I learnt a lot from it too! Can't wait for the next chat :) x

  18. I was really excited about the chat then I got distracted by Captain Jack Sparrow *bad blogger* thanks for the update & can't wait for next week x

  19. This is a fab write-up such a shame i missed the first #bbloggers, but defo won't miss the next! Lovely blog too!

    Nhuc x

  20. Fab post! I missed the event so its been great to read some of the tips! xx

  21. This is really helpful as I missed a lot of the chat revising for exams! So it's very useful to me to know what everyone thinks. The main issue with my blog is that I waffle on for ages and I'm sure people can't be bothered to read the whole thing - I really need to improve on that. I too do too many reviews.
    Thank you Sabrina this was a very helpful post :) xxx

  22. This post is awesome, and really informative.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

    The Cat Hag

  23. I had a TON of fun in the chat and found some new people to follow. I only knew about it because of your tweets, so thank you!

  24. Great post. I learned a lot of it. Thank you for putting a summary of the chat online :).

  25. Thanks for this blog post... I couldn't make it on Sunday so Iam happy to have a quick look of what was important there ;) I'll deffo be on Twitter this Sunday!

  26. This was really helpful to me--good points I hadn't considered before. Thanks!

  27. Hello,

    Came here from Makeup Savvy. I have a Twitter account which is inactive, so I didn't join in the chat. But thank you for doing this re-cap. Will surely book mark this post.

    And I agree with one of your favourite tweets about having a Facebook page, as I think people find it easier to click "like" than to sign up and follow a blog. That's why I started my blog's Facebook page, and I use that to interact with my readers and post quick updates, especially when I am a bit caught up with other stuffs to write post(s) for my blog.

  28. Thank you very much for sharing! This was indeed helpful!

  29. Stumbled upon your blog by chance, but wow very nice blog! Aha, can't wait for future posts from you (;

  30. This is very helpful, thank you! I am very new to twitter and blogging, (but love it) so this helps loads!
    Just got to work out how to use blooming twitter now lol.