Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Children in Need Nail Wraps

Nail Rock has joined with Children in Need to produce this pretty Pudsey inspired nail wraps to help raise money for disadvantaged kids in the UK. Available in Boots from tomorrow 25% of the £6.65 will be donated to Children in Need. They are available with both a black and a white background, although I have the black one I think that the white on is that little bit nicer!

I was very surprised to see that they have now been improved and no heat is required, this is music to my ears! No more having to heat them before hand these are going to be so much better to apply! And they're made in the UK which is always great!
This is a great way to get involved with charity and I can't wait to try these. I will of course, share the final result with you.

Children in need is on Friday 18th November click here for more information about Children in Need.

What do you think of these nail wraps? Will you be purchasing a pair?
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  1. theyre so cute! great way to donate to charity!

  2. Really cute and a nice way to donate x

  3. I like the black on, and I love polka dots!

  4. I would totally wear that! So cool! xoxo

  5. such a good idea for them to raise money as it will appeal to young girls/women

  6. Heey,
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  7. Definitely going to try these white ones!

    Caz x

  8. awww so cute! Love the white ones, they're just a bit more ''Children In Needish'' haha Pudsey's getting more and more stylish by the day ;)

  9. Love the nail wraps! Black ones are definitely better. Looks ace.
    r.aj.e. X

  10. These look great and the fact that a large percentage goes to the cause means that I need to get to a Boots very quickly!

    Becky @

  11. So cute I'd really love to use them :] xxx

  12. I always thought wraps would be a real faff to apply properly but if there's no heating etc involved I'm sold!! Impressed that it's quite a decent amount from each set that's going to CIN too!
    Kirsten x

  13. i've always been intrigued with stick on nail polish, and i've been wanting to give them a try. and it's so awesome how this is for a good cause. :)

    <3, Mimi
    Stages of Beauty Giveaway :)

  14. Very cute, what a lovely donation idea.

    Amanda |

  15. Wow, this is an incredible idea - fab way to raise money. Hope to see this on lots of beauty blogs! x

  16. They're reall pretty and it's even better that they're for charity x