Monday, 25 July 2011

Glossy Box- My Thoughts

A few weeks back I was contact by one of the girls at GlossyBox and asked if I wanted to receive a GlossyBox to talk about on my blog, I was interested in the whole concept so agreed to be sent one.  There has been a bit of controversy around the whole company although I don’t know too much about it myself and I don’t want it to affect my own opinion of the service and brand. 

Glossy Box is UK brand which provides beauty products on a monthly subscription. Every month you are sent a box containing some full size and sample size beauty products for £10 (plus  £3 P&P)
The brand is quite new with this being only the third monthly box to be sent out but most of the beauty community have been speaking about them.  I’m not going to talk in depth about the products which I actually receive as this would be pointless are you won’t be getting this specific box next month as the brands which are included in the box change monthly.

The Products- The first box contained excellent products even a full size Nars product but then the second box even contained a mini Batiste Dry Shampoo which isn’t a luxury product as they promise. With the box I received I wasn’t overly impressed and wouldn’t have spent my own money on any of the products apart from the Ciate Nail polish which I already have (I fear I would get a lot of products which I already own.) Also I was given two tiny perfume samples whereas other people were given a Xen-Tan Fake tan lotion sample which I would of personally preferred and if I had paid for the box myself I would have been very disappointed.

The packaging is fantastic and in the aspect it looks fantastic! I think that in order for me to personally sign up for this product I would have to see that they are in some way catered to me for example I am not a huge fan of either perfume. I think GlossyBox let its self down by including a Batiste Dry Shampoo as to me ‘Luxury’ Products means high end product (or at least more then what you pay for P&P!)

Would I sign up and is this service for you?
Personally although I think it is a great idea this service isn’t for me. I have lots of beauty products and I like to have some sort of power over what I buy. However, I do think if you are someone that doesn’t own a lot of beauty product and someone that is out to try a few new products and brands then this would be a good way to do so! I hope that within a year or so as GlossyBox becomes more established that it will provide a better (not that the service is bad) service and I will be tempted to sign up. 

Check out the Glossy Box website here for more information.
What has your experience with Glossy Box been? Would you sign up?
Sabrina X

PS. Sorry that the photos aren't that great! 
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  1. The packaging of the boxes are so lovely aren't they! x

  2. I got a Glossybox this month aswell, however some products in your box I haven't seen in others.

    I got a lime green colour of ciate nail varnish, a powder, orla kiely perfume sample etc. I was quite impressed with my box though.

    Thanks for showing what you received in yours, even if you aren't going to subscribe. :-)

    x Lauren ¦

  3. Got GlossyBox last month and this month. Last month - DISAPPOINTED 100% - one of the products was spilled, I didn't use anything (my mum got it all). They've re-send the spilled product but still.

    This month - a little bit better, but I think that it's unfair that people get different things. I got Xen Tan, but would also love eyelashes instead of some face oil.

    So I still hadn't made up my mind about it. I am very furious though that they are now charging astonishing £3 for the postage - goes against everything they've said in their statement when I first visited their webiste in May....

  4. I love the packaging of GlossyBox, so sleek and girly, perfect for its' target audience. I personally think GlossyBox is an amazing idea, really didn't understand the "controversy" when the concept is to share samples, not everyone will love every product, was such a huge thing over nothing last month! (:

  5. I got the two perfume samples in mine but my other items where different. I think samples like that are pointless as you can just pick them up in Boots for free!

    They should hurry up with the better questionnaire so they send you items that match you. x

  6. Well this box was definitely better than last month's, I think I'll sign up!

  7. i love how honest you are! i too would hate the idea of not having control over what i recieve.

    i cannot wait for shoedazzl to come to england!! so excited! ahh

    BreezeyBee Blog

  8. I agree with you in the sense that if you're someone who already has a lot of beauty products then this service may not be right or as exciting. However, I think there are a lot of younger beauty girls out there with a smaller budget than some of us and therefore this provides them with excellent products to try each month. I know what you mean about the whole dry shampoo product last month, but I was willing to let that one pass and give Glossy Box another chance and in all honesty they really impressed me this month. I loved everything they sent me and while that may be down to luck, I think if we are open minded about the boxes then we are less likely to be disappointed.

    Lets not forget the packaging. That alone has won me over!


  9. i'm still not convinced. i think i'd rather spend £13 on a new mac lipstick or something i know i'll actually like and use. with last months box as well i'd hate to be disappointed but i think i'd find myself being more disappointed than pleased if i was a regular subscriber. i also thought it was meant to be samples?

  10. i like your honest review, and i agree. i wouldn't want to sign up for the service because they don't seem very consistent, they stress 'luxury SAMPLES' but send full sized products in the launch...obviously that raises expectations and draws attention away from the main point of testing 'samples'. this box was better than last months but that was an inevitable move on GlossyBox's part to promote their brand again after receiving such bad press.
    Not something id want to waste my money on, customers can generally acquire free samples by chatting to advisors, MUA's and reps in store!

  11. I keep umming and ahhhing over whether to sign up or not, especially with the new Boudoir Privee ones coming out! I've signed up to Feel Unique's Beauty Boxes and will be getting my first one hopefully next week (I'll mention it on my blog if anyone's interested!).

    I think Glossy Box are good value for what you get, but like you mentioned, when someone else gets something that you would have preferred like the Xen Tan then it's kind of annoying! x

  12. I got the first one and then unsubscribed.

    All I learned was that Nars Orgasm is way overhyped.

    The £3 postage is cynical but I guessed it would happen.

    Reel people in and then raise the price and reduce the quality. It's the capitalist way.

  13. I adore this idea, its great. Sometimes its nice to get a little surprise because then you get to try out things you'd never think of trying and you might just surprise yourself. I don't think a monthly subscription is for me, but if they did a random box every month thing without the subscription I would totally go for it when I felt like it :)
    I agree with being in power and control of the products you buy but sometimes a little random surprise is nice :)

    I have a little blog give-away idea I want to do, if I get enough lovely bloggers who like the idea and enter, I'll go ahead with it! Check it out if you have a little free time pleeease!

    I hope you like my blog as much as I like yours!

    Catarina @ Something Said

  14. GlossyBox is so hit and miss . It's exciting not knowing what you'll getting but then there's the let down if you get rubbish samples .

    Hopefully the company will learn from it's mistakes and keep us subscribers happy .

    x .

  15. Personally I think £13 is a bit much just for little samples when I wouldn't be sure if I liked what was in the box - however I really love the idea of this. Maybe when I have a spare bit of money I'll try it out, plus I love the packaging!!