Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Christmas Gifts: The Boys

 I am awful at giving boys and men Christmas presents! This year I have got just a couple of things such as this stunning jumper from Common Sons which is fabulous quality and hand made in Britain. They can get quite expensive but they are actually on sale on the ASOS website if you are interested.

I have two inexpensive products which are an FCUK gift set with a body wash and body spray which is a fabulous price at £8 and something both my boyfriend and bother have been arguing over is these case from Smiley. They also have quite a good fun range of products for men and women.

But I feel extremely inspired by Jimmy Kimmel, hope my little cousins are happy with a half eaten sandwich and the book Why Are Orangutans Orange?

Sabrina X
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  1. Aw I saw that video, cruel but funny. I have a funny one on my site a the moment. Some good gift ideas. Hopping to ASOS now! xx

  2. Ooh cute! I like it, I've just finished my shopping!

  3. Hahahh, I laughed so hard at that video. And that was some very cute things, I bet they'll be happy :)

  4. They are good presents like the case, boys are so hard to buy for and they say we are harder! I beg to differ ;) x

  5. Oh my, this was beyond funny! :D

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  6. Glad you like the video and the post girls :) Hope you had a fab christmas! X

  7. Well, This is the perfect gift for christmas. I like sweater very much. Good colour combination and design.