Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Preview: FashionistA & The Saturdays Magnetism Nail Laquers

A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch of a new makeup brand called FashionistA set to hit Superdrugs this October. There are a few things from the new range that I want to share with you but today's post is mainly about the New Nail Lacquers being released by FasionistA and The Saturdays. The Saturdays were there to talk about the inspiration behind the nail polishes and even the names of the colours are inspired by their songs.
Each one of the girls has their own colour Rochelle has 'All Fired Up Red', Frankie is 'Notorious Silver', Mollie has 'Purple Me Up', Una's created 'Ego Green' and Vanessa has 'Forever is Blue'.
I got two of the colours Forever is Blue and Notorious Silver. They come with a separate magnet which fits nicely on top of the nail polishes as above.
I thought I would also swatch the colours without the magnetic effect as I know the magnetic result isn't for everyone.
Forever is Blue

How is works?
Paint your nails with the nail polish, you will need two coats. When the second coat is still wet hold the special magnet still over the nails for about 8-10 seconds and your normal nail polish will have transformed!
Notorious Silver

Magnetic nail polishes are appearing everywhere now and seem to be replacing the cracking nail polish. Nails inc. Filthy Gorgeous and 17 have also released magnetic nail polishes all with a similar magnet however Fashionista have said they will be releasing other magnets with different patterns.

Overall I think that the idea behind these are great they are almost like easy nail art but I doubt I will buy any Magnetic nail polishes. I think the final result is far more messy then they would look if you didn't use the magnet, I also kept leaning the magnet against my nails which meant my nails kept smudging.

The nail polishes retail for a little steep £6, the magnet for £3 and are available only from Superdrugs

What do you think of the final look? Will you be trying it?

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  1. Lovely post! I think this polish launch would have been more interesting if the magnet was a different pattern to the Nails Inc or 17 ones (I know they said they will be releasing more, but I'm going of first impressions with this magnet)I might have been tempted to buy another magnet to use with my Nails Inc polish. But I agree with the problems you point out, on my post about magnetic polish u can see I completely wrecked the design on one finger with top coat! And the polish tried to jump off on to the magnet! Ah well. xx

  2. I love this look. Think the final effect is great but I think I'd tire of the magnetic look very quickly (as I did with cracked polishes). I probably won't be trying these for that reason.. and £6 is more than I'd want to spend on a drugstore nail polish, too.


  3. I really want to try these! I hope to find some soon!
    They are cute without the magnetic effect and with it!


  4. I saw the nails inc versions of these on Sunday and i'm not sure what i think of it! I might have to get one to try it out! Maybe for the toes it would look pretty good! x

  5. Love it looks ace! Im so jelous that you met the saturdays aswell! xx

  6. I love the magnetic nails! x

  7. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of magnetic nails, I may test the water with the 17 ones, they look really straighforward and they're cheap :)


  8. The effect is so cool! Bummed I turned this event down to go to Aveda, didn't actually realise you'd get to meet The Saturdays! x

  9. I'm still not sure if I'm a fan of these type of nails, but it's definitely a great concept! Glad you had a great time! xxx

  10. They definitely look exciting but I really think I'd tire of the whle magnetic thing really quickly it seems a little gimmicky and pricey for what it really is.

  11. That is the coolest nail polish effect! Maybe that will be the next big thing after crackle/shatter.

  12. I really like this but don't know if i would wear it. I like to keep my nails nice and neat. Good review!

  13. I really love these, the effect looks amazing!! I'm definitely going to have to get myself some of these :)


  14. I love the look and wanted to try it out, but I think I'll wait and see what other companies have to offer.


  15. Oh i love that. I actually hadn't heard about it before :)

  16. That looks so col!I love that idea! Great post :)

  17. it looks pretty cool! But the effect is the same everytime u use it? either i think i would be up to try it, it's still an amazing effect:P