Tuesday, 31 May 2011

May Favourites

I feel that naming this post May favourites is almost a little deceitful as a lot of these loves may be a little premature since I only started using them a few weeks ago but I think with some products that it is all you need.
Ciate Nail Polish £9
A little on the Pricey side at £9 a bottle but you are truly getting a better product. A lot of people commented on my post yesterday that their favourite nail polishes are Barry M and they are far more affordable however the quality of these nail polishes do not compare. They do not chip, apply very well and the packaging is beautiful! Colours above- Ditch The Heels, Cupcake Queen and Mojitos
Available from Powder Rooms.
 Mac Girl About Town Lipstick & Eyeko Lipgloss in Soho
My Current favourite lip combination is Mac Girl About Town (also here) with Eyeko Lipgloss in Soho (also here) over the top. Although Girl About Town does look fabulous on its own I think that adding the lipgloss really adds an extra wow factor, it intensifies the colour and makes lips appear larger. I have been wearing this for the last few days and although I do have to top up the lipgloss the lipstick lasts all day.
Left Lipgloss by itself Middle- Lipstick and gloss together Right Lipstick by itself 
Lipgloss and lipstick worn in photo above
If you are ordering from Eyeko use Ambassador Code E2749 in order to get free gift.
No7 Quick Dry Tinted Lotion £12
If you have a spare £5 off No7 Voucher I would really recommend this product. Although I think at first the colour is slightly yellow after a few layer the colour looks dark but yet natural. The best think about the product is how easy it is to apply I use a glove but even without a glove it would be very easy. It is moisturising and doesn't stick to dry patches even fades nicely! Available from Boots.
Xen Tan Perfect Bronze Sheer Powder Bronzer £21.99
Since I have been using fake tan (Fake Tan routine here) I have also been using bronzer on my face, currently my favourite is by Xen-Tan. It is easy to apply, blends beautifully and is quite olive toned just like the Fake tan bronzer making this a very effortless product. Pricey but a little does go a long way. Available online and in Selfridges.

Gosh Touch Up Concealer £5.99
This concealer is affordable, has great coverage and doesn't look cakey at all- does a good job at making me look awake. Only down side is colour range is poor I am number 2 of 3 and all three seem quite similar. Available from Superdrugs.

What are your current favourites?
Sabrina XX

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Monday, 30 May 2011

Summer Nails: Ciate Mojito

A while back I spoke about Ciate nail polishes although they are a little expensive the bottles are beautiful! 
I have been trying out a few different colours over the last few weeks and I have been extra impressed.
I am currently wearing this true Kermit the Frog green but I actually really like it! It is very summery and pretty it has no shimmer. You do need a few layers in order to get a colour true to the bottle but I have found this is true with most lighter greens and after 3 coats you get a fabulous colour!

I have worn Ciate nail polishes for up to 9 days and only had some tip wear they do not chip and therefore last really long. 

They retail for £9 and are available from Powder Rooms
What is your favourite brand of Nail Polish?
Sabrina X

Blog Badge

I had problems with my previous link to my blog badge and therefore there is now a new link. 
All you have to do in order to share the link is copy and post it in to a HTML option in the sidebar. 

Thanks to everyone that chooses to share it!

Sabina X

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Small Mac Haul

One of my lovely friends went to New York and picked up a few things for me and as MAC is a little cheaper in America I asked for three MAC products which I had wanted for a while and heard lots about.
I love bright lipsticks and after trying impassioned a few weeks ago it had been at the top of my wishlist along with Girl About Town made (extra) famous by Cheryl Cole who is seen sporting the colour a lot.
Out of the two my favourite is Girl About Town although it does look a little more scary in the bullet, is is an almost purple colour but actually quite flattering with my skin tone. Impassioned is also a really nice colour although I think doesn't suit me quite as well.
Top- Impassion
Bottom- Girl About Town
The blush I asked for was Dolly Mix and although I had heard lots about the blush I had never seen it in real life and once I opened the box I thought it looked rather scary. However in reality it is quite sheer as it is sheertone shimmer but adds a light colour and a beautiful uplifting glow!
With flash- blush on the right.
What are your favourite bright lipsticks?
sabrina X

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Preview: Matalan Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

Although we haven't quite hit summer here in London I thought I would share some images from the future Matalan autumn winter collection. I attended an event a few months back (photos here and here) and I was impressed by most of the things in particular the jackets, knit wear and shoes but I think some of the pieces used in the lookbook aren't the best of the collection.
I love the knitwear in the images above, especially the contrast between the pretty floral dress and skirt with the chunky knit wear! Plus I love the loafers!
Love these two outfits, how cute is the dress!? I also love the jacket it is quite quirky but not a fan of the boots.
I'm not too sure about these two outfits I think some of the individual pieces are really nice but don't work too well together. However I think the boots on the left are amazing.
The above two outfits are also quite nice although I wouldn't personally wear either. I also think they were a little late with the cape trend (but I might be wrong)

What do you think of all the pieces? I think I will be picking up some of the boots and knit-wear, this post has even got me a little excited for winter clothes!

Sabrina X
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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Favourite Fake Tan

I have got into a bit of a fake tan routine which I really love and takes me from ghost white to a darker and more glowing colour. I have tried various different fake tans but at the moment these are my favourite and easiest to apply.

Quick fake tan tips:
1) Everyone says it but in order to keep your tan looking great and lasting long you must exfoliate before hand!
2) Moisturise! Before you fake tan apply a liberal layer from head to toe and especially around elbows and knees then let it sink in before applying the fake tan. This will mean that the product doesn't stick to drier patches and you will be an even colour.
3) Apply fake tan the day before- The colour always looks much better after a shower.
4) Be patient and don't put your clothes on before it is fully dry.
5) Keep it up- Gently exfoliate skin, moisturise and reapply to keep the tan going.
As you can see from the (awful) photos above these products do make me quite a bit darker but the colour is still natural.
Xen-Tan Weekly Self Tan £23.99
I love mousse tan to use on my body I think its just a little easier and I love this Xen-tan one!It has a vanilla scent which means you are not left with the usual self tan smell and the colour is perfect and natural! I have the mousse in Med/Dark which I would recommend if you are quite comfortable with using mousse and as it has a olive undertone it is very natural. It dried quite quickly so you do need to work quite fast and the guide colour lets you see exactly where you have and haven't applied. It fades away nice and naturally leaving no uneven patches and surprisingly does last a week although if you do want to keep your tan quite dark I would recommend either topping up with a gradual tan daily or using this product twice a week. I don't use a tanning mitt with this product as I find it easier not to but I still don't get discoloured hands.

Garnier Ambre Solaire No streak bronzer £11.73
I find it quite hard to do my face and chest using mousse or cream products however this quick drying mist makes application very quick, easy and even. Although I don't think this product is great on my body I do use it from the waist up (apart from my arms) since it is a fine mist the product is distributed evenly. I like to use this morning and night until I have built up a colour I like and then every few days after that. Since it dries so quickly I can apply my clothes and makeup shortly after and still have an even tan, the colour is lovely and very buildable. I would say that it is very important to moisturise with this product as if your skin is dry it will not fade evenly. I also personally don't think it is worth buying the face bottle as it is basically the same product in a smaller can. Once again if you want to get dark quick for the medium or dark tan although the same colour is acheivable with the light it wil just take a longer time.

St Moritz Mousse £3
If you are on a budget then I would recommend this fake tan, it is quite similar to the Xen-Tan but has a fake tan smell and doesn't last quite as long.
What I want to try next... 
Xen Tan Daily Self Tan
Soltan Self-tan gel and lotion
No7 Quick Dry Tinted lotion

What fake tan would you recommend and have you tried any of the ones mentioned?
Sabrina X

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Weekly update

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well and had a great weekend! 

I must say I woke up this morning thinking it was Friday which is awful especially since I didn’t even have a tiring weekend! 

Yesterday I took part in the second instalment of #bbloggers on Twitter which I spoke about last week (here). This week’s topic was about PR agencies and bloggers and was quite interesting although I don’t think it changed my mind about much although I do think that I need to be extra picky about what I agree to review. 
 I also uploaded some photo onto Facebook of recent press events which I attended. Boudoir PR had a great selection of fashion and beauty products some of which I will dedicate a whole post to; I got my nails done with Nail Rock which I was more impressed with then last time. At Talk PR there was also a fantastic selection of brands a few which I had heard of but not actually tried and some which I am in fact very impressed with!

I finally booked my holiday for the summer, I had booked my flight out about a month back but I also got round to booking my flight back. I am going for 5 and half weeks to Portugal; 3 weeks in the north of Portugal and the rest of the time I will be going to an island called Madeira off the coast which I have never been to. I am very excited although over 5 weeks does seem a very long time and I am very worried about leaving my blog for that long as I will have limited Internet access.
 On Saturday I picked up my iPad2 which I decided I would treat myself to and I am in love with it! I bought a 16gb wifi only white one and bought a green smart case. I really loved the Camel smart case but £70 for a case seems a little excessive although I am still completely lusting over it! I am after a nice sleeve so that the back doesn’t get scratched which I carry it about in my bag and would also love it if you all left me some app recommendations! 

I announced my giveaway winners on twitter during the week; winner of SleekMakeup Giveaway is strawberryb2uty and winner of leather bag is Leanne Marie. I have another giveaway planned for the following week and I think it is one you will like!

Have a great week! 
Sabrina X
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Frizz Ease 3-day Straight

I was in two minds about actually reviewing the product because I don’t really have curly hair and it isn’t much of a challenge to get straight. However I feel that for this product is to defrizz my hair without making it oily and weighing it down.

Spray throughout damp or wet hair, NOT on dry hair. Start with 10-15 sprays. Use more or less, depending on hair length and thickness.
Step 1: Wash & condition with Frizz-Ease® Smooth Start® Shampoo and Conditioner
Step 2: Spray Frizz-Ease® 3-Day Straight™ Semi-Permanent Styling Spray on wet hair
Step 3: Blow Dry
Step 4: Straighten with hair straighteners
Days 2 & 3: No need to wash, just touch-up with hair straighteners if desired.'

I used this product both in my real hair and in my hair extensions and I really liked it although I’m not sure if I really need this product. I used about 8 sprays as mu hair is quite short and thin, blow dried and straightened. My hair was shiny but not oily or weighed down although this does last and keeps my hair straight I would want to touch it up after sleeping on it. However it did last through a whole day of work, dinner with friends and cinema quite late into the night.

I would say be careful not to add too much as it can become rather sticky and hard to work with.
I wouldn’t say this is a miracle worker but it will keep hair straighter even though you may need a few touch ups. I think this product is perfect for people that don’t need to wash their hair very often and struggle to keep it straight for a long time. If you do wash your hair often then I think other products could do the exact same job.

What is your favourite hair product?
I have a few more hair product reviews coming up!
Sabrina X
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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Barbara Daly Velvet Blush

I have spoken briefly about Barbara Daly products before and I love the lipstick in Sorbet! Barbara Daly is a available in the Uk in Tescos and has a decent selection of products. I picked up this three cream blushers a few days ago and have been very impressed with them.
As far as I know the Velvet blush are a new edition to the range, at my Tescos there were only three shades.
Peaches and cream a burnt orange, Caramel a natural pink/brown colour and English Rose a perfect pink.

All three colours have no shimmer which I love, they are very creamy and blendable but you do have to be careful not to blend too much as the product will disappear. Although the pigmentation is good they don't quite last all day although if you do finish them with a similar powder blusher then they would stay perfect all day.

The packaging is quite basic but classic and has 1.4g which although is a small amount the price is also very affordable.

I think these are a great affordable product if you are looking for a summer blush which will look natural . I am sure I will be using these throughout the summer and the small packing tempts me to take them on holiday with me.

These are currently retailing for £3 each at larger Tescos.

What is your favourite cream blush?

Sabrina X
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Thursday, 19 May 2011

100 Things Part 2

I did say when I first started this series that I would try and do it often but somehow I managed to foget/have other things to blog about. Click here to see part 1
11. Long drives in the car
12. Gold Jewelry
13. iPod Touch
14. Lists
15. Nail art
16. Orange Juice
17. Strawberries
18. The thought of summer
19. Sunshine
20. Tea

This is a little harder then I thought... will think of 10 more soon :)

Have a fabulous day!
Sabrina XX
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OOTD Matalan Style Project

If you follow my blog you will know that I am a fan of Matalan as I think they do offer some fabulous on trend pieces at affordable prices! They asked me to take part in the Style Challenge for their blog and I agree but that was before I need the Challenge was to put together a colour blocking outfit! I love the trend but the truth is I do shy away from colour!

When I went in store I did struggle a little with the choice as I felt that (in my store at least) there wasn't many colour blocking pieces although they had some fabulous tribal and aztec pieces which I can't wait to get my hands on!
I know that floral doesn't quite fit the Colour blocking challenge but there really wasn't very many things that did fit and were quite the right length for me! I do love the shorts, they were £14 in a light weight fabric and perfect for summer! However, my favourite thing which I picked up were the shoes- I love them! I think sometimes when wearing a colourful outfit it is quite nice to wear nude shoes in order to make the outfit more wearable but I have been wearing them lots since I got them!
  Blue Vest £3; Flower detail ballet pumps £12; Gold hoops £4; Ring £4; Floral shorts £14; Owl Necklace £4

The three other bloggers to take part were Fashion Train, Really Ree and Magpie Girl which I think are some of the best UK fashion Bloggers! Their outfits were great and really worth having a look at!

I would really love it if you could have a look at all the outfits on Matalan blog and possiblyy even vote for me here!
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Primark Glo Baby Glo

Although I should be revising for my exam tomorrow I have taken a break (I spend more time on breaks then actually revising) which gives me just enough time to write a quick review about a nail Polish from Primark.
 Nail Polish in Cyan
Last summer I reviewed a pink Primark nail polish which I actually really liked so I picked up this lovely blue/turquoise colour. In the summer my favoruite colour to wear on my nails is blue and this is such a perfect opaque one, with no shimmer!
It is very easy to apply and dry very quickly but I was especially surprised by just how long they lasted I wore this colour for about 6 days without a single chip although it did begin to wear at the tips.
 I can't wait to try out a few of the other colours- perfect if you are on a budget!
Sabrina X

Monday, 16 May 2011

Beauty Blogger Chat #bbloggers

Those of you that follow me on Twitter you would have seen that I took part in the Twitter beauty bloggers chat yesterday night. It was a chat organised by my favourite beauty blogger Fee from Makeup Savvy. This is something that will be happening every week with a different topic, each Sunday at 8pm (GMT+1) you can log on to Twitter and share you opinion on a certain topic. Click here to read Makeup Savvy’s full post.

This week’s topic was ‘How to gain reader’ and lots of beauty bloggers and non-beauty bloggers got involved and it even became a trending topic! I think it’s worth having a quick look at the chat here by scrolling down and to participate this Sunday. 

What I gathered from the chat…
Social networking is a must -Twitter and Facebook are a great way to get to know other bloggers and  make friends but its also a little creepy to add someone’s personal Facebook. Only add what is on someone’s blog- don’t go searching for them on Facebook unless you really know them. Also don’t be embarrassed and share your blog with your friends!
Content-Write interesting posts with all the information needed. I like to include links in case people want to find the product quickly online. 
It is important to have a well-kept blog- Most people prefer a simple neutral background with large, clear photos taken by yourself. You do not need a fancy camera just good lighting and don’t forget to use macro when taking close ups. 
Don’t blog to become a well-known blogger- blog because you have a passion for that subject which you want to share with others. 
Regular posts but not too many- Most people said one post a day was the perfect number anything less is not enough and anything more is too much.
Share a photo of yourself and name- I think everyone loves a face and a name to put together with a blog. It makes you think you know the writer more. I have a little about me section and I love reading people's about me pages.
Write something you would read- The blog is yours after all, you are the person which spend hours writing it so make it an extension of your personality!
Its okay to add variety- Its okay to have the occasional post about a slightly different topic as long as you think your readers will enjoy it too. 
Not everyone can afford High End products- so be sure to write about affordable products too.
Avoiding review the same product as every other blog but do try and write about new up to date products.
Analysis your stats- what is your most read post and why? You clearly were doing something right!
Consider removing word verification- It can get very time consuming if everyone has word verification.
Never have automatic music- If we wanted a song to listen to we would go to iTunes and pick our own.
Remember you can’t make everyone happy so just have fun!

What I have learnt and will change…
More How-to and practical post- I write far too many reviews as they are easier so when I have the time I will try to write different sort of posts.
Commenting on others blogs- Everyone likes comments so I think it’s only fair if we write comments too. This is something I must work on, although I read lots and lots of blogs I don’t always comment. 
Have a .com or .co.uk- I actually bought mine but am still yet to connect the two.
Must spell check more! I can’t spell or write too well so this is a must for me!
Youtube Video bring more views- I actually have a channel here and will do my best to start using it again quite soon. 

A few of my favourite tweets...

Food for thought…
Is it worth having giveaways? Do you just give your readers that chance to win prizes as a Thank you for reading your blog or do you just have people enter which want freebies?

Huge thank you to Fee who came up and organised the whole event! I learnt so much and really enjoyed it too!

Check out Fee's Blog and Twitter

Sabrina X

Ps sorry that this post looks a mess... this is what your post shouldn't look like. Well done if you saw past the mess and got this far. X

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