Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Guest Post: Top Fashion Trends For Festivals In The Rain

Outdoor festivals and concerts are a fun part of the spring and summer seasons. They are a great occasion to gather with family and friends, relax, and have a good time. For the fashion-savvy, outdoor events offer an opportunity to showcase personal style. In adverse weather, particularly rain, it can be difficult to protect yourself from the elements while remaining in style. Here are some fashionable pieces that are ideal to wear during festivals, picnics, outdoor concerts, family gatherings, and other events. Wellies are one of the most popular trends in fashion today.

 Wellies are being worn by celebrities, socialites, and women and children from all walks of life. These colourful rubber boots often feature a tall shaft and vibrant patterns, colours, or designs. They are fun, playful, flattering, comfortable, and ideal for wet-weather events.

Leggings pair great with wellies and are a perfect choice for festivals in the rain which can be paired with a simple tee or summer dresses. Unlike boot cut or flare-leg pants or jeans, leggings offer protection from the rain and do not get wet on the bottom; a skinny jean or pant tapers at the ankle and can be tucked into wellies or paired with a ballet flat for the ultimate in rain protection.

Scarves are another stylish and versatile accessory to wear in the rain. A colourful, vibrant, long designer scarf can be crafted or folded into a makeshift hood as the wind and rain picks up. It can also be worn around the neck to protect the wearer’s shirt from getting soaked. Scarves look incredibly chic when paired with skinny jeans and wellies.

A fashionable plaid or brightly-coloured rain parka will always be in style. Some parkas have sleeves, inner-organizational pockets to keep important items dry, and hoods to protect the wearer from downpours. Playful and fun, a bright parka or poncho epitomises high style and also offers protection from the elements.

Although it can be challenging to dress both appropriately and stylishly during wet-weather events and festivals in the rain, one does not have to sacrifice style for protection. Many of today’s styles and trends transcend from day into evening and from dry weather into wet weather. When in doubt, keep rainy-day dressing simple. Wear as many layering pieces as possible, in case the weather changes.

Sporting the latest trends and fashions during a rain festival is a great way to connect with the community and proudly display personal style. It is also a great time engage with family and friends and enjoy making memories. The most important thing to remember is that wearing the latest fashion, styles, and trends begins with confidence. Those who pair their favourite items with a smile and confidence will brighten up any rainy day festival, no matter what they are wearing.

Post by:Laura Boylan @ Asos

Hope you enjoyed the post I'm sure you'll all agree that Laura knows exactly what to wear for festivals! Hope you all enjoy the summer festivals this year!

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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sleek Oh So Special

The Sleek Makeup Palette family just keeps growing, just a few weeks after the Monaco palette and they have already released another! The most recent one to hit Superdrugs is the Oh So Special Palette which is filled with everyday colours. It consists of peachy colours, greys, browns and purples making it a perfect palette to take you from day to night.

Although I don't really wear peachy colours( like Pamper and Ribbon) on my eyes I would wear all of the colours in this palette and there are some fantastic metallic colours!

Overall I think this is one of the best SleekMakeup Palettes and a great first palette to buy! It works both day and night but can also take you through the whole year.

Oh So Special Palette available from Superdrugs and online for £6.49.

Keep an eye out for review and swatches of a new Sleek Collection set to come out next month.

Sabrina X
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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Summer shades

To me summer clothes are well about nude basics teamed with pops of colours. I love bright orange and turquoise nails, bright pink lips, nude heels and coral skirts because they all look amazing with a tan. Over the last few weeks I have been picking up some extras to add to my summer wardrobe, want to see what I picked up?
Nude wedges from H&M for the bargain prize of £25! I love these they are so cute and quite classic I can't wait to wear them both day and night. The wedges is just high enough and the platform at the front makes them very comfortable.
This bag is quite possibly one of those thing that although I love I will never wear, its from Primark so was pretty inexpensive but I love the colours and the shape. I must admit I am shopping less and less in Primark as I feel sometimes I simply purchase things cause they are inexpensive but never wear them and in the long run it is probably costing me more than I think!
In H&M I also bought a couple of sale items. The black and white dress is, well its tiny but I'm thinking I can possibly wear it on holiday. The grey has pretty sleeves and I can imagine it with a statement necklace I love the thought of teaming a causal grey top with a more dressy necklace. I had also had my eye on this orange bandage skirt for a while but thought I would never wear it but at £3 I just had to get it and do really love it!
And a few little bits and bobs from H&M and Primark, the ring (Primark) had made it as my everyday ring for the last few weeks.

I also bought a few things in the Zara sale, would you like to see what I purchased?

Sabrina X
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Friday, 24 June 2011

Missguided Nail Splashes MissTique

Over the last few weeks I have been trying out the Missguided Nail Splashes but sadly don't always get a chance to take a photo. This week I have been wearing MissTique a dark Turquoise colour which is perfect all year round and with this indecisive weather it is perfect!
I think the packaging of the nail polish is quite nice and sturdy but still quite modern. Application is great and with a two coats you get the colour you see in the bottle. They also last quite long and I have been wearing this colour for four days (not in the picture) and only have some minimal tip wear which is to be expected.

Missguided nail polishes are available from and retails for £5 for 13ml.

Can't wait to share the other colours with you! What's your favourite all year round nail colour'?
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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Accessory Storage

I was sure I had previously written a blog post about how I store my Accessories and jewelry however I can't seem to find the post and since it has change a bit recently i thought it was worth sharing. 

It isn't in any way creative or unusual but it really works for me and my very modest collections and best of all the storage was very inexpensive!
I keep store it all on top of my bed side table with an old mirror (which needs painting) behind it and Ikea draws which once us to house my makeup collection.

I store my bangles around cans of hair sprays which I no longer use, but I do like to use bottles that aren't empty as they are much heavier. I like that all the bright bangles are organised but still on display.
To store my Rings I use a glass square bowl from Ikea it is just the perfect size for the draw and I use old jewelry boxes to store little necklaces and earrings. Although this isn't the prettiest way to store it, it does work!
The bottom draw is a little more messy and I would be lying if I said I used it a lot. It is full with bracelet I either stack or that I save for summer. I need to have a good rummage cause I think so things which end up in here also end up a tad forgotten.
I keep my everyday jewelry in my Michael Kors Watch box, it does change every now and then but I like keeping it in here as I don't have to go looking for my favourite piece as I am running out of the door.
I also bought these little hooks from the pound shop which I stuck to inside of my wardrobe door where I hand my longer necklaces. I love these little hooks as nothing gets tangled and I can quickly grab whatever I want to wear.

How do you store your jewelry?

Sabrina X
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Monday, 20 June 2011

Nailease Nail Art Strips

 Nail wraps and nail art have become very popular in magazines and on blogs however both can be time consuming and expensive so when I heard about Nailease Nail art strips I just had to try them!
 They come in a variety of colours and patterns to sit everyone! For £5.99 you get 20 strips, a nail buffer and cutticle stick. The strips all vary in size so you can use the one which best fits your nails.

The instructions
'1. Select the size that fits your nail

2. Gently remove clear film from top of the nail sticker then gently remove the clear film from bottom of the nail sticker holding the silver strip. 

3. Hold the nail sticker by the silver strip and place the rounded side at nail base sticky side down. Note you can gentle pull off and reposition without damaging the strip.

4. Firmly smooth the nail surface until wrinkle free. Note you can gentle stretch vertically and horizontally for a wrinkle free surface.

5. Fold the excess of the nail strip under the nail. Then gently file of the excess in a downward motion' 

 I was really worried that these would be hard to apply and that I would struggle to get them straight, find one the right size and remove the clear film however everything went perfectly. It was very quick especially considering it was my first time and I even done my second hand in the car that's how easy it is! I love that these don't have to be heated meaning they are very easy to apply. Unlike other nail wraps they stick very well and aren't thick meaning they don't start to peel at the edges. I kept mine on for 6 days and removed simply because i was getting a little tip wear, in reality I would say they last just as long (if not longer) then normal nail polish (and you don't even need to wait for them to dry!)

I would recommend these to everyone that likes the idea of nail wraps/nail art as they are currently my favourite nail product. They are perfect for doing on the train or aeroplane as they have no smell and I will be buying some to take on holiday with me!

Can't wait to put these on my feet!

The Original, Trend and French Manicure NailEase strips are available online and in Boots stores.

Which colour should I try next?

Have you tried any nail wraps, what do you think?
Sabrina X
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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Hair Extensions Foxy Locks

Sadly I was not blessed with great hair. My hair is very thin and usually quite short, although my hair does grow quickly any real length just weighs it down. I know lots of my friends wear clip in hair extensions and I just had to try them out for myself and had been wearing some ones bought from a afro hair shop a while back. I then got an email from Imogen from  Foxy Locks emailed me and asked if I would like to try a some I just had to say yes!

I had heard very good things about these extensions both from some friends at University and online, I had also watched all of Imogen's YouTube videos various times to see how best to look after my previous extensions.

I think the main downside to these extensions is that you order them online this makes choosing the right colour for you a little difficult but after watching Imogen's Video on all the various colours I chose colour 4-chocolate brown and was sent the Deluxe ones. On the website the Deluxe ones (160g) are recommended for people with thicker hair but I really liked the sound f this one as it would add more volume then the normal 120g set.
Sorry about the not so great picture!
When they arrived I was happy to see that the extensions were exactly the same right colour for my hair! They come with 10 different sized strips of extensions, all with the clips ready attached, are very silky, thick and very long! I tried them on straight away and clipped in all 10, the length was incredible!

As you can tell from the image about they didn't blend very well as my hair is much shorter then the hair extensions so I got some layers cut into them. I would really recommend that you do the same even if your hair is of a similar length as it makes them far more flattering. Most salons will cut them, I just took mine in with me and they put them in, cut them and even curled them!

Even the hairdressers commented on the quality of the hair and just how good of a match the colour was. The packet says that they are 100% Remy Human Hair which I have heard is the best kind you can get. The fact they are human hair means you can also dye them and use heat. I would also say that the clips are really good quality, they are a little harder to open and close but due to this and the little rubber bit means that they are very unlikely to fall out of your hair.
 The main downside to this extensions in my opinion are that they are only available in 20inch, personally I would be happy with something around 16inch (or even shorter) so having to pay £74 and then having to cut quite a bit off seems a little wasteful.
The Final Result

I think these extensions are really good. they look and feel as if they were my own hair. They add a great amount of length and volume but I do think it is really important to get them cut a little. For me personally these are still a little too long and I will be getting them cut a little more as long hair simply doesn't suit me!
I would highly recommend these, they are fantastic quality and really worth investing in! Even though I have very little hair they really work for me, so far I think I would repurchase these and would recommend to a friend!

I will write an update in a few months when I have worn them a little more to see how they are in the long run.

If you are interested in hair extensions here are a few of my favourite Foxy Locks videos which I found very helpful:
Perfect shade
How to clip in
How to wash and care

Foxy Locks extensions are available here

This was quite a long post but hope it was useful, let me know if you have any questions!
Sabrina X

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Weekly Ramble

I hope you are all enjoying you week and the lovely weather!

Of course this weekend I managed no blog post but sadly the weekends always get filled with other things, even with the rain I spent most of yesterday in the park for what I can only describe as a Portuguese festival, which takes place every year in south London.
 Thought I might as well share this picture which I accidentally sent to Twitter instead of Facebook. It shows my everyday makeup and my hair with my extensions which I will be talking about later on in the week. Of course it also shows that sadly I am a very messy person!
I also attended a few beauty events this week and I will be blogging more thoroughly about the products as the month goes on. 

As many of you may have heard Stila is making a come back to the UK in Boots and department stores so they held an event for some bloggers. I actually didn't know too much about Stila as I feel I was just starting of with makeup when it left the UK but they have some fabulous looking products I can not wait to get my hands on such as the primer and bronzer. I have a few product to review soon so keep an eye out for that.

Last week Paul & Joe also launched their Spring/Summer 2011 collection The Blue Horizon with some beautiful packaging (as always) with my favourite being the glittery nail polishes! I simply must get my hand on the Mediterranean colour it is stunning! Once again I have a review and swathes coming so keep an eye out.

Another event which pleasantly surprised me was the Sainbury's Beauty event they really do have some fabulous bargains! I think Dirty Works is a great alternative to vintage inspired brands such as Soap & Glory and Benefit although the collection isn't quite as extensive the prices are very affordable! Mandara Spa offers luxurious products for reasonable prices and every product smells divine!

Also I am very excited that Laura (aka Lollipop26) has returned to the blogging world and I think this blog is even better then the previous one! I read all of it as soon as I found out about it! She was the main person who inspired me to start blogging so I am very glad she is back! New blog is called Buy Now Blog Later

Have a fabulous week!
Sabrina X
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Monday, 13 June 2011

Dove & Nails inc The Beauty Collection

Almost everyone I know has a Nails Inc nail polish that came free with a purchase from Diet Coke to Magazines Nails incs often offer fabulous colours free with certain purchase. This month Nails inc have teamed up with Dove to offer two summer shades inspired by the catwalk and named after two Latin cities.

Copacabana is a vibrant coral that’s perfect for summer and bang on trend Havana is a creamy pale pink that will look perfect with sun-kissed skin and this season’s on-trend pastels

In order to bag one of these colours all you must do is purchase a Dove Beauty Finish Deodorant from selected Boots between 15th June-12th July which retail for under £3.50 and you will receive a free £11 Nail inc Colour. 

Will you be picking these up? This month has been been filled with freebies click here to see this months magazine freebies. 

Sabrina X

Friday, 10 June 2011

Magazine Freebies

This month's magazines come with some fabulous freebies which you may be interested in checking out.
Glamour magazine comes with three different Benefit products Benetint, Posie Tint and High Beam the products are just 4ml but at £2 you can't really go wrong! I will be going my best to get my hands on all three.

Instyle magazine is not only just £2 this month (usually around £3.70) but also come with a £5 gift card for The Body shop, I think I might pick up on the scrubs. 

Red Magazine £380 comes with some free Jemma Kidd lipglosses which usually retail for £14 and there are 3 colours to chose from. 

Some other magazines also have freebie such as nail polishes but sadly I can't remember which ones of the top of my head but definitely worth a look!
  Do you ever buy magazines just for the freebies?
Sabrina X
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MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion

When I buy cosmetics I usually do some sort of research before I actually go shopping. I usually chose to buy it if is either new or highly recommended by someone else but I always do my research. However whilst shopping in Boots I came across a counter girl from MaxFactor and her eyelashes looked amazing, I just had to ask what false lashes she had on! She actually didn't have any eyelashes and it was the MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion.
 MaxFactor are my favourite brand for Mascaras, my favourite ever being 2000Calorie so I was expecting quite a bit from the mascara. The packaging is similar to the False lash Effect which I actually though was just okay although many people do love it.

They say...
'False Lash Effect Fusion combines Max Factor’s biggest ever volumising brush with its latest lengthening formula to create thicker and longer lashes. For those girls who want an extreme lash look, they’ve come to the right place.'

 The brush is almost identical to the MaxFactor False Lash Effect, a large rubber brush with short bristles.
 I think the formulation is a little drier compared to the False lash effect and more buildable as well. It lasts all day, is very black and adds not only volume but also length!

Does it create a false lash effect?
Well the results are here for you to see, I think the results are great and almost at false lash standards but they would have to be very natural lashes. However for a mascara this does not offer a natural look is is a little clumpy but thats how I want my mascara.
Would I repurchase?
Yes, I'm not sure if it is better then 2000Calorie as they give different finishes and have completely different brushes but this is a great competitor.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect Fusion is availble now from Boots and Superdrugs- Retails for £11.99 and is currently on offer at £8.99

What is your favoruite drugstore mascara?
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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sleek Mediterranean Collection- Out Now

  Back in May I blogged about The Mediterranean Collection which is the Spring/Summer Collection for SleekMakeup. The collection includes a palette of 12 eyeshadows, a Pout Polish and a Blush.

Post, review and swatches here

When the post first went up I was unsure of the release date however many of you seemed quite interested in the collection so I thought it was worth letting you all now that it is out now!

What are you hoping to pick out?

Sabrina X

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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Makeup Bag

For ages a makeup bag was no existant in my hand bag, maybe I would carry a lip balm and an eyeliner at the bottom of my bag but anything more was pretty non-existant. However, recently I have been carrying a makeup bag around filled with all my favourite everyday things.
The makeup bag I use is a Paul & Joe one from the previous autumn/winter collection, it is the perfect size! Just long enough for brushes and wide enough for a large selection of goodies but still small enough to carry in a handbag filled with a lot of other things.
You may think its a little excessive but this is what has made it into my makeup bag this week...
Sleek Contour Kit
Can not live without! Has a fab contour colour and highlighter the mirror is a perfect size and means I don't need to carry a separate one.
MAC Well Dressed & Bourjois Rose D'Or
These are my go to blush as they go with almost anything and are natural looking
Barbara Daly velvet blush in Caramel
One of the newer additions to my collection but the size of these blushers make them really easy to carry and the cream formula means I can apply it with no brushes.
I carry two natural barely there lip sticks No7 lipstick in Grace and Maybelline color sensational in Sweet Pink. I also carry my current favourite lip combination MAC Girl About Town and Eyeko lipgloss in Soho. I then carry Sleek Pout polish in case I want a light colour to my lips.

Brushes I have three Sigma the F40 and SS109 for contouring and blush as well as the SS188 which I sometimes use for cream blush.
I don't carry any eyeshadow as I am a black liner and bright lips kinda girl. I have Loreal Super Liner Gloss one of my favourite liquid eyeliners and so easy to use even on the go. My current favourite mascara Bourjois Volumizer as well as Mally Volumizing mascara which I carry in case I need a more natural mascara. For an unknown reason I carry two Urban Decay 24/7 Liners although I don't think I reach for them very much.

For my skin I usually carry a Bourjois foundation as I find they are light and quite buildable throughout the day and the Sleek Luminaire which has nice travel friendly packaging.

Whats in your makeup bag?
Sabrina X
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Thursday, 2 June 2011

SleekMakeup Luminaire Highlighting Concealer

If you follow my blog you have probably gathered that I do quite like Sleek Makeup the products are usually good quality, excellent pigmentation and very affordable. I have been trying for the past few weeks the new  highlighting concealer pen which is designed in the same sort of way as the YSL Touche Eclat
'A highlighting concealer with moisturising properties, Luminaire brightens dark circles, conceals blemishes, and fades imperfections leaving you instantly glowing and flawless. With five flattering shades to choose from, Luminaire is perfect for all skin tones providing a natural, dewy finish.'
The packaging is nice and sturdy- black with metallic letters and a button at the top in order to release product. The brush it comes with is a perfect size and it is easy to apply to small areas. I do think the packaging looks a little cheap but nonetheless it does what it should do!
It comes in 5 different colours I was sent the lightest which is a little too light for me however the darkest colour they have isn't very dark at all. For a company with 30 foundation shades I was expecting SleekMakeup so have a few more colours although they may possibly be releasing some more.
Although this is designed for blemishes and other imperfections I think this works best around the eyes. I like to apply using the brush on the product and then blend using my ring finger.
I wouldn't say this product has fantastic coverage so if you do suffer from dark circles it may be worth using a concealer underneath but this Highlighting concealer really brightens the eye area and is a good quality product. As you can see from above photo it looks bright but you can not see there is any makeup on.

SleekMakeup Luminaire Highlighting Concealer is available from Superdrugs and Online is part of the permanent line and retail for £6.49.

Have you tried this product? What is your favourite under eye product?
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