Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo Overview

If there is one hair product I couldn't live without (apart from shampoo) its Batiste Dry Shampoo. I use it almost every single day either between washes or just to add a bit more volume. Over the years the product have got bigger and better but with quite a large range of what is essentially the same product which one is the best one for you?

Although I haven't tried all the products from the range I have tried all the ones I would want to and often have a few bottle of my favourite ones at home.
This is the most basic in the range, it does exactly what it should do with no added extras. However it doesn't have the nicest smell but is one you can live with! It does add that white residue which you need to work in to your hair.

Fresh, Blush, Boho, Brit, Diva and Tropical
I can't remember what each on of these actually smells of but they are essentially the same as the original but just with different packaging and different scent. I would say my favourite is probably the Tropical or the Fresh but they are all quite nice. I buy the Brit one the most as I love the packaging and I think goes really well with my room.
This is for those of you that try to be environmentally friendly, it doesn't come in an aerosol and is fragrance free! The packaging is recyclable, a little goes a long way and unlike with the aerosol version it is almost invisible as the powder is so finely milled. The nozzle applicator and squeezable bottle also make it easy to apply and isn't messy! Its also great if you are going away as you can transfer it into a smaller bottle and won't over heat (which happened to me a few weeks ago and a Batiste bottle basically exploded in my boyfriends car!) Nude also adds great volume however I think it is much harder to find!
Coloured- Dark Brown, Light Brown and Blonde
As you can imagine I have only tried the Dark brown version of the coloured Batiste Dry shampoo's, I found that although (as you can see in image below) it is quite dark you do still need to rub it in a little as it can be a little grey. I personally think that you can feel this product in your hair a little more then the others meaning that you can't use it too many days in a row without having quite a bit of build up. Its a shame that they don't also provide on for red heads especially as I think blondes don't need it quite as much since the original doesn't show up too much.
I believe this is the newest addition to the range and probably the one I am most excited about! I find that all the products in the range add volume but this one adds even more, perfect for my fine hair. I think this is a cross somewhere between a dry shampoo and a back-comb in a bottle, but I do think that it might not work quite as well on very thick hair. It isn't a coloured product so does leave the white marks behind but I find its not quite as obvious as the original and can easily be worked in with minimal effort.

I have never tried this product and I don't think I want to, the idea of having shimmery hair doesn't really appeal to me. Have you tried it do you like it?

Overall Batiste are my favourite dry shampoo's over all the other which I have tried. My favourite and the one I am most likely to buy is the XXL although I would happily use any of them (apart from the shimmer.) Surprisingly my least favourite is the Brunette tinted one, I can really feel the product in my hair which also starts to weigh my hair down a little.
Have you seen the new Batiste Taxi? You can win 3 cans of your choice if you do spot one! More info here

Batiste products retail from £1.50-£4 and are available in travel sizes as well as full sizes from Boots, Superdrugs and some Supermarkets.

Which is your favourite dry shampoo?
Sabrina X

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  1. Didn't know they have a non-aspray one.
    Soo buying this in the next few days. I'm mildly asthmatic, so have to be careful with the normal ones.
    Great review :)

  2. i like the sound of those but i have personally never tried dry shampoo, and i dont wash my hair that often i feel as if it breaks if i wash it too often. i wash it when it gets greasy :)

    i wonder if those taxi cab things are up here in the northeast?? humm

    BreezeyBee BlogTv

  3. they never have the nude one in any of the stores near me. I've never seen it before. I was sooo exited to see the XXL one though! Its amazing. I have pretty thick hair and it works great to add more volume. Its maybe a little sticky in the hair, more so than the orig. but I love it! I have back comb in a bottle too and I think I prefer this, its less sticky as that, has the added plus of being a dry shampoo and I think it lasts longer. looove!


  4. Im considering the nude and xxl one now x

  5. Blush and tropical are my favourite <3

    Gem x

  6. My favourite without a doubt is XXL - I couldnt live without it! x

  7. I absolutely love the tropical one - coconut and exotic - it smells gorgeous (if you like coconut that is)
    life saver

  8. I bought the XXL one the other day and am looking forward to trying it properly :)

  9. I love the Boho one best and will be looking out for the XXL one now. I didn't even know it existed, so thank you!

  10. I love the tropical one and boho one the most. Haven't tried brit yet, so I think that will be next on my list! The shimmer goes EVERYWHERE - definitely miss this out unless you want everything in your room coated in glitter!

  11. I've never tried the Batiste dry shampoos. For some reason I always associated it with the pound store and being not very good. Shall definitely pick some up and try it after reading your post :)


  12. I love dry shampoo, I use it all the time. I love how much volume it gives my hair.

  13. I own the nude version and haven't tried the others in the range, but I find it really difficult to work with and can't get it to the roots before it's been lost in the lengths of my hair :/

    I wonder if the aerosol versions would help a noob like me :P

  14. i love batiste dry shampoos. its amazing they save my life lol

  15. I hope we get the XXL in Australia! I want!

  16. I use the tropical one its the only one I have ever tried lol!

    shel xx

  17. Oh wow, nice slogan on the Batiste Taxi xD I guess there's one way of gauranteeing that whoever sees it might not forget...

    I actually live on this stuff when I'm at summer school, because its residential, so I hate washing my hair in the communal showers, so I'll do it every -other- day, and use this to keep it alive in between. Perfecto!

    Also, I gave you a blog award, here: Just to tell you that you're awesome

  18. Oooo I love Batist! Didn't know they had lots of new stuff as well. It's sooo handy. I've not seen the nude one yet... though no too sure as it's white powder and i have dark hair. and also as it's not spray on, it's less practical?



  19. I've only ever tried the original, but the whole range looks great!

  20. wonderful blog


  21. Great review! :) The idea of having shimmery hair doesn't really appeal to me either. Seems like a strage quality to have in a dry shampoo! :) x

  22. I love reading all your blog posts =] It's really interesting to see all the different products between the uk and usa, when im in chester visiting my family in august ill have to pick some of these things up

  23. I haven't seen the non-spray one before I might have a look into that one as I'm so used to the spray.

    This product is a complete lifesaver absolutely love it.

    Love your blog, Charlee x

  24. This was really interesting to read! The products are good for the price but they are too white and dry hair out so much. I was really unimpressed by the volume one and regret buying it!!

  25. i bought a set of these for about £10 in a sale. there really good. : please follow

  26. I personally don't like the nude one - doesn't sit well on my hair :-( But my favourite is Brit, I think! xox

  27. Love your review!
    Brit is fantastic, my favourite smell, the fragrance reminds me if the newest Chloe perfume! :) also tried Tropical (coconutty), Blush (soft feminine) and the black and brown. I agree with you that you can feel these ones more in the hair and I prefer the Brit.
    Having dark nearly black hair, it us a pain when you get that grey colour from using them, but a but of rubbing in does help and a nice scalp massage stimulates the follicles :) healthy scalp and hair!
    I will try the XXL and Nude from your reviews of them. Thank you.

  28. I really like the nude one as I can get it right into the roots..I don't really like the sprays as I find it leaves a sticky residue but maybe that's just me! :) I also have dark hair but if you rub it in enough, it blends in quite well.

    it's quite difficult to find the nude one but managed to find it online at Mistrys pharmacy, it's on offer too :)