Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection

Sorry I haven’t blogged quite as much as I had hoped this week, it got a little taken over by other things which I had to put before writing.
Sleek are releases yet another eyeshadow palette this time part of the Caribbean collection and accompanied by a Blush and Pout polish.

The eyeshadow palette is names Curacao (which means heart in Portuguese but Portuguese has nothing to do with the Caribbean so I hope that’s not why it was named this) is filled with beautiful vibrant colours as you would expect from a Caribbean inspired palette. They are rich in colour and many sparkly and pearlescent ranging from ocean blues, tangerine brights and earthy greens. Although many of the colours are beautiful they are not colours I would personally wear however if you are braver then me and looking for palette full of bright summer shades this is perfect.

The pout polish in Bonaire is a lovely colour which can be worn sheer to add a slight tint but can also be built up to  a slightly more orange shade. This would be a fabulous beach bag stable, easy to apply, moisturising, perfect with an olive tan and has a very important SPF 15!
The pout polish compliments the blush in Aruba perfectly. Once again this is a bright orange and slightly scary looking in the pan however used with a light hand on olive skin tones it is truly beautiful however I would say if you are quite pale to stay away. If you were thinking about trying our orange/coral shade this summer and don’t want to splash out on a blush such as Benefit Coralista these products are a great inexpensive way to experiment (I am not saying it’s a dupe!)
Overall I think that the collection looks fabulous and is very clearly inspired by the hot and tropical feel of the Caribbean. Although the eye palette isn’t quite my cup of tea I love the pout polish and blush which will be coming with me on holiday!

Collection is out now and is available for a limited time only from Superdrug and Online.

What do you think of the collection? Have you ever visited the Carabbean?
 Sabrina X
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  1. I think "Curaçao" is an island off S. America somewhere - maybe in the Carribean sea? Hopefully that's what they meant instead!! Been wanting to try a more orange blush that's less coral so this will be perfect. Don't feel guilty about buying Sleek makeup to try, even if i'm not sure it's me :) Bargainous. xx

  2. This collection looks great! Can't wait to get my hands on that blush!xoxo

  3. Curaçao is a carribean island, part of the former Netherland Antilles.

    The colours look great and I really have a thing for the Sleek LE's but this one looks quite unusable for someone pale...

  4. You're right about the eyeshadow palette. I couldn't wear all the colours...definitely not brave enough! Love the blush though. I've been to the Caribbean lots of times and its one of my favourite places in the world! These colours reflect the place, definitely :) xx

  5. I agree with Jo, it's great to experiment and this palette is incredibly experimental with so many bold colours. Sleek is a fairly inexpensive brand so I'd recommend this as a way of testing out less conventional colours. xx

  6. Ikeep on meaning to try some things from this collection but I don't think I'd actually wear anything :)
    gorgeous review!! x

  7. Really loving this collection, wish I was going on holiday as I would be rocking these brights on the beach haha!

    Such bold colours, I've never had an orange shadow before but am tempted by that first swatch on the top row. It's gorgeous!

    xxx Kat

  8. I wish they sold Sleek palettes in the states. I think I am going to have to eBay some of them soon. Thanks for the post :)

  9. Went to get the palette today and couldn't find it anywhere :(


  10. I was really torn between this palette and the Oh So Special one, but I went for the latter as the colours suit my skin tone better. Still, it's hard not to be tempted by them all when the palettes are so cheap and such good quality.

  11. I'm olive toned and that orange blush and pout polish look great. Might have to try these!

  12. Everything in this collection looks far too bright and scary for me! I love the look of the oh so special palette though! x

  13. i saw this but didnt get it because i knew i wouldn't use it on a normal day ot day basis! xxx

  14. I think the names of the shades are based on coctails and drinks- Blue Curacao is a liqueur that is produced on the Curacao island :)
    I like the shades, but not what I'd wear everyday :p