Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Favourite Fake Tan

I have got into a bit of a fake tan routine which I really love and takes me from ghost white to a darker and more glowing colour. I have tried various different fake tans but at the moment these are my favourite and easiest to apply.

Quick fake tan tips:
1) Everyone says it but in order to keep your tan looking great and lasting long you must exfoliate before hand!
2) Moisturise! Before you fake tan apply a liberal layer from head to toe and especially around elbows and knees then let it sink in before applying the fake tan. This will mean that the product doesn't stick to drier patches and you will be an even colour.
3) Apply fake tan the day before- The colour always looks much better after a shower.
4) Be patient and don't put your clothes on before it is fully dry.
5) Keep it up- Gently exfoliate skin, moisturise and reapply to keep the tan going.
As you can see from the (awful) photos above these products do make me quite a bit darker but the colour is still natural.
Xen-Tan Weekly Self Tan £23.99
I love mousse tan to use on my body I think its just a little easier and I love this Xen-tan one!It has a vanilla scent which means you are not left with the usual self tan smell and the colour is perfect and natural! I have the mousse in Med/Dark which I would recommend if you are quite comfortable with using mousse and as it has a olive undertone it is very natural. It dried quite quickly so you do need to work quite fast and the guide colour lets you see exactly where you have and haven't applied. It fades away nice and naturally leaving no uneven patches and surprisingly does last a week although if you do want to keep your tan quite dark I would recommend either topping up with a gradual tan daily or using this product twice a week. I don't use a tanning mitt with this product as I find it easier not to but I still don't get discoloured hands.

Garnier Ambre Solaire No streak bronzer £11.73
I find it quite hard to do my face and chest using mousse or cream products however this quick drying mist makes application very quick, easy and even. Although I don't think this product is great on my body I do use it from the waist up (apart from my arms) since it is a fine mist the product is distributed evenly. I like to use this morning and night until I have built up a colour I like and then every few days after that. Since it dries so quickly I can apply my clothes and makeup shortly after and still have an even tan, the colour is lovely and very buildable. I would say that it is very important to moisturise with this product as if your skin is dry it will not fade evenly. I also personally don't think it is worth buying the face bottle as it is basically the same product in a smaller can. Once again if you want to get dark quick for the medium or dark tan although the same colour is acheivable with the light it wil just take a longer time.

St Moritz Mousse £3
If you are on a budget then I would recommend this fake tan, it is quite similar to the Xen-Tan but has a fake tan smell and doesn't last quite as long.
What I want to try next... 
Xen Tan Daily Self Tan
Soltan Self-tan gel and lotion
No7 Quick Dry Tinted lotion

What fake tan would you recommend and have you tried any of the ones mentioned?
Sabrina X

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  1. Hii Sabrina,

    I've tried the Garnier Ambre Solaire tan and it really works for me.

    My favourite gradual fake tan has to be Dove's, it's so lovely to apply and lasts for ages. Even though it's a body moisturiser, I do pat a tiny bit on my face just to give it a bit of extra colour.

    Thanks for reviewing all these products, I definitely want to give the Xen-Tan a go.


  2. I'm so glad you did this post, I've been dying to do some fake tanning since we got the first glimpse of sun because my legs especially seem to be super stubborn and don't tan naturally but I've always been really scared to do it. I see way too many girls going round my school all patchy and streaky or a really unnatural colour. I love the look of the Xen Tan one so I'll definitely be giving that a try. Thanks! :) xx

  3. it looks really good and even! how do you deal with fading throughout the week as you wash your face? does it turn patchy or does it fade nicely?


  4. My favourite has to be Vita Liberta, its amazing! its perfect for my sensitive skin and the colour is amazing! xx

  5. St Tropez is the best I have tried :)

  6. @elleheartsblogs- Fades well on the face, not quite as well on chest but so long as I moisturise then its fine X

  7. I love the colour the tan has given you its a nice healthy glow and not orange x

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  9. Thanks for the post. I have only tried one fake tan, St Tropez, and after all the good things i have heard about it, i am quite disspointed, as it is so pale! I can barely tell I am tanned! I might try a few more, esp the St Moritz, as I want to know if it's just me being too dark for fake tan (don't think so thogugh) but don't want to for out 20 pounds for nothing!!!

  10. OK, I am a lazy ass, who doesn't want to moisturize, peel and put on fake tan religiously and I just go on a sunbed. Very bad habit, I know! X

    P.S. Check out my giveaway!


  11. i usually use st tropez mousse but i just got the lauren from TOWIE lotion as i heard its quite dark colour..we shall see!

  12. Hi Sabrina,
    I have tried the St Moriz one, and I HATE the smell but love the product, the Xen Tan one you have reviewed looks similar and soudns like a similar formula but with a much higher price tag :( boooo!! But I might put it on my birthday wish list and give it a whirl!!
    The No7 one that you are thining of tryin next is one that I used to use alot, it is bloody gorgeous!! would defo recommend that, but again I stopped using it cause of the price, but when boots do the nice £5 off no7 it is a nice treat! XXXX


  13. Loving your posts! I can't get on with St. Tropez it's just not the right colour for me - very orangey. I've recently discovered one called Unreal - kind of like the name - I've used the tanning Mist which I think is dark enough for me and also their Body Bronze which is a really nice glow. I've tried it every other day and it works for me but the tanning mist I don't need to reapply for about 5 days. It's not as expensive as Xen-tan which I've also tried. I do feel this is the right one for me and I've become pretty addicted. I think the only place you can buy it is online. Worth a try though.

  14. I loev my xen tan and st tropez. I've been testing he-shi tan dark lotion and that so far (touch wood) has been giving me a really good golden tan. Fab post xxx

  15. Thanks for this, great post. I love fake tan, as I am pale ghost white! I really want to try Xen Tan, at the moment I use a combo of L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Gell, L'Oreal Glam Bronze Spray and ST. Moriz Dark Mousse, I really recommend. I'm curious about the Boots Soltan & No7 products that you are trying next xx

  16. Thanks for a great post, I've never thought to use one of the spray tanners on my face. I've always struggled with getting my face to tan the same colour as the rest of my body. I really want to try Xen-Tan, it is next on my list, but I've still got St Tropez mousse, and 3 lots of different Fake Bakes too use!
    I am tempted by St Moritz too but don't like the idea of having to tan more often.

  17. Wow! Looks great this St Moriz. May start to use it myself soon.

  18. I love the St Moriz tanning mousse. Some people can be a bit snobby due to its price but if you can look past that it is really a great product.

  19. I prefer using a tanning bed, but your UVB free tan looks great! I have seen many people turn orange when using lotions, but yours truly looks amazing!