Saturday, 30 July 2011


 Finally it is the weekend, this has been such a long week but I have lots to look forward to!
My work contract finished yesterday as I was only covering someone else and I am some what sad to see it end as its was a very practical job for me! Today I will be at my boyfriends brother wedding which I'm hoping will be good fun and then Tuesday bright and early I will be flying to Portugal for my (almost) 6 week holiday. I have been very busy packing and organising posts to be scheduled whilst I am away. I don't think I will quite manage to write one for everyday but I am hoping to have a few scheduled a week.

I have some fabulous bloggers guest blogging all next month and I have some great giveaways which will also be going up so don't forget to follow to be kept up to date. You can do so on Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin' as well as the usual ways.

I have almost finished packing and just need to pack a few more things as well as my hand luggage. I hate flying by plane due to the package restrictions, 20kgs just isn't enough especially as most suitcases weight 5kgs! I think I have been quite picky with what I have chosen to take and will hopfully be able to share both my outfits and my makeup bag with you whilst I am away.

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the weather!

Sabrina X

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Friday, 29 July 2011

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

Yesterday I met Liz Earle herself at the Liz Earle Flagship store in Sloane Square where she talked Sophie and I through the brands new move into colour and makeup! After Liz Earle released their fabulous Shampoo they were requested to also release a makeup line, this Sheer Skin tint is the first of the makeup range to be released and is very exciting!
 The new product is a light foundation called Sheer Skin Tint and it has a mineral SPF15 perfect for those will sensitive skin.
There will be three shades available a very pale one called Bare, a light one Beige and a medium one called beach but I would say this is a very small range and anyone darker then a Mediterranean skin tone wouldn't be able to use this product. It will retail for £21 for 40ml but Liz Earle said that should last you three months (I'm not so sure.) It has been designed for all skin types and is designed to give a healthy and even skin tone.

This product sounds perfect for anyone with almost perfect skin that just wants to keep it looking even better, I really hope that I like this just as much as I love many of the other Liz Earle products.
Me (looking awful!), Liz Earle and Sophie

It was a real pleasure to meet Liz Earle and have her talk us through the product!

Liz Earle is also set to release some more Makeup Products mid next year which I am very excited about!

Luckily I have a Sheer Skin tint to try and I will do a review of this product later next month, I think its a real shame that it wasn't released before the summer as it looks like the perfect product for summer skin!

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint will be available from 15th September 2011- £21.00/40ml

What product would you like to see Liz Earle release?

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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Rimmel Disco Ball

Today's nail of the day won't be to everyones taste and I am still a little unsure if it is too my taste but it is by Rimmel and is one of their lasting finish nail polished. Yesterday when I went into Superdrug to find a glitter nail polish this was the only one I could find and as it was only £2.99 I had to buy it!
 (Nail polish above layered over beige nail polish)
In the bottle the colour is am amazing and very sparkly silvery blue. It applies quite sheer and isn't one of those very glittery nail polishes but works perfectly over another nail polish as above and would even look good on just one nail as a little extra. I really want to try it over a blue nail polish as I think it could look really nice.

This nail polish is a true bugger to remove and a lot of patience is needed!

What do you think of this nail polish? What is your favourite glittery nail polish?

Sabrina X
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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Preview: New Sleek Products

Last week I went to the Superdrug Christmas Press event (photos here) where I go to preview all the great things Superdrug has to offer this Winter. As Superdrug also stock Sleek Makeup products the lovely girls from Sleek were also there with not only the products that I already own and love but also with some new exciting one due to be released later in the year.
 There was of course the new Pout Paints which are set to release in a few weeks time. I have written a post about them here but I will be writing another as I have received a few more colours which I would like to share with you.
 The product which I think will excite the most people is the Nude collection which is made up of a eyeshadow palette, a pout polish as well as a blush. I can not wait to try the blush and pout polish as I think most of the others in the range are very bright coloured and these would make a beautiful natural addition to the range.
  Another exciting product which I think is quite unique within a drugstore brand is the new Eye brow kits which they will be releasing. There will be two colours; medium and dark and they will come with a pair of tweezers and two small brushes perfect for traveling with.
If you have seen the Molten Metals from Sleek Makeup this essentially the same but in silver, this attracts me far more and I think they could work really well under a smokey eye.
They also had the three new Pout Polish colours on show along with the Glossed Lipglosses which will also be a new addition to the range.

At the moment I don't know too much about the new products but thought I would still share them so you all get a little preview. I will of course provide you all with more information on the products and new releases as soon as I get them, in the mean time keep an eye out for more swatches of the Pout Paints.

Sabrina X

Thanks to Sophie who lent me two of her photos, check out her blog here! :) 

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Monday, 25 July 2011

Glossy Box- My Thoughts

A few weeks back I was contact by one of the girls at GlossyBox and asked if I wanted to receive a GlossyBox to talk about on my blog, I was interested in the whole concept so agreed to be sent one.  There has been a bit of controversy around the whole company although I don’t know too much about it myself and I don’t want it to affect my own opinion of the service and brand. 

Glossy Box is UK brand which provides beauty products on a monthly subscription. Every month you are sent a box containing some full size and sample size beauty products for £10 (plus  £3 P&P)
The brand is quite new with this being only the third monthly box to be sent out but most of the beauty community have been speaking about them.  I’m not going to talk in depth about the products which I actually receive as this would be pointless are you won’t be getting this specific box next month as the brands which are included in the box change monthly.

The Products- The first box contained excellent products even a full size Nars product but then the second box even contained a mini Batiste Dry Shampoo which isn’t a luxury product as they promise. With the box I received I wasn’t overly impressed and wouldn’t have spent my own money on any of the products apart from the Ciate Nail polish which I already have (I fear I would get a lot of products which I already own.) Also I was given two tiny perfume samples whereas other people were given a Xen-Tan Fake tan lotion sample which I would of personally preferred and if I had paid for the box myself I would have been very disappointed.

The packaging is fantastic and in the aspect it looks fantastic! I think that in order for me to personally sign up for this product I would have to see that they are in some way catered to me for example I am not a huge fan of either perfume. I think GlossyBox let its self down by including a Batiste Dry Shampoo as to me ‘Luxury’ Products means high end product (or at least more then what you pay for P&P!)

Would I sign up and is this service for you?
Personally although I think it is a great idea this service isn’t for me. I have lots of beauty products and I like to have some sort of power over what I buy. However, I do think if you are someone that doesn’t own a lot of beauty product and someone that is out to try a few new products and brands then this would be a good way to do so! I hope that within a year or so as GlossyBox becomes more established that it will provide a better (not that the service is bad) service and I will be tempted to sign up. 

Check out the Glossy Box website here for more information.
What has your experience with Glossy Box been? Would you sign up?
Sabrina X

PS. Sorry that the photos aren't that great! 
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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Preview: Sleek Pout Paint

A few months back when I attended the Sleek bloggers event I got to preview the Sleek Pout Paint which I was really excited about! They remind me of the OCC Lip Tars which I actually haven't tried as they are hard to get hold of here in the UK. The Sleek Pout Paints are due to be released next month and there are 9 different colours.
At the moment I only have three shades although I am hoping to get my hands on all 9. Left-Right: Peachy Keen, Mauve over and Pikini. Below I have included some swatches, they are very messy but these aren't the easiest to apply!
Mauve Over
Peachy keen
Pinkini (a little out of focus, but you get the idea)
As you can see from the photos above they are extremely pigmented and actually quite thick in consistency, this does make them quite hard to apply but I still love them! I think these are quite good to have if you like to experiment with makeup and are quite daring, I really love them and can't wait to try and mix them with lip balms and other things! A little goes a long way so only squeeze out a tiny bit, they are so pigmented that they really must be applied with a lip brush! They all have a orangey scent which I love but may not be everyone cup of tea, they also stain a little but I found thats only with darker colour such as Pinkini.
These are a great way of having and experimenting with different shades without having to spend a lot of money. Above I have tried to mix Mac's Girl about Town which I think is quite close even though I only have three of the Pout Paints.

These are set to release early next month and I will update you all as soon as I get my mitts on some more!

Keep an eye out for a preview of other new Products Sleek Makeup is set to release!
Sabrina X
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Barry M Peach Melba

 I have seen this colour creeping up everywhere- everyone is wearing it, so of course I had to have it. I bought this along with Barry M Blue moon.
This colour Peach Melba is quite a milky Orange which will look amazing with a tan, it does almost the same thing as a white nail polish but it isn't quite as trashy.

Please excuse my nails, I know they are a mess and that I need a manicure- lets look pass that and concentrate on the colour!
What do you think of this colour? Which is your favourite Barry M colour?

Sabrina X
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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Weekly Update

 Hi lovelies! I hope you are all well and that the rain hasn't ruined your week too much!

I have been quite busy (do I say that every week?) with work, events and general life and that's why my blogging hasn't quite been up to scratch but I really do try!
This weekend I attend two events on for Herbal Essences and I also attended the TOWIB event. I won't blog in depth about either event although you can see the photos of TOWIB here and here. I also attended the press day for the release of the new Umberto Giannini makeup range which does look quite good, although it is very clearly a Christmas gift range, more about that and other products later on this month.

As some of you may have realised I have swapped badges with some new bloggers this month, I do pick carefully which bloggers to swap with and really do hope that you will like their blogs. Sophie is a blogger which I am good friends and she writes a fabulous blog, I attended the Umberto Giannini event with her and she has written a post about it if you want to see the products before I review them click here.

Affordable treats is one of the most recent badges to be added and you must go check out here Sleek Lipstick swatches here she has made me want to many more, they look amazing! Catherine form Catherine loves has great Hauls and Nail arts on her blog, how cute is this Kiwi look for the summer!

Also, check out my Tumblr I will hopefully be adding more personal or at least non-beauty related thing to it. I might even try and update it daily.

Hopefully get a post out tomorrow- I have lots of idea but sadly not much time!
Speak soon...
Sabrina X
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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Beauty UK Review

Hi Lovely followers, I hope you are all well and enjoying your weekend- even if it is raining quite a bit!

I was recently sent some Beauty UK Products to try and I was actually quite pleasantly surprised by one of them! 
BeautyUK is a very affordable brand available in Superdrugs as well as a couple other stores within the UK but I actually haven't tried too much from them. I was sent the baked eye shadow palette in Earth with consists of three neutral eyeshadows.

They say
'Slow baked powders refined into a pressed trio of shimmering shades. Sheer in texture yet buildable with each sweep of the brush. Colour intensifies to create a veil of luminous hues on the eyes.'

I would completely agree with what they say about them, they aren't incredibly pigmented but extremely buildable!
I wouldn't say that these compare to MAC (or another high end brand) but they are great for such an affordable price! These are perfect for people starting of with makeup or that are on a budget.

However I don't think the BeautyUK eyeliner is great although also very affordable at £3.45 the quality isn't great and they are a little watery and hard to apply. I would suggest saving your money and instead trying one of the eyeshadows which I give a big thumbs up to!

More affordable product reviews coming soon!
Sabrina X
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Batiste Dry Shampoo Overview

If there is one hair product I couldn't live without (apart from shampoo) its Batiste Dry Shampoo. I use it almost every single day either between washes or just to add a bit more volume. Over the years the product have got bigger and better but with quite a large range of what is essentially the same product which one is the best one for you?

Although I haven't tried all the products from the range I have tried all the ones I would want to and often have a few bottle of my favourite ones at home.
This is the most basic in the range, it does exactly what it should do with no added extras. However it doesn't have the nicest smell but is one you can live with! It does add that white residue which you need to work in to your hair.

Fresh, Blush, Boho, Brit, Diva and Tropical
I can't remember what each on of these actually smells of but they are essentially the same as the original but just with different packaging and different scent. I would say my favourite is probably the Tropical or the Fresh but they are all quite nice. I buy the Brit one the most as I love the packaging and I think goes really well with my room.
This is for those of you that try to be environmentally friendly, it doesn't come in an aerosol and is fragrance free! The packaging is recyclable, a little goes a long way and unlike with the aerosol version it is almost invisible as the powder is so finely milled. The nozzle applicator and squeezable bottle also make it easy to apply and isn't messy! Its also great if you are going away as you can transfer it into a smaller bottle and won't over heat (which happened to me a few weeks ago and a Batiste bottle basically exploded in my boyfriends car!) Nude also adds great volume however I think it is much harder to find!
Coloured- Dark Brown, Light Brown and Blonde
As you can imagine I have only tried the Dark brown version of the coloured Batiste Dry shampoo's, I found that although (as you can see in image below) it is quite dark you do still need to rub it in a little as it can be a little grey. I personally think that you can feel this product in your hair a little more then the others meaning that you can't use it too many days in a row without having quite a bit of build up. Its a shame that they don't also provide on for red heads especially as I think blondes don't need it quite as much since the original doesn't show up too much.
I believe this is the newest addition to the range and probably the one I am most excited about! I find that all the products in the range add volume but this one adds even more, perfect for my fine hair. I think this is a cross somewhere between a dry shampoo and a back-comb in a bottle, but I do think that it might not work quite as well on very thick hair. It isn't a coloured product so does leave the white marks behind but I find its not quite as obvious as the original and can easily be worked in with minimal effort.

I have never tried this product and I don't think I want to, the idea of having shimmery hair doesn't really appeal to me. Have you tried it do you like it?

Overall Batiste are my favourite dry shampoo's over all the other which I have tried. My favourite and the one I am most likely to buy is the XXL although I would happily use any of them (apart from the shimmer.) Surprisingly my least favourite is the Brunette tinted one, I can really feel the product in my hair which also starts to weigh my hair down a little.
Have you seen the new Batiste Taxi? You can win 3 cans of your choice if you do spot one! More info here

Batiste products retail from £1.50-£4 and are available in travel sizes as well as full sizes from Boots, Superdrugs and some Supermarkets.

Which is your favourite dry shampoo?
Sabrina X

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Packing for a Summer Holiday

 Even though I am looking forward to my holiday in 3 weeks time I can’t help but feel a little daunted about the packing! I hate having to stick within a 15/20Kg restriction and having to carefully chose what I want to wear for the next 6 weeks!

What you pack depends very much on the type of holiday you are going on, if you are going on a family holiday for a two weeks to somewhere warm all you may need is a few short and tops. If you are going on a clubbing holiday on the beach all you may need are bikini and dresses where as if you are going on a holiday for 6 weeks like I am it all gets a little more complicated.

I am going on holiday to Portugal where a lot of my family live meaning I need beach clothes but also clothes appropriate for weddings and parties. The fact that I am on holiday for 6 weeks also makes it much harder as I am tempted to take a lot more clothes but am still restricted to the weight limit.

1.Check luggage allowance
Check online a few weeks in advance what your luggage allowance for both your hand luggage and check-in luggage, take advantage of both allowances. I personally like to take a small suit case with wheels as my hand luggage; this means I don’t have to lug it about at the airport. Make sure that your suitcase also doesn’t weigh too much, if your suit case weighs 5kg that is already a 1/3 of your allowance taken up!

2. Chose your clothes carefully
Are you really going to wear that short orange dress? Even if it will good with a tan if you were uncomfortable wearing it at home why would you be comfortable wearing it abroad? Plan carefully what you will wear, you don’t have to plan it down to the last detail but if nothing in your suitcase goes with that skirt why take it? Always take a jacket as you never know if it will get cold or rain. I personally also like to wear some of my heavier clothes such as my jeans, converses and a jacket on the plane so it doesn’t weigh down my luggage.

I won’t pretend to be good at packing because I am not but I have heard that rolling your clothes reduces creases and also makes more space (I’ll try it this year.) Place heavier items such as shoes over the wheels or the suitcase. Also, don’t leave your luggage too full or too empty this will make
them far more likely to crease.
 4. Shoes
Shoes are one of the heaviest things in my luggage so be selective. One pair of nice flip flops in a neutral colour will be good enough and you do not need 15 pairs of flip flops. Take a nice pair of sandals which can be dressed up and down as well as a nice pair of heels for night time and parties. I also like to take a pair of flat, closed shoes as it can get cold during the night.
 5. Toiletries
 Depending on how long you are going I would recommend either buying full size products out on holiday or taking mini's with you. Most brands to great travel size products and I also like to save some of the more generous samples I get to take on holiday. Its also easy to share shampoo and other toiletries with other people you are traveling with. Also remember that there are liquid restrictions and therefore you may not want to carry all your toiletries in your hand luggage.

Quick Tips
Carry all your valuables in your hand luggage as it is less likely to get lost, but if you can avoid taking valuables on holiday.
Always lock your suitcase! Unlocked suitcases can invalidate travel insurance claims

Hope this helped, I will be doing a few more holiday related posts soon.

What holidays do you have planned? What are your tips for packing?

Sabrina X
All photos from We heart it

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Paul & Joe Blue Horizon Bon Bon

Last month I went to a Paul & Joe event with their makeup artist Craig-Ryan French who is extremely enthusiastic and talked us through the new Spring/Summer 2011 collection Blue Horizon. The collection is based on summers by the sea and especially the Caribbean waters. 

Overall the collection is fantastic with some extra special products such as the glittery nail polishes and eye gloss duos.
The nail polish I got is called Bon Bon and is a pretty barbie pink, perfect from spring and summer but also wearable in the colder months. It seems to also have an almost rose scent when dry which although I think it different not really necessary and does wear away after a while. The packaging is beautiful but you would expect nothing less from Paul & Joe although it is different to its usual pale pink lids.
Although this colour doesn't truly excite me it was in fact a great quality nail polish, easy to apply, beautiful finish and in fact quite a nice colour!
This nail polish retail for £10 and is available from ASOS

Sabrina X
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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Sleek Makeup Caribbean Collection

Sorry I haven’t blogged quite as much as I had hoped this week, it got a little taken over by other things which I had to put before writing.
Sleek are releases yet another eyeshadow palette this time part of the Caribbean collection and accompanied by a Blush and Pout polish.

The eyeshadow palette is names Curacao (which means heart in Portuguese but Portuguese has nothing to do with the Caribbean so I hope that’s not why it was named this) is filled with beautiful vibrant colours as you would expect from a Caribbean inspired palette. They are rich in colour and many sparkly and pearlescent ranging from ocean blues, tangerine brights and earthy greens. Although many of the colours are beautiful they are not colours I would personally wear however if you are braver then me and looking for palette full of bright summer shades this is perfect.

The pout polish in Bonaire is a lovely colour which can be worn sheer to add a slight tint but can also be built up to  a slightly more orange shade. This would be a fabulous beach bag stable, easy to apply, moisturising, perfect with an olive tan and has a very important SPF 15!
The pout polish compliments the blush in Aruba perfectly. Once again this is a bright orange and slightly scary looking in the pan however used with a light hand on olive skin tones it is truly beautiful however I would say if you are quite pale to stay away. If you were thinking about trying our orange/coral shade this summer and don’t want to splash out on a blush such as Benefit Coralista these products are a great inexpensive way to experiment (I am not saying it’s a dupe!)
Overall I think that the collection looks fabulous and is very clearly inspired by the hot and tropical feel of the Caribbean. Although the eye palette isn’t quite my cup of tea I love the pout polish and blush which will be coming with me on holiday!

Collection is out now and is available for a limited time only from Superdrug and Online.

What do you think of the collection? Have you ever visited the Carabbean?
 Sabrina X
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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Weekly Update

I hope you are all good and well, I feel like I haven't blogged in such a long time and I have really been missing it.

Over the last few weeks I have been working more the double my usual hours which has made it very difficult for me to find time to do very much and on the weekends I really like spending time with my friends and family.

I actually haven't been up to very much apart from work, however over the weekend it was my cousins confirmation and this is what I wore...
The picture also features my brother who I think is wearing mainly Next clothes.
My dress is from River Island £45, it has sold out online however you might still be able to find it in stores, it has a large exposed zip on the back which I'm not sure if I really like but it does also come in other colours. My shoes are from Dorothy Perkins and even higher then they look, the were just over £40 and once again I can't seem to find them online in black although they come in other colours. My extensions are from Foxy Locks and my favourite by fair although I don't think my hair looked great! Earrings are from Aldo and Watch Michael Kors because even on special occasions I can't help but wear some gold bling! 

I am also looking for some new bloggers to swap badges with until the end of the month and also next month, I would ask that before you email me you make sure your blog fits the topics mentioned on mine and that you have space in your side bar for my badge (not on a separate page)

In less then a month I am off on holiday and I am little worried that my blog may suffer as a consequence. I want to try to blog whilst out on holiday but I don't want to take my laptop and instead take just my laptop these means that until my boyfriend joins me on holiday uploading photos will be very difficult.

There for I am looking for a few guest bloggers to write a few posts for my blog which would of course be linked back to their blog! Even if you are not a blogger and simply want to try blogging please email me at
Articles must be completely unique and not have appeared anywhere else, they must also be on topics related to my blog.

Hopefully normal blogging will resume this week!
Have a fabulous week!

Sabrina X
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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Girls with Attitude nail wraps

For a while I never understood the appeal of nail wraps. Sure they looked good when you put them on but first you would have to spend hours finding the right size, cutting the edges and heating them up before you could actually get some wear out of them. In reality I found that the wear wasn't even that long maybe a few days but were they really worth all the time and money?

However when I tried the Nail Ease nail wraps I really liked them as they didn't need to be heated. Last weekend I tried the nail wraps by Girls With Attitude as I was running late and had to do my nails in the car.
So far these are my favourite nail wraps although they do still have a few faults (but you can' have everything!) These lasted a week but were still in great condition when I removed them, they were very easy to apply and even the tips had very little wear. They are also a little more affordable then some nail wraps as they are only £3.50 however they don't have quite as big of a choice in size and therefore I doubt they could work on your feet. I can't find this particular print on the website but I think its great, quite classic because of the monotones but still really fun!

Girls With Attitude Nail wraps retail for £3.50 from here, I have a few more to share with you soon so keep an eye out!

Sabrina X
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