Tuesday, 20 September 2011

I Have Been Shortlisted ♥

Yesterday I found out that I had made the Short list for the Best New Beauty Blog in the Cosmo Blog awards! 

I can not explain just how shocked and how honoured I am to have made the cateogry especially with some of my very favourite bloggers.

The only reason I was shortlisted was because you voted for me which I honestly thought no one would (okay maybe I thought my boyfriend and family would, but no one else!.) It really means so much that people took the time to support me and my blog! Thank you all so much I am very lucky to have some amazing readers!

I really love blogging and I have learnt so much no only about beauty but about myself as well as meeting some fabulous people along the way. I read and appreciate every single comment left on here as well as on Twitter, without you all they're would be little point to my blog and it wouldn't be any where near as enjoyable!
I would of course love if you could vote for my blog here
It is super easy enter your email, Click New Beauty Blog and then find me on the first row. I would really recommend you vote for your favourite bloggers in the other categories too.

Thank you all so much, you are all truely amazing and I am very honoured to have you all as my readers!
Lots of love 
Sabrina ♥

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  1. I voted for you! I think your blog is great, best of luck!

    XO Amie


  2. Congratulations!! So Happy for you! I voted!! And will be voting again! Your blog is my favourite to read and I really hope you get the award! :) xxx


  3. Voted again, good luck! x


  4. Congratulations!! I will have to go vote now as I really enjoy reading your blog even though I haven't been around but I am slowly coming back in the full swing!