Thursday, 2 June 2011

SleekMakeup Luminaire Highlighting Concealer

If you follow my blog you have probably gathered that I do quite like Sleek Makeup the products are usually good quality, excellent pigmentation and very affordable. I have been trying for the past few weeks the new  highlighting concealer pen which is designed in the same sort of way as the YSL Touche Eclat
'A highlighting concealer with moisturising properties, Luminaire brightens dark circles, conceals blemishes, and fades imperfections leaving you instantly glowing and flawless. With five flattering shades to choose from, Luminaire is perfect for all skin tones providing a natural, dewy finish.'
The packaging is nice and sturdy- black with metallic letters and a button at the top in order to release product. The brush it comes with is a perfect size and it is easy to apply to small areas. I do think the packaging looks a little cheap but nonetheless it does what it should do!
It comes in 5 different colours I was sent the lightest which is a little too light for me however the darkest colour they have isn't very dark at all. For a company with 30 foundation shades I was expecting SleekMakeup so have a few more colours although they may possibly be releasing some more.
Although this is designed for blemishes and other imperfections I think this works best around the eyes. I like to apply using the brush on the product and then blend using my ring finger.
I wouldn't say this product has fantastic coverage so if you do suffer from dark circles it may be worth using a concealer underneath but this Highlighting concealer really brightens the eye area and is a good quality product. As you can see from above photo it looks bright but you can not see there is any makeup on.

SleekMakeup Luminaire Highlighting Concealer is available from Superdrugs and Online is part of the permanent line and retail for £6.49.

Have you tried this product? What is your favourite under eye product?
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  1. im using skinfood concealer. its korea brand, affordable and surprisingly good!
    but they have only 3 shades.

  2. Pretty, but I have a horrible feeling that it'd only emphasize my undereye circles... mostly because I've yet to find a concealer that works for me.

    Great review/pics though. I find it gorgeous on you.

  3. I love the YSL but being that I'm just wee junior reporter with a salary to match, this is a bit out of my league - my fave to use instead is No7 Instant Radiance concealer

  4. Oooh! This looks pretty good! I think I'm going to try this out! Thanks for the post!

  5. Can you still buy Sleek in superdrug, I never seem to see their counters in my local superdrugs

  6. I haven't tried it, but there's certainly difference in price of YSL and Sleek one!!! @_@ X

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  7. @jollybeachang Yes it is available in most Superdrugs check a larger store.

    Thanks for the comments girls!

  8. I've been loving this recently, it's the best one of these illuminating pens I've found so far! I use it on my eyelids as an eyeshadow/base as well and it makes my eyes look really fresh!


  9. I use a Collection 2000 one - that's meant to be like Touche Eclat, which I've never used - it's really good, and I have reaaallly dark under eye circles.
    They may release more shades if it proves to be popular, as it's new, they may not want to spend lots of money if they don't know for sure that it'll sell well xx

  10. Absolutely love this! So cool!

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  11. This looks good but i think i might stay to my collection 2000 last perfection concealer :)

  12. from swatches i've seen of this its too light on almost everyone which scares me a bit - noone wants the eva longoria 'too much highlighter' look do they!

    really enjoyed this post and your comment on the shades available, although i'm basically a ghost, when i swatched these i noticed how pale the darkest one was.. very odd x

  13. Ooo this looks really good! I think I need to get this pretty soon - i have really bad bags under my eyes and hopefully this will help improve the apperance! Great review! <3

  14. I haven't tried it but I have to say, it looks so good on you that I'm tempted to buy one for myself. :)

  15. I really want to try this out, I wonder how it compares to Touche Eclat. It looks wonderful! <3

  16. I have heard a lot about Luminaire. And I was really curious to know how it turns out. Great review!
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  17. love your blog

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  18. I agree with you about the packaging! They couldve done something a bit more "Sleek" But it looks good under your eye x

  19. Thanks for the review! This looks like a good product. =) Great blog. New follower.


  20. I tried this one a little while ago when it first came out and found it didn't cover the worst of my dark circles, which was disappointing as I'm also a fan of the Sleek range.