Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Weekly Ramble

I hope you are all enjoying you week and the lovely weather!

Of course this weekend I managed no blog post but sadly the weekends always get filled with other things, even with the rain I spent most of yesterday in the park for what I can only describe as a Portuguese festival, which takes place every year in south London.
 Thought I might as well share this picture which I accidentally sent to Twitter instead of Facebook. It shows my everyday makeup and my hair with my extensions which I will be talking about later on in the week. Of course it also shows that sadly I am a very messy person!
I also attended a few beauty events this week and I will be blogging more thoroughly about the products as the month goes on. 

As many of you may have heard Stila is making a come back to the UK in Boots and department stores so they held an event for some bloggers. I actually didn't know too much about Stila as I feel I was just starting of with makeup when it left the UK but they have some fabulous looking products I can not wait to get my hands on such as the primer and bronzer. I have a few product to review soon so keep an eye out for that.

Last week Paul & Joe also launched their Spring/Summer 2011 collection The Blue Horizon with some beautiful packaging (as always) with my favourite being the glittery nail polishes! I simply must get my hand on the Mediterranean colour it is stunning! Once again I have a review and swathes coming so keep an eye out.

Another event which pleasantly surprised me was the Sainbury's Beauty event they really do have some fabulous bargains! I think Dirty Works is a great alternative to vintage inspired brands such as Soap & Glory and Benefit although the collection isn't quite as extensive the prices are very affordable! Mandara Spa offers luxurious products for reasonable prices and every product smells divine!

Also I am very excited that Laura (aka Lollipop26) has returned to the blogging world and I think this blog is even better then the previous one! I read all of it as soon as I found out about it! She was the main person who inspired me to start blogging so I am very glad she is back! New blog is called Buy Now Blog Later

Have a fabulous week!
Sabrina X
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  1. Fab post Sabrina! Look forward to all the lovely reviews- especially Stila! I too am very excited about Laura starting blogging again- she's been missed!!:)


  2. You look wonderful!
    I am so excited for STILA in the UK eek can't wait to try some products :D

  3. You look absolutely beautiful! I'm glad you shared. Your makeup is perfection, and I'm jealous of your lashes.

  4. Hair is a gorgeous colour!! :)

  5. Wow jealous of your lashes! They're gorgeous. Glad to see Laura back too xx

  6. Looking forward to your next few posts, and thanks for Laura's new blog link, I've missed her too! x

  7. Looking forward to your next few posts, love Laura, so glad she's back blogging x

  8. Love Stila! I just bought their Charlotte lipstick and it's an absolutely gorgeous colour! And it leaves a lovely lipstain as well so its perfect for summer months! :)

    Rhiannon xo

  9. Eeek so glad that Laura has started blogging again! You look stunning by the way(L)

  10. Itlooks like you've had an incredible week! I can't wait to hear some more about these products you've been trying at events!

  11. Looking forward to your future posts with the reviews. :) X


  12. Those Stila cupcakes are super cute.
    You look gorgeous :)

  13. The cupcakes drew me in, but the Laura link stole my heart! Thanks for sharing that. I've been neglecting my blog-surfing lately and missed the chatter about her return!

  14. OMG I am sooo glad that Laura is back to blogging, was so gutted when she left! Really great post, can't wait for the upcoming ones. :) xxx


  15. I really like your blog.
    great pictures.
    check out mine.

    hope you will follow me:)


  16. Can't wait to see all your reviews.

  17. your make-up looks gorgeous!

  18. woaw, cool stilla makeup? right?

    check out my fashionblog, and follow?