Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Haircut At RUSH hair

A few weeks ago, I was invited down to RUSH Hair in Ludgate to get a wash, cut and blow dry. I had heard lots of fantastic things about RUSH Hair so I really wanted to check it out.

I booked quite an early appointment so when I arrived the salon was quite empty as I was told it is usually busier after 12. It was surprisingly easy to find, which was lucky as I had left both the address and my map at home. The actual salon was modern and clean, but not over the top.

I got my hair done by Lucy, who was really nice and put me at ease straight away. We discussed what I did and didn’t like about my hair and what I would like to change, we settled on a shorter length and shorter layers which I think is perfect.  I also asked lots of questions and learnt a bit whilst I was there.
Although I love long hair the truth is I have very thin hair so long hair doesn’t work for me and any good hairdresser will suggest cutting it a little.
Sorry they're not the greatest photos.
I really like the end result and I would return back to RUSH, I am not sure of the exact price a wash, cut and blow dry would cost with Lucy but I do feel that it is worth it. Usually more expensive hairdressers are more expensive for a reason, they tend to spend more time getting up to date training so that you leave with a very modern but still flattering hair style.

Something which I learnt…
You shouldn’t use very hot or very cold water when washing your hair.
You should also not rub your scalp too much whilst shampooing.
Although it isn’t okay to wash your hair everyday it is okay to use dry shampoo.

Their are RUSH hair salons in the whole of the South East of England
Click here to locate your nearest salon.

If you are interested in getting your hair done by Lucy in Ludgate and would like 50% off send me and email with your address to and I will happily send you a voucher.

Have you ever had your hair cut at RUSH Hair?
Sabrina X

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Matalan Summer 2011

Thought I would quickly share a few photos I snapped at the Matalan Summer press event, I have lots more to show but for now here are a few of my favourite things...

Click here to see more images on my Facebook page

What do you think?
I will be sharing some more information and images soon X
Sabrina X

Monday, 21 March 2011

Smallest Primark Haul

I purchased a few things last week from Primark which although are nothing special I have been wearing an awful lot!
I picked up these bracletes which come as two different sets, I'm not a huge fan of all of them but there are some really pretty ones included and I have been wearing them almost everyday since. They remind me of the sort of bracelets you buy on holiday and as I am craving the sun they really fit my mood.
The main reason I purchased thes earings were because I had lost my favourite gold ones, I love large studs since I don't wear other sort of earring. I love the blue in the braclet, would add a lovely little pop of colour however I don't often wear silver and I don't like to mix metals. 
My favourite necklace at the moment is this huge gold chain, I think gold is so fashionable at the moment and I love how chunky this chain is! I love wearing it with pretty girly clothes to give them a bit of an edge but I have been compare to Mr T.
And lastly are this two pretty pair of shoes which I couldn't help but get in to colours at just £10 I thought they were super pretty! I will be wearing the black ones now and the nude ones in the summer!

What have you bought recently?

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Barry M Raspberry

If I had to chose my favourite nail polish of all time I think I would chose Barry M Mushroom; inexpensive, classic, easy to apply but still quite different however Barry M Raspberry also ticks all the same boxes and is now giving Mushroom a run for its money.
Barry M Raspberry retails for £2.95, is easy to apply and looks perfect after two coats. Perfect for summer or winter it is a perfect berry red, classic and has a lovely glossy finish!

Whats your favourite everyday colour?

Saturday, 19 March 2011

SleekMakeUp Avoir La Peche Collection

With the sun shining in central London and with the clocks changing to British Summer time I feel like it is the perfect time to talk about brighter colours and the new Sleek Avoir La Peche Collection.
The Collection which is only available until the 13th April includes:
The Paraguaya i-Divine eyeshadow palette
Sugar May Pout Polish 
Pan-Tao Blush 

I received the Paraguaya i-Divine eyeshadow palette yesterday and was very excited to try it out! 
 'The new Avoir la Peche Collection is everything you will need to be on trend for this spring. Inspired by peaches from all over the world, the collection celebrates the variety of hues that will see you well into the warmer months of 2011. The Paraguya i-Divine 12 piece eyeshadow palette is filled to the brim with warm browns, cool corals and powdery pinks-perfect for inspired looks such as Valentino's S/S11 Trend.'
 Just like all the more recent palettes each eyeshadow has been given a name, it comes with a standard applicator and in the normal sleek packaging with the name of the collection across the front.
 The colours are a range of oranges, corals and a few greys and browns.I don't think it will be a palette I use a lot but it is quite inspiring and I may use a few shades from this palette mixed with more neutral colours.
The pigmentation and quality of the colours are as fantastic as usual however there are two colours Bellini and Sandstone which do lack pigmentation. I also found Bellini to be far harder to work with then the other colours.

I would love to have the orange/coral shades in the palette in larger blusher forms and think making blusher palettes would be a good step for SleekMakeUp. I will be trying to use a few of these as blushers even if the pan is quite small.

I really want the Pan-Tao blush and will be purchasing it over the next few days and will be sure to do a review once I have it. I do think I will leave this palette to the side until June/July when I have a bit more of a tan and can pull of these sort of colours.

Palettes retail for £6.49 from Superdrugs and online here.

What do you think of this collection? Do you think SleekMakeUp should sell some blush palettes too?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wednesday Wishlist- River Island

When I was about 13/14 I loved RiverIsland,  after that I felt that the clothes were becoming unoriginal and over prices. However over the last few years I have actually been shopping there and really liking their collection, they are on trend and not too expensive. 

They offer an all-round great collection but my favourite are their bags, tops and shoes!
black denim super skinny jeans £29.99
beige silk shirt £34.99
white lace collar blouse £29.99
black silk shirt £39.99
beige fringe loafers £39.99
beige floppy hat £24.99
navy leather and suede holdall bag £69.99

Can you tell I like shirts?

Also River Island have a fantastic offer at the moment with all jeans 25% off!

 Also thought I would very quickly share this video about an event River Island hostedCalled the River Island Jeans Swap where you could go along to the River Island store in Liverpool and swap your old jeans for a pair of new ones and the old pair were donated to charity! The only catch was that you had to strip of in the middle of the street! 

Would you do it?
I don't think I would if I am honest but it is a fantastic idea and I love the faces of the onlookers in this video!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner Vs L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss

My favourite eyeliner is undoubtedly Illamasqua Precision ink eyeliner however at £17 it is very pricey so I really wanted to see if there were any highstreet brand which offered a similar product. 
The two products I bought were Loreal Super Liner and Gosh Extreme Art eyeliner. I picked them both up at Superdrugs, I chose Loreal Superliner after seeing BeautyCrush's Drugstore favourites video and bought GOSH Extreme Art Liner after reading Moudly Fruit's review.
GOSH Extreme Art Eyeliner
Packaging is okay but seems a little cheap, the applicator is also not what I am use to as it is a brush instead of a foam like applicator.  Application isn't the easiest, due to the flimsy brush I found it a little hard to control but is extremely black and you get a good amount of product on the brush.
L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss
Packaging is really nice and sturdy, application tip is also great makes it easy to apply. This product would be great for beginers. This eyeliner is also really black but not quite as black as the GOSH one, it is also harder to draw an extra thin line with this eyeliner.
They both last quite well all day but the Loreal eyeliner does flake of a little easier and if you happen to rub your eye expect to be left with very little eyeliner. If you are a beginer to eyeliner I would really recommend the Loreal Super Liner as it is very easy to apply however if you are use to using liquid eyeliner I would recommend the GOSH Extreme Art Liner as it last a very long time and is extremely black!

Price wise Gosh is currently on offer at under £4 and the L'oreal one is £6.19.

Whats your favourite eyeliner?
Sabrina X

Sunday, 13 March 2011

No7 & Poppy King Review (Allure & Glamour)

Last week I spoke about the new No7 range created by Poppy King and mentioned that I would come back with a review and a few swatches.
My two favourite colours were Allure and Glamour so that is what I am reviewing today and so far I love them!
Glamour is a perfect pink, quite sheer but still buildable. The texture is fantastic, hydrating and light feel like you are wearing almost nothing. This is a great everyday shade if you like pinks or are looking to try pinks as it isn't too in-your-face. The lip gloss matches it perfectly, isn't sticky and smells Divine!
I didn't included swatches as I think the below image shows the colour of really well, this pretty look was put together by Lisa Eldridge.
Allure is slightly more of a grown-up colour but still pretty and playful. Its a natural peach colour which is also great for everyday. This colour would suit almost any woman and any occasion, the lipgloss is also lovely
The packaging of the collection is also very beautiful and I am very impressed with what I have tried! I would recommend checking out the range if you haven't already and even spend your £5 off voucher as I am sure there is a colour for you.

I will most definitely be wearing this two shades for the next few seasons, what do you think?
Available at Boots this month; lipstick£12 lipgloss£11

Sabrina X

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Savvy Shopping Asos Beauty Sale

Buying cosmetics can become very expensive and unlike clothes I find that they are very rarely on sale, apart from on the ASOS website. I love their Beauty sale section and I would recommend checking it quite regularly.
Today the section isn't quite as good as it is sometime but there are still some bargains I would pick up!
  Paul & Joe ASOS Exclusive Nail Polish Set Was £20 Now £9.90 
Nail Rock Fashion Print Designer Nail Wraps Was £6.70 Now £4.25 
Illamasqua ASOS Exclusive Nail Duo Was £20 Now £10.35

ASOS also offers a super save UK delivery which is really worth getting, it just means waiting an extra two or so days.

I would really recommend adding this to your favourites and continuously checking back to see what they have to offer.

Click here for ASOS Beauty Sale

What are your tips for savvy shopping? 

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Old Camera

I know that I call this blog a 'Beauty blog' but sometimes its nice to just talk about other stuff. 
Yesterday I borrowed this old camera from my uncle, its nothing fancy but its from the 70's and appears to take some decent photos.
I completely love the leather casing and the click it makes when you take a photo, it is so heavy even compared to my normal DSLR.
I managed to download the manual that came with it but I am still not too sure about the knobs on top so if any of you have any ideas I would really appreciate it. The thing that confuses me the most is the fact I there is no pointers in the knobs, so I have no idea what setting it is actually on. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it!
It is so strange to me not being able to see my photos on a screen straight away and I didn't even know how to load the film, this lovely lady in Snappy Snaps had to help me and teach me.
I found this Flickr group with lots of photos taken with this camera and they look fantastic!

After I play around with this camera a little more I want to possibly get a Polaroid camera, a Diana camera and one of those ones you can use under water (to take on holiday.) 

Sorry for the very random post. 
Sabrina X

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Kiss Nails

If there is one thing I have is strong nails, they don’t really break, I can grow them easily and apart from some staining they are quite good. I wish that instead I had strong, thick hair but I don’t! This means I haven’t ever really been too interested in fake nails however at the National Beauty Bloggers Event I got some press on nails applied.
 Some of the reasons as to why I never tried fake nails are because I always thought acrylics ruined you nails and that press on nails like these never lasted longer than a day but I thought I would try these Kiss nails nonetheless.
 Nails day 1
I got these applied by the lady at the event, but they were applied basically how I would apply them at home. My nails were in fact a little longer then the false nails so my nails had to filed slightly, if I were to do them myself I would clip the whole of my nail down. 
 The box contains 28 nails in 14 different sizes, pink gel glue, a mini file and a manicure stick. The nails come with small little tabs which you use to apply the nail and then twist and bend to remove the self-tab. 
 Nails day 7
The box claims that they will last 7days and I did manage to get 7 days wear out of them, however I was one nail down on the second day as I managed to bang my nail really hard. I still think it’s great that 9 of the nails lasted a whole week! Towards the final day they still looked great but the glue was becoming a little loss on some nails and they did need to be removed. I also really liked the length of the nails, these were called real short and although they are not long they aren’t extremely short either. The length makes them very practical and natural looking, but Kiss does also make a petite set which are even shorter. 
 Kiss has a good range of natural looking nails in a variety of lengths. 
However if you are looking for a more colourful and fun look then they do have a range that may cater to your needs, the Broadway range has a variety of different colours and patterns.   
 To remove the nails there is a Nail remover product which I would highly recommend, you simply soak your nails in it and 10 or so minutes later they will all have melted of, It also a rough surface to help you remove the nails. My nails were left basically as good as they were before and I don’t really feel that they harmed my real nails.

I would recommend these nails to people who are looking for easy to apply, natural looking nails (or not if you chose to try the Broadway range) they retail for about £8 (available from Boots) so are far cheaper then getting acrylics in a salon. I think I will reach for these when I have events to go to and I want my nails to look great!

What do you think of these nails?
 Sabrina X

Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday Ramble

I haven’t done a Monday Ramble for a few weeks now and I have somewhat missed it, I like to keep all my readers updated with what I am doing just so they can know a little more about me and in this case hopefully understand why I haven’t been blogging as much.

Last week was somewhat of a crazy week, I had my first proper week at my new part time job as well as still attending university and getting my coursework done. I think last week was very hectic but hopefully as I get more use to my timetable and now that most of my coursework is finished I could hopefully resume (almost) normal blogging. 

I also went to the National Beauty Bloggers event, where I picked up a few things which I am going to review very soon, click here to see a few photos from the event on my Facebook page.
Now the thing giving me most problems is my laptop, I have a HP Pavilion which has been in rather bad shape for a while, but I got it upgraded to windows 7 and was happy with it again However this morning the hinges holding the screen up broke meaning I have to sit at my desk with my screen leaning against the wall, which isn’t ideal. I found out that this is a common problem with this laptop, so I phoned Curry’s and was told they would charge me £230, to get it fixed! £230! I would rather DIY-it it seems like such an easy and quick job but I found some where a quick bus ride away that I trust and say will charge about £40, that’s much more reasonable! (Sorry, really wanted to have a little moan) 

Current Obsessions
Makeup Savvy Blog- AMAZING blog and check out her free blog headers here.
 Primark £10 Loafers- I need more colours!
 My Cath Kidston-esque inexpensive duvet covers from IKEA
The sun (even if it is still cold) 

What did you do last week? What are your current obsessions?
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Friday, 4 March 2011

Oilatum Natural Repair

I am sure most of you have heard Pixiwoo talk about Oilatum cream which they said works well on dry skin. During this winter I have struggled with dry skin and I tried so many products to no avail however this really was a miracle worker!
The Pixiwoo girls have amazing skin so I was really hoping this would work but I read a few other reviews which said this also helped clear their skin. 

Oilatum products are quite readily available in the UK, I picked mine up from Boots for £7.65. The cream itself is quite light in consistency and sinks into the skin quite quickly. I use this product both day and night, not only is my skin looking healthier and hydrated but I also have far less break outs.
I would really highly recommend this product if you have dry skin (I don’t have oily skin so I don’t know how well it would work).

I am so glad I found this, it has made such a huge difference to my skin!
 Sabrina X

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