Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May Favourites

I feel that naming this post May favourites is almost a little deceitful as a lot of these loves may be a little premature since I only started using them a few weeks ago but I think with some products that it is all you need.
Ciate Nail Polish £9
A little on the Pricey side at £9 a bottle but you are truly getting a better product. A lot of people commented on my post yesterday that their favourite nail polishes are Barry M and they are far more affordable however the quality of these nail polishes do not compare. They do not chip, apply very well and the packaging is beautiful! Colours above- Ditch The Heels, Cupcake Queen and Mojitos
Available from Powder Rooms.
 Mac Girl About Town Lipstick & Eyeko Lipgloss in Soho
My Current favourite lip combination is Mac Girl About Town (also here) with Eyeko Lipgloss in Soho (also here) over the top. Although Girl About Town does look fabulous on its own I think that adding the lipgloss really adds an extra wow factor, it intensifies the colour and makes lips appear larger. I have been wearing this for the last few days and although I do have to top up the lipgloss the lipstick lasts all day.
Left Lipgloss by itself Middle- Lipstick and gloss together Right Lipstick by itself 
Lipgloss and lipstick worn in photo above
If you are ordering from Eyeko use Ambassador Code E2749 in order to get free gift.
No7 Quick Dry Tinted Lotion £12
If you have a spare £5 off No7 Voucher I would really recommend this product. Although I think at first the colour is slightly yellow after a few layer the colour looks dark but yet natural. The best think about the product is how easy it is to apply I use a glove but even without a glove it would be very easy. It is moisturising and doesn't stick to dry patches even fades nicely! Available from Boots.
Xen Tan Perfect Bronze Sheer Powder Bronzer £21.99
Since I have been using fake tan (Fake Tan routine here) I have also been using bronzer on my face, currently my favourite is by Xen-Tan. It is easy to apply, blends beautifully and is quite olive toned just like the Fake tan bronzer making this a very effortless product. Pricey but a little does go a long way. Available online and in Selfridges.

Gosh Touch Up Concealer £5.99
This concealer is affordable, has great coverage and doesn't look cakey at all- does a good job at making me look awake. Only down side is colour range is poor I am number 2 of 3 and all three seem quite similar. Available from Superdrugs.

What are your current favourites?
Sabrina XX

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  1. Wow - that lip colour looks amazing! I'm not brave when it comes to lipsticks. I'm a nude lip sort of girl!
    I love Beehive by 17.
    I really want to try that No7 tan after seeing this too, that's one voucher with a purpose. Now for the other two.
    I love monthly favourites post. A few things to put on my "to try" list.

  2. I am loving the fun, bright and bold colors of those nail polishes and all the hot pink glory of the lipstick and lip glosses!

    Liesl :)

  3. oohh the berry-like lips looks nice on you! i thought it only look good on magazine!hehe

  4. I love your blog and these lip colors. your style and vibe are great.

    Check mine out!

    Follow me back if you like it, apreciate it!

  5. I completely agree with princesslfy. I wish I had the guts to try bright lip color! It looks amazing on you :)


  6. Those Polishes look gorgeous, I agree the bottles are amazing!
    The boots no7 fake tan is one of the best I've used so far, its brilliant, and with the £5 off no7 vouchers, you can't go far wrong!

  7. Love those nail varnish colours! So bright!
    Deffo will have to check out the No7 tanning lotion next time im in boots. Now I just need to get a voucher! xx

  8. I haven't heard of these polishes before...I'll have to check them out the packaging is so cute and the colours you've shown look gorgeous!

    Stunning lip colours - they look really good on you! :)


  9. Loving this lipstick, the Eyeko lipgloss matches perfectly too - what a great discovery!!!

    The bright colour suits you! I think Chanel do a lipstick which is pretty much the exact same colour (I can't remember the name of it for the life of me!!!) so I'll be purchasing the cheaper (but not by much) MAC one istead thanks to this insightful post!!


    Katie x


  10. I love the Ciate polishes, the bottles swing it for me too though! x

  11. Totally agree that Barry M isnt the best quality, after reading loads of bloggers rave about Barry M products i bought 3 and have used them once they take that many coats.

    Have a look at Borghese nail polish best one ive ever bought (saveonmakeup has them for £3 currently)

  12. Just bought some more Barry M nail polish today! Have to say though I love the look of these, would definitley make a great present too, going to have to look into them! May have to check out that tan too as just got another £5 voucher off No7 at Boots.

  13. I love the nail varnish packaging! So adorable :) xoxox

  14. Those nail polishes look so cute! Almost like little bow-ties aww, and stunning colours.

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  16. Awh wow that lipstick looks gorgeous on you hun!! :) xx

  17. That lipstick and lipgloss is lovely! So bright and beautiful.
    The Green nailvarnish post below is nice: the colour is really great!
    Here is my blog:
    Would love it if you could look at it xxxx

  18. MAC has a beautiful quality and the colors also suit most skin tones.Thanks for the review here...very helpful indeed.Love the pink shades.