Monday, 28 February 2011

Where to get inspiration...

I was recently asked by my friend Ana (see her blog here) how I get inspiration for my blog and I thought I would quickly write a post about it. I wouldn’t say my blog is the most inspired blogs as it consists mainly of reviews and swatches but every now and then I do write about other things.
  1.      Get yourself a notebook- I love writing list for everything I do in life but I find it particularly useful with my blog. I write lists about what has been requested, what products I want to review, what posts I would like to do and what products I would quite like to buy. I update it all the time and have a read through it when I am about to write a post. 
2.       Save inspirational posts in your favourite- I love to save tags and other posts that I think could inspire one of my own post, I save it as a favourite so I can both credit them and to remind me to write the post.

3.       Take part in tags that are going around- I really love the 100 things that make me happy tag started by Sofia and which I am also taking part in.

4.       Review your stats and see what’s popular. I use Google analytics and I would really recommend that every blogger get it, it allows you to see what posts were popular and what people type in to search engines to get to your page. EG mine says that my No7 spring collection post is really popular and a lot of people Google Sleek Makeup and end up on my blog therefore I can predict that if I were to write another post about either No7 or Sleek it would also be popular. 

5.       General life updates are often popular since we are all naturally nosey.

6.       Ask you followers on twitter and Facebook if they have any requests. 

7.       See what Google suggests- type in the first half of phrases and see what Google suggests as these are usually the most popular. 

 8.       Read lots and lots of blogs- I follow 400/500+ although I don’t follow them all religiously I do read the titles of all of them and pick what I may want to read. 

9.       Read magazines- You can often turn lots of magazine articles into blog posts but modifying it a little and adding your own spin. I also think this folder idea from Bubblegarm is fantastic to keep all your inspiration and favourite images stored together. However magazines can get expensive click here to read about my top free magazines, I would also recommend Grazia if you are a fashion blogger and Essentials magazine if you are a lifestyle blogger.

Hope this helped! Where do you get inspiration?
Sabrina X

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Diet Coke and ASOS Offer

Diet Coke is now giving you the chance to get money of as ASOS, to do so all you have to do is look out for the limited-edition lip-smacking Diet Coke cans which are available nationwide from March. Then all you have to do is enter your unique code on to Coke Zone and get your hands on possible vouchers worth £100, £20 and £10 and if you don't win them you will still be able to get £5 off your next ASOS purchase of £20 or more.
If you think of have great style why not also upload your image to Stree Style Star where three lucky winners with see themselves up in lights on the world-famous Piccadilly Sign in London.
Anyone can enter just upload your photo to here from 28th February- 4th April. 

A regional shortlist will then be exhibited on the online hub from 8th-25th April where you can vote for the person you think deserves to win £1,000 to spend on their new ASOS wardrobe.

I think this is a great offer! What do you think?
Sabrina X

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wednesday Wishlist and Ramble

This is a rather late Monday ramble, but I felt I should update after a few days of no posts from me. I have been very busy and am hopefully starting a new job on Monday, it’s just part time as I will also be going to university I will be pretty busy all week long. Luckily the hours are quite good, it’s close to my house and I don’t work weekends meaning that I hope not to fall behind on university and my blog. However I do think that blogging everyday will be unlikely until April when I finish university.
I got the Urban Decay Naked palette as a gift this week and really like it so far, I am hoping that it will get me to wear eyeshadow more often as it is something I very rarely wear.
This has been a rather boring week so thought I would also include 4 products I have had my eye on.
iPad- I like the idea of an iPad but I think that in reality I might not really need one.
Green Moleskine Diary- I always but my diary from September-August however I really love my moleskine notebook and think maybe I should buy myself a moleskine diary.
Miu Miu Purse- Never really going to get it but it is pretty.
Deborah Lippmann- never tried any Deborah Lippmann product but this colour in Lady Sings the Blues look amazing, as does the whole range but they are rather pricey!

How has your week been?
Sabrina X

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