Thursday, 22 September 2011

Sugarhill Boutique and My New Hat

That is quite possibly the worst post title in all of history but I had no idea what else to call it!
A few weeks ago I was sent this lovely Gillet which actually arrived before I got back from holiday and I must say everyone has an opinion on it. Personally I love gillets, I think its because I love Rachel Zoe's style and she seems to wear a lot of great fur ones. However my boyfriend likes to refer to my new gillet as a rug but personally I really like it! I think gillet's are very versitile and actually add a lot of warmth, I think I will wear mine over dresses, shirts, cardigans and even jackets! I do however think it is a little pricey at £46 from Sugarhill but it is after all very versatile and can be worn in most seasons.Sugarhill actually has quite a few nice piece such as dresses, knit wear and coats, its really worth a look.
My hat is from Primark and was about £4, I really love it! As I was unsure if I would wear it a lot I thought I would buy are more inexpensive one. The colour makes it very wearable, the feathers add a little detail and hopefully it will keep my head somewhat warm in winter.

Not a very exciting outfit but I just wanted to show you a few of my favourite new pieces.
Shoes: New Look
Jeans: H&M

What do you think of gillets and hats? I have a fabulous new hat I can not wait to share with you!
Sabrina X
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  1. I have to get myself a gilet, perfect for me since I'm constantly cold and a great way to funk up plain jeans and tees :) x

  2. This outfit is a lovely quirky twist on casual day to day wear.
    I've always had a love hate relationship with gillets, but you may just have rekindled the love. Its gorgeous!!

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  3. I love the flats! the whole outfit looks really put together :)

  4. Oh how I love a gilet! Brill for dressing up something plain and I love this" loopy" one you're wearing. Cute x

  5. Very cute! Love your blog!

    I followed! Follow me back? :)

    -ariel xoxo

  6. Very nice outfit, that hat is so cute! :)

  7. Love the gillet! I've been searching high and low for a (fake) fur one, but haven't stumbled upon one I particularly like. This one is fabulous, though, and I think the hat is great, too! Very fun, urban look :)

  8. So cute! I adore this brand, I've seen some of their bits in Bristol :).


  9. I want a hat like that and £4 is a very good price, since I am not yet sure how to wear it! Thanks for the tip! X

  10. Your outfit is really nice, and I like the gillet! The hat is great for only £4! Great post! :) Oh, and have you died you hair? It looks a bit red in the pictures! :) xxx

  11. Love the hatband! The feather makes it very autumnal.
    Oh and having just stumbled across your blog, I can safely say that the nailpolish post below is the best polish review I've seen in ages!
    I'm voting for you in the cosmo awards

  12. I love this outfit, I agree with you in that the gilet is very Rachel Zoe :) Also may have to see if I can find that hat in Primark I've been after one for ages :) X

  13. how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do

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  15. i absolutely love this gillet.
    It looks lovely and cosey and stylish at the same time :-)

  16. I have that hat! I recognised it on you xD Well, I say I have it, it actually belongs to my friend, but it never stays very long on his head when he's around me, so...

  17. Actually love this outfit post! It's so simple but really really lovely on. The hat is gorgeous and a bargain at £4. I should really go and pick on up!

    Lola x

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