Monday, 23 May 2011

Weekly update

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and had a great weekend! 

I must say I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday which is awful especially since I didn’t even have a tiring weekend! 

Yesterday I took part in the second instalment of #bbloggers on Twitter which I spoke about last week (here). This week’s topic was about PR agencies and bloggers and was quite interesting although I don’t think it changed my mind about much although I do think that I need to be extra picky about what I agree to review. 
 I also uploaded some photo onto Facebook of recent press events which I attended. Boudoir PR had a great selection of fashion and beauty products some of which I will dedicate a whole post to; I got my nails done with Nail Rock which I was more impressed with then last time. At Talk PR there was also a fantastic selection of brands a few which I had heard of but not actually tried and some which I am in fact very impressed with!

I finally booked my holiday for the summer, I had booked my flight out about a month back but I also got round to booking my flight back. I am going for 5 and half weeks to Portugal; 3 weeks in the north of Portugal and the rest of the time I will be going to an island called Madeira off the coast which I have never been to. I am very excited although over 5 weeks does seem a very long time and I am very worried about leaving my blog for that long as I will have limited Internet access.
 On Saturday I picked up my iPad2 which I decided I would treat myself to and I am in love with it! I bought a 16gb wifi only white one and bought a green smart case. I really loved the Camel smart case but £70 for a case seems a little excessive although I am still completely lusting over it! I am after a nice sleeve so that the back doesn’t get scratched which I carry it about in my bag and would also love it if you all left me some app recommendations! 

I announced my giveaway winners on twitter during the week; winner of SleekMakeup Giveaway is strawberryb2uty and winner of leather bag is Leanne Marie. I have another giveaway planned for the following week and I think it is one you will like!

Have a great week! 
Sabrina X
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  1. Sounds like you've been having fun! So jealous of both the upcoming holiday and the ipad2 - lucky girl! x

  2. Ahh I love Madeira!! I'm so jealous you're going its somewhere I really want to go back to.

    Gorgeous nails <3

    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  3. Ooh wow, I would love an ipad, how are you liking it? :)

  4. @Wonderland Girl I would love recommendations of things to see and do!

    @Raffles Bizarre- I LOVE it!


  5. oo your ipad looks sooo its great to play around with a decent sized screen. sp jealous of your 5.5 week holiday!! :) x

  6. This may sound stupid, but congratulations on your iPad <3 lol I just got one recently and I know the feeling it gives you! haha, what apps would you recommend so far?

  7. I like your polish color in the iPad picture.

  8. Damn! Another week and I still didn't take part in the Twitter chat. I'm just always out! :( I hope you'll do similar all-in-one-essential-info post like last time.... PLEASE! :) X

  9. love it!


  10. wow your nails are amazing! Elise x

  11. oh the things i'd do for an ipad2 :( have fun in portugal!x

  12. I love the nail polish :)

    Claire M.

  13. Nails is Ciate Ditch the heels

    @iemilyw I love Angry Birds and mailonline (for showbiz)

  14. Sorry this took a little longer than hoped! Madeira :) Ive visited 2ce. I think where you are is possibly slightly far our to walk into Funchal lots of times (I might be wrong, but I know the heat made it hard to walk in from the Lido area) I think you might be close to the outdoor pools area.

    In Funchal I would recommend going on a tour of Blandy's Wine place in town (I think you can tour the wine fields and lodge further up the mountains too). They give you Madeira to taste and vouchers off the wine :)

    There is a lovely cafe in Funchal, that has a balcony. The foot is good there (we ate lunch time, so not sure about evening food) Cafe is called Golden Gate Cafe, and I thinks it's the oldest one in the town.

    The Government buildings (I think just across the road) has an open archway and a fountain/pool- watch out for terrapins! There are some very pretty churches in the town too, which can be a cool retreat (although I think they like you to cover up a little i.e. no bikini tops etc)FÁBRICA DA IGREJA DO COLÉGIO is quite amazing inside although not always open.

    Old town Funchal is worth a look (nice castle).

    If you want a few trips to somewhere cooler then grab the cable car up to Monte (nice little church up there too) and visit Monte gardens. It's amazing. Also day trip up to Camacha for a traditional wickerwork factory (discount Madeira wine and a Stunning view). Levada walks can be lots of fun, but make sure you know the route as some are quite slippy and dangerous (think sheer sided rock face with thin path and water constantly tricking, I think someone fell and died when I was there. Lots are safe and just like streams running along a hill(with no drops). I remember going to a place with natural (dormant) rock pools, I think it was Porto Moniz.

    There are lots of bus trips, but we just caught local buses to places that were close as it worked out cheaper (although quite hairy in places!) Some nice restaurants on the water front by the harbour (including some little boats that are fixed in the water. The Park Santa Catarina nearby has tiny little wild lizards that will eat any crumbs you drop. Very cute!

    Just a couple of tips- they dont have a 'pension' fund out there as such so there were a few beggars/disabled people who followed us round one park. It's a little distressing but they seemed quite peaceful. Also beware the people outside the Savoy hotel who invite you in for a tour. They are selling timeshares and keep you for hours!

    Hope that helps a little. It's a lovely and mostly safe place and you are very lucky to be going out there. If I remember anything else I'll let you know. It's been a few years but that's what I remember. I would like to go back which is a mark of how lovely it is! xx

  15. Thank you soo much! That was so useful! I will let you know how it goes! XX