Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Makeup Bag

For ages a makeup bag was no existant in my hand bag, maybe I would carry a lip balm and an eyeliner at the bottom of my bag but anything more was pretty non-existant. However, recently I have been carrying a makeup bag around filled with all my favourite everyday things.
The makeup bag I use is a Paul & Joe one from the previous autumn/winter collection, it is the perfect size! Just long enough for brushes and wide enough for a large selection of goodies but still small enough to carry in a handbag filled with a lot of other things.
You may think its a little excessive but this is what has made it into my makeup bag this week...
Sleek Contour Kit
Can not live without! Has a fab contour colour and highlighter the mirror is a perfect size and means I don't need to carry a separate one.
MAC Well Dressed & Bourjois Rose D'Or
These are my go to blush as they go with almost anything and are natural looking
Barbara Daly velvet blush in Caramel
One of the newer additions to my collection but the size of these blushers make them really easy to carry and the cream formula means I can apply it with no brushes.
I carry two natural barely there lip sticks No7 lipstick in Grace and Maybelline color sensational in Sweet Pink. I also carry my current favourite lip combination MAC Girl About Town and Eyeko lipgloss in Soho. I then carry Sleek Pout polish in case I want a light colour to my lips.

Brushes I have three Sigma the F40 and SS109 for contouring and blush as well as the SS188 which I sometimes use for cream blush.
I don't carry any eyeshadow as I am a black liner and bright lips kinda girl. I have Loreal Super Liner Gloss one of my favourite liquid eyeliners and so easy to use even on the go. My current favourite mascara Bourjois Volumizer as well as Mally Volumizing mascara which I carry in case I need a more natural mascara. For an unknown reason I carry two Urban Decay 24/7 Liners although I don't think I reach for them very much.

For my skin I usually carry a Bourjois foundation as I find they are light and quite buildable throughout the day and the Sleek Luminaire which has nice travel friendly packaging.

Whats in your makeup bag?
Sabrina X
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  1. I LOVE Girl About Town and Well Dressed, also that is the cutest lash curler I've ever seen.

    Love the blushes, and the lipstick swatches too.

  2. I've always wanted to try that Bourjios blusher! It looks so lovely! I always keep Girl About Town in my bag too. Such a gorgeous colour!

    I totally love everything!

    Love Britt xx

  3. Ooh great stuff. It's a good amount to cover all the bases without being excessive. I still don't have a makeup bag in my purse. Usually I just throw in the lipstick I am wearing for the day and only really use a makeup bag when I am traveling.

  4. It is so neat and organized! I am so jealous of your control. I have two makeup bags in my purse that are exploding! I carry far too many lipsticks.

  5. I have that same make up bag :)

  6. I don't think this is excessive at all! Halfway throughout the day I always change the lipstick I'm wearing, as I just get bored; so I love that someones lugging around as much stuff as me! x

  7. I love the look of that Sleek pout polish!

  8. Really cute makeup bag. I like it :D

  9. Lovely post! :) x


  10. You naughty girl - you have two UD eye pencils in zero - swap the all black one for another lip colour, a girl can never have too many eh ;o) xoxox

  11. Love your makeup back! Full of essentials :)

    Following you!
    Follow back?

  12. Girl about town is such a gorgeous colour I'm definitely going to be checking it out and I just bought Well Dressed and I've been wearing it every day I'm obsessed. I've also been thinking about starting to carry my little makeup things in a bag my lipsticks and glosses and eyeliner are always floating at the end of my purse lol

  13. That Paul & Joe bag is so cute, love it!

  14. loving all your make up x

  15. I love posts like this; and am always dying to know what people carry about in their handbags...is that weird? Maybe. Anyway, I love your blog! It's gorgeous and I'm most definitely a'following :)

    xx A xx

  16. This is such a lovely post, being a girl, i love knowing whats in other girls makeup bags!

    You asked what was in our makeup bags, so here is whats in mine:

    -Rimmel, Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Silky Beige (OO5)
    -Rimmel, Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow
    -Maybelline, Dream Matte Mousse in Light Beige (008)
    -Rimmel, Hide the Blemish Concealer in Ivory
    -Rimmel, The Max Volume Flash Waterproof Mascara in black
    -and Vasaline ofcourse (the aloe vera one!)



  17. Great post! Really makes me wanna do similar one! :) I also have the same Bourjois blusher! X

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