Friday, 10 June 2011

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion

When I buy cosmetics I usually do some sort of research before I actually go shopping. I usually chose to buy it if is either new or highly recommended by someone else but I always do my research. However whilst shopping in Boots I came across a counter girl from MaxFactor and her eyelashes looked amazing, I just had to ask what false lashes she had on! She actually didn't have any eyelashes and it was the MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion.
 MaxFactor are my favourite brand for Mascaras, my favourite ever being 2000Calorie so I was expecting quite a bit from the mascara. The packaging is similar to the False lash Effect which I actually though was just okay although many people do love it.

They say...
'False Lash Effect Fusion combines Max Factor’s biggest ever volumising brush with its latest lengthening formula to create thicker and longer lashes. For those girls who want an extreme lash look, they’ve come to the right place.'

 The brush is almost identical to the MaxFactor False Lash Effect, a large rubber brush with short bristles.
 I think the formulation is a little drier compared to the False lash effect and more buildable as well. It lasts all day, is very black and adds not only volume but also length!

Does it create a false lash effect?
Well the results are here for you to see, I think the results are great and almost at false lash standards but they would have to be very natural lashes. However for a mascara this does not offer a natural look is is a little clumpy but thats how I want my mascara.
Would I repurchase?
Yes, I'm not sure if it is better then 2000Calorie as they give different finishes and have completely different brushes but this is a great competitor.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion is availble now from Boots and Superdrugs- Retails for £11.99 and is currently on offer at £8.99

What is your favoruite drugstore mascara?
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  1. What's even more impressive is that apparently they haven't use false eyelashes or computer enhanced them in their advert! :)

  2. Ah i've just switched to 2000 calorie mascara and already really like it. definitely not as clumpy as the other one.
    Max factor are defintely the best for mascara in my opinion

  3. Your lashes look gorgeous, deffo going to have to check this out!
    My favourite drugstore mascara is either rimmel lash accelerator or l'oreal telescopic!
    - beth x

  4. I absolutely LOVE this mascara! (the classic version) and I can't wait to try the Fusion version! thanks for the review! :D

  5. :O your lashes look amazing!!

    I have reviewed loads of mascara's on my blog and have promised myself i wouldn'y buy any more and use some up!! but now i really want this!!

  6. wow crazy lashes! I loved the 2000 calorie mascara, but I live in the U.S. So it was discontinued with the rest of the brand here D:

  7. I love Maxfactor mascaras! I often use Maxfactor Lash Extension Effect, and it's my favourite. I didn't like False Lash Effect so much, but this one looks really good!
    Sirens and Bells xx

  8. Looks good! i'm a fan of the max faxtor false lash effect, also if i'm just wearing mascara with no shadow etc I try to make it quite clumpy! :)

  9. this proper reminds me of the covergirl lash blast fusion in the US and Canada. Gna pick me up one of these as soon as :)

  10. This is my favourite mascara, I've got the original one too which isn't any different really and the waterproof one which is a "wetter" product and tends to make a mess!x

  11. I have never used this mascara and I'm in the market for a new one, think I might just pick this one up!

  12. Wow! amazing!! I will must try it my self!!!
    indian remy hair

  13. love this. i wish max factor was back here in the us...but your lashes are so full! definitely jealous

  14. Oh wow I am TEMPTED!! I love my Lancome Hypnose for natural looks but would love something buildable. Looks quite thick though so may be hard to remove?