Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Packing for a Summer Holiday

 Even though I am looking forward to my holiday in 3 weeks time I can’t help but feel a little daunted about the packing! I hate having to stick within a 15/20Kg restriction and having to carefully chose what I want to wear for the next 6 weeks!

What you pack depends very much on the type of holiday you are going on, if you are going on a family holiday for a two weeks to somewhere warm all you may need is a few short and tops. If you are going on a clubbing holiday on the beach all you may need are bikini and dresses where as if you are going on a holiday for 6 weeks like I am it all gets a little more complicated.

I am going on holiday to Portugal where a lot of my family live meaning I need beach clothes but also clothes appropriate for weddings and parties. The fact that I am on holiday for 6 weeks also makes it much harder as I am tempted to take a lot more clothes but am still restricted to the weight limit.

1.Check luggage allowance
Check online a few weeks in advance what your luggage allowance for both your hand luggage and check-in luggage, take advantage of both allowances. I personally like to take a small suit case with wheels as my hand luggage; this means I don’t have to lug it about at the airport. Make sure that your suitcase also doesn’t weigh too much, if your suit case weighs 5kg that is already a 1/3 of your allowance taken up!

2. Chose your clothes carefully
Are you really going to wear that short orange dress? Even if it will good with a tan if you were uncomfortable wearing it at home why would you be comfortable wearing it abroad? Plan carefully what you will wear, you don’t have to plan it down to the last detail but if nothing in your suitcase goes with that skirt why take it? Always take a jacket as you never know if it will get cold or rain. I personally also like to wear some of my heavier clothes such as my jeans, converses and a jacket on the plane so it doesn’t weigh down my luggage.

I won’t pretend to be good at packing because I am not but I have heard that rolling your clothes reduces creases and also makes more space (I’ll try it this year.) Place heavier items such as shoes over the wheels or the suitcase. Also, don’t leave your luggage too full or too empty this will make
them far more likely to crease.
 4. Shoes
Shoes are one of the heaviest things in my luggage so be selective. One pair of nice flip flops in a neutral colour will be good enough and you do not need 15 pairs of flip flops. Take a nice pair of sandals which can be dressed up and down as well as a nice pair of heels for night time and parties. I also like to take a pair of flat, closed shoes as it can get cold during the night.
 5. Toiletries
 Depending on how long you are going I would recommend either buying full size products out on holiday or taking mini's with you. Most brands to great travel size products and I also like to save some of the more generous samples I get to take on holiday. Its also easy to share shampoo and other toiletries with other people you are traveling with. Also remember that there are liquid restrictions and therefore you may not want to carry all your toiletries in your hand luggage.

Quick Tips
Carry all your valuables in your hand luggage as it is less likely to get lost, but if you can avoid taking valuables on holiday.
Always lock your suitcase! Unlocked suitcases can invalidate travel insurance claims

Hope this helped, I will be doing a few more holiday related posts soon.

What holidays do you have planned? What are your tips for packing?

Sabrina X
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  1. These were great tips, :) xo

  2. Ooh your so lucky 6 whole weeks!!! Great tips not that Im going on holiday or anything I found these usufull as i've never flown before hope you have an amazing time! xx

  3. Really good advice! I love your blog by the way xx


  4. heyy!. i just come back from portugal and urgh it was hard packing for 10days, i cant imagine what i'd be like if i was in your position.
    now advice for packing? erm no. lol. i kinda threw everyting into my suitcase, luckily the person who checked in me and my friends didnt really care after the first two got checked in
    have fun though, i did :)
    p.s sunscreen!. i am definitely paying for being in the sun TOO much.

  5. Great post! How I hate the luggage limit!
    I have got a lot better with shoes. I usually take one flip flops & one nicer pair (for a beachy/sun type holiday) and then obv am wearing a pair.
    It's the tolietries that really seem to get me. I NEED a full size shampoo & conditoner & deodrant, and with every thing else, it just kills me allowence

  6. Some great and helpful advice, I can't wait to pack for my holiday, just need to book one first.


  7. How lucky, 6 week holiday somewhere nice and warm. If only I had family that lived abroad, sigh! x

  8. those where really great tips!
    im not going on holiday this summer sadly, but i might be going to visit my friend in chicago in october!!!!! which im so very excited about

    i bet u enjoy 6 weeks in portugal and come back with a killer tan!

    xoXo -B

    Breezeybree BBlog

  9. Without boasting ... i am pretty darn good at packing haha, i have theee smallest suitcase but always manage to over pack!! and you are right .. Rolling is the key! roll everything really tight and small. my step dad was in the army and he taught me army style packing. another tip .. if you're taking a small bag in your luggage for night time or walking round during the day, i put all my knickers & tights inside, it keeps your suitcase tidy and uses every pit of space you have. Flip flops and sandals .. put them individually round the edge of your suitcase. last thing you should put in is your towel, folded and lay on top of everything. I also tie ribbon or a small scarf to the handle of my suitcase so i can spot it quickly at baggage claim. :) Good luck & have n amazing holiday xxx

  10. Don't you just hate luggage weight restrictions? How can you possible prepare for every possible occassion?! Great tips, have fun packing :)

  11. This was really handy, going to save this in my favourites for my holiday to australia later in the year! thanks for this post! x

  12. Lovely post, good luck packing for your holiday! :) x