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Hair Extensions Foxy Locks

Sadly I was not blessed with great hair. My hair is very thin and usually quite short, although my hair does grow quickly any real length just weighs it down. I know lots of my friends wear clip in hair extensions and I just had to try them out for myself and had been wearing some ones bought from a afro hair shop a while back. I then got an email from Imogen from  Foxy Locks emailed me and asked if I would like to try a some I just had to say yes!

I had heard very good things about these extensions both from some friends at University and online, I had also watched all of Imogen's YouTube videos various times to see how best to look after my previous extensions.

I think the main downside to these extensions is that you order them online this makes choosing the right colour for you a little difficult but after watching Imogen's Video on all the various colours I chose colour 4-chocolate brown and was sent the Deluxe ones. On the website the Deluxe ones (160g) are recommended for people with thicker hair but I really liked the sound f this one as it would add more volume then the normal 120g set.
Sorry about the not so great picture!
When they arrived I was happy to see that the extensions were exactly the same right colour for my hair! They come with 10 different sized strips of extensions, all with the clips ready attached, are very silky, thick and very long! I tried them on straight away and clipped in all 10, the length was incredible!

As you can tell from the image about they didn't blend very well as my hair is much shorter then the hair extensions so I got some layers cut into them. I would really recommend that you do the same even if your hair is of a similar length as it makes them far more flattering. Most salons will cut them, I just took mine in with me and they put them in, cut them and even curled them!

Even the hairdressers commented on the quality of the hair and just how good of a match the colour was. The packet says that they are 100% Remy Human Hair which I have heard is the best kind you can get. The fact they are human hair means you can also dye them and use heat. I would also say that the clips are really good quality, they are a little harder to open and close but due to this and the little rubber bit means that they are very unlikely to fall out of your hair.
 The main downside to this extensions in my opinion are that they are only available in 20inch, personally I would be happy with something around 16inch (or even shorter) so having to pay £74 and then having to cut quite a bit off seems a little wasteful.
The Final Result

I think these extensions are really good. they look and feel as if they were my own hair. They add a great amount of length and volume but I do think it is really important to get them cut a little. For me personally these are still a little too long and I will be getting them cut a little more as long hair simply doesn't suit me!
I would highly recommend these, they are fantastic quality and really worth investing in! Even though I have very little hair they really work for me, so far I think I would repurchase these and would recommend to a friend!

I will write an update in a few months when I have worn them a little more to see how they are in the long run.

If you are interested in hair extensions here are a few of my favourite Foxy Locks videos which I found very helpful:
Perfect shade
How to clip in
How to wash and care

Foxy Locks extensions are available here

This was quite a long post but hope it was useful, let me know if you have any questions!
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