Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sleek Makeup Nude Collection

You may have read about Sleek Makeup's new collection everywhere but I simply haven't had the time to quite catch up with this months blogging (I have lots of exciting things to share!) but I thought just in case you haven't seen it I would still blog about it. 

As I am sure many of you are aware I really like Sleek Makeup's palettes they are very affordable, good quality and there is always a wide range of products to chose from. This A/W Sleek Makeup has released a new nude collection which is perfect for the colder months!

 Although they recently also released a palette filled mainly with nudes, the Oh So Special palette personally I think this one is far more wearable. There aren't very many pinks just core beiges, greys and browns.
Sadly the pigmentation is some of the lighter colours isn't quite as great as with the darker colours but with a little more effort you can pack on a decent amount of colour.
The pout polish in Bare Minimum is perfectly names, it has very little colour in comparison to their other pout polishes but is still quite nice and very natural adding just a little shine.
The blush in Suede is unlike anything in my collection, I am yet to try it but the nude colour definitely intrigues me! I will update later once I have actually tried the blush.

Overall this collection would be great if you are just starting up with makeup and looking for the core nude colours however for me this doesn't add very much to my collection.
This collection is permanent- available now in stores and online

Tomorrow I will post with another Sleek Eyeshadow palette since they just keep rolling them out!

What's your favourite Sleek eyeshadow Palette?

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  1. Seen a good few of these palettes reviewed and I really am sold, definitely need to get myself one and try :)

  2. I'd be really interested to see the blush on, I've heard good things about it and I am very tempted to go and pick it up!

  3. love the colour of the blush, defs gonna have to see it when im at superdrug! :)

  4. I need this palette in my life ASAP! Haha :) x

  5. Brought this palette & blush two weeks ago and I love it!!
    I also love Sleek's Bad Girl palette, perfect to create a blue or purle smokey eye.


  6. I really love the look of the palette, it looks great for travelling :)
    & the blush looks like it'll be so flattering - both being added to my wish list!! x

  7. Gorgeous Colors, love the Sleek makeup palettes and the blushers too :) Must definitely give this one a try too!

  8. Great post! I really want to get my hands on all of this! So pretty! :) x

  9. My fav Sleek palette is still Storm I think. The neutral lipgloss looks good in this collection :) x

  10. I have this and love the palette. Ive not been wearing much eyeshadow lately but i always go for neutrals when the weather turns colder xx

  11. Am definitely going to look into this palette. Great review!

  12. This is my next purchase! I like the look of the lighter shades, something that I think is missing from UD's naked palette! :) Good honest review. I likey xx

  13. I have never tried this make up collection but I am liking the look of the nude.

    Think I'll have to give it a try.


  14. Such nice colors ! You just gotta love Sleek palettes...
    I like the 'Bad Girl' the most, but I sometimes combine those colors with the ones from the original palette to create a more colorfull smokey eye :)


  15. I actually almost bought this palette yesterday, but my bus just arrived at the bus stop, so I had to hop in! ;) X

  16. Thanks for the comments girls x

  17. The sleek palette looks gorgeous and the swatches are really pigmented