Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Guest Blogger- Loreal 4D Lash Architect Mascara

Todays blog post comes from Felicity who blogs over at FelicityXOXO and she is reviewing the Loreal 4D Lash Architect Macara

As I was browsing the Make Up stands in Boots for a new mascara, my eyes were diverted to a snazzy looking mascara on the Loreal stand, the '4D' packaging really stood out amongst the other mascaras, and the '£10.99' Offer sticker made it impossible to ignore. So clutching the Loreal 4D Lash Architect Mascara i strolled over to the till and couldn't wait to try my newest beauty buy.

The formula of this mascara is quite wet, so it does take a few applications to get used to applying it if you are used to using a more dry formula of mascara. However, i have been using this mascara for a couple of weeks now, and the formula has dried out slightly which makes it easier to apply.

The wand for this mascara is great, and gives you that false lash effect that we are all after. The wand is thin and gets even more skinnier and angled at the tip, which helps coat even the smallest eyelashes. There are quite a lot of bristles on the wand, which are fairly condensed,i've found this helps to seperate your lashes and gives them an even coating.

The packaging is simply gorgeous, definately one to stick poking out of your make up bag! It is such an unusual shape, and definitely embodies the 4D Architect look. I've never seen anything like it before, and it really stands out amongst the other mascaras on the shelves.

Overall I am really pleased with this Mascara. It gives my lashes length and curl, however I haven't found that it adds much volume. The Mascara lasts from morning until night on my lashes without flaking or smudging, which i have had problems with in the past with other mascaras. The only negative thing i'd say about this Mascara is that it does feel quite 'heavy' on your lashes, as the formula is quite thick, although this personally doesn't bother me.**

Thanks so much for the opportunity to feature on your blog Sabrina! :)

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday! 

Thank you so much Felicity for guest blogging and including some great images! For more great reviews and beautifully clear images head over to Felicityxoxo

If you are interested in guest blogging over the next few months email me at sabrinalovesyou21@hotmail.com

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Saturday, 27 August 2011

YSL Beauty Challenge

To celebrate John Lewis’ collaboration with YSL they asked me and a few other beauty bloggers to create a look inspired by YSL’s catwalk looks. I chose these two YSL catwalk looks to take inspiration from as I love the heavy eyebrow and eyeliner as well as the pretty pink lips, exactly the sort of makeup looks which attract me.
 Image courtesy of MPDCLICK

 Now I am no makeup artist and there is a reason why I don’t usually show looks and tutorials on my blog but I did give it a go! It isn’t perfect and there are a few things I would change but since I am currently on holiday I didn’t want the skin to look too heavy. Also the model is beautifully pale and since I am on holiday I am a little more tanned.
The first item I knew I need was a peachy shade so I chose no.23 Pearly Peach/Mink Brown* simply for the peachy shade. Although it was a beautiful colour it actually isn’t too intense so I had to work hard to pack on the colour. I simply ran it over my lids slightly higher than my crease although I would recommend going up to the brow bone. Although I used black eyeliner you could also use the Mink Brown shade along the lash line to give it a gentler look.
I used YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch* under my eye area but as it was a little light I used it under my foundation and also on top of my foundation on my cheek and brow bone as a highlighter. The shade range is quite good but buying online is quite hard so I would recommend going in to store.
My favourite product of all was the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy lipstick* in Luscious Cherry. These Lipsticks are divine, the packaging is beautiful, the consistency is perfect for summer months, they are hydrating and this one smells of water mellon! The sheer colour allows you to chose either a light wash or you can build it up for a more intense shade. I must admit that online this colour looked a little more pink but is still a beautiful colour although it doesn’t fit the look quite as well as I had hoped. 
I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge and have completely fallen in love with this lipstick, can’t wait to try some more YSL lip products. All Yves Saint Laurent products can be bought online and instore 
from John Lewis check out both the makeup and skincare range online.

Whats your favourite YSL product?
Sabrina X

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Guest Blogger- Favourite Highlighters

Today's blog posts is by Lauren from Rose Esprit, which is a fabulous blog with great variety! She has chosen some great highlighters to talk about! Enjoy...

Highlighting is one of my favourite things to do in my make up routine, I think every make up look can be pulled together and completed with a gorgeous highlighter. I love a sheen to my skin and highlighters are the perfect solution.
Each of these highlighters give a gorgeous glow in their own ways, I'm a big fan of the sheen that cream highlighters create, and the shimmer that powder highlighters show.

Cream Highlighters
Illamasqua Cream Blush in Lies: This is my favourite cream highlighter, whenever I try to buy a backup it is always sold out. It's a very pretty and subtle light pink sheen that looks best when dabbed with a finger onto the tops of the cheekbones. I find that it keeps my face looking fresh and lasts throughout the entire day.

Benefit High Beam: I usually use this cream highlighter after I've applied my foundation, I apply it liberally under my eyes and out to my cheekbones and dab it in with my fingers. It isn't a very obvious highlighter, which I actually prefer, much like Lies it keeps me looking fresh and awake, and it doesn't need a careful application.

Topshop Cheeks in Prism: This is a very light highlighter, more of a creamy white, I find the stick a bit hard, I prefer to rub it on my fingers then dab it on my face.

(L-R Lies, High Beam, Prism)

Powder Highlighters
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle: At first I didn't like this highlighter, I don't particularly like irridescent products, I find that they just end up looking like glitter all over my face, but with the right brush it works wonders. This champagne esque powder looks best when applied with a MAC 116 brush. It's also lovely when applied to the shoulders on a night out.

HnM Bronzer/Highlighter/Blush Trio: The highlighter in this trio is not one that I've used for a long time, it's a white shimmery highlighter, when used in small amounts it looks gorgeous on a night out, however I woulden't use it during the day to work.

Sleek Contour Kit: The highlighter in this is also one I would bring out at night to give that extra oomph to my cheekbones and make me "shine from within" 

(L-R Soft and Gentle, HnM trio, Sleek Contour Kit)

What highlighters have you been loving?

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Blogger Interview with LLYMLRS

LLYMLRS was one of the first blog I really started to read and not just look at. I love the way Lily writes and her content is always very fresh therefore I thought she would be the perfect blogger to start of my series of Blogger interviews....
  Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging purely because I had to for university. Blogging is something I've always wanted to do but never have the means or the drive to do it. It took me ages to get into it as I was doing sporadic posts about nothing really, but then I started doing outfit posts and it sort of all clicked into place one day! Once I got going and into the swing of it just inspired me to keep going. I think as long as your consitant and work hard to make your blog how you want it to be it can be as big as you want it to be!

What is your everyday style?
Im not really sure, I wear alot of different things and experiment with alot of different styles. At the moment I like high waisted skirts and mixing pink and black. I think my style changes alot depending on how I feel or what Im doing!

What/who inspires your style?
I think clothes just inspire me, I like nice looking things purely because they look nice if that makes any sense. Of course I have the usual style icons like Alexa Chung, Mary Kate Olsen & Daisy Lowe. I'm also really inspired by other bloggers and what other people are wearing on the streets, Im a total people watcher and recently got more into the habit of asking people where they get items from rather than ogling them and not knowing!

What is currently on your wish list?
I really want some studded ankle boots, Im tempted to DIY some with some studs off ebay and some boots I saw in New Look, Im useless at DIY but even a idiot like me could stud some boots!
You can never have too many...?
Cardigans! Seriously I own the worlds largest collection of cardigans, an assortment of colours, shapes, styles and sizes! I have a double wardrobe and one side is filled with cardigans! Been meaning to downsize but I just dont have the heart!

Which is your favorite high street store?
Got to be Topshop! But of course I love Primark as you can always find a bargain or something you really didnt expect to find. I love telling people things I have are from Primark and looking at their shocked expressions! Im one of those people who is always like "GUESS HOW MUCH THIS COST!!!!"

What's on your autumn shopping list?
Chelsea boots, fur coats, midi skirts and oversized blazers! I love A/W clothing as I love wearing loads of layers and scarves and hats and just generally being wrapped up in a ball!

What are your makeup must haves?
Eyeliner! I think I have a pretty signature makeup look that I wear all the time with the dramatic flicked out cat eye! I normally use Eyeko Graffiti liner  as its so easy to apply and get a perfect result. I love MAC MSF Naturals as well, I really couldnt live without that, its the perfect setting powder or just worn alone with a touch of concealer it gives a lovely natural look!

What's your most worn item in your wardrobe?
My pleated high wasit skirt I was sent by a online company called Romwe. I have to wash it three times a week because I wear it so much! Its one of the nicest things I've ever been given! I also wear my black single breasted H&M blazer all the time, It was one of those items I wasnt sure about buying at first but then I kept going back and it kept saying "buy me!" until I caved in and got it! No regrets at all because I absolutely love it!

Hope you enjoyed it and check out her blog here 
Sabrina X
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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Guest Blogger- Looking On The Bright Side

Hey guys!
So I’m Charli from Secrets Behind The Closet Door and I am going to be guest blogging while Sabrina is sunning herself.

If you had asked me a few months ago what my favourite lipstick shade was I would of said neutral, pinky hued with not much going on with it a more my lips but just a bit better, then I discovered a love of brights and realised they were not as scary as they had seemed.
I now have four favourite bright lipsticks that I now use on a regular occasion...

Standing – Morange and Something New
Laying – Impassioned and Vegas Volt
 L-R Top to Bottom – Vegas Volt, Morange, Impassioned and Something New

I love how a bright lipstick can lift your mood, change the look of your make up and even brighten up your face. Sometimes we just have to go out of our comfort zone to find something we truly love.

Now where did I put my lipstick....

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Guest Blogger- A designer Inspired Winter

I was very excited to see that Victoria from VIPXO was interested in sharing a guest post with all the A Little Obsessed bloggers and I really hope you enjoy her fabulous post...

It’s always a depressing thought knowing autumn is just around the corner, especially with this so called summer being pretty rubbish! But the best thing to look forward to is updating your wardrobe! Getting your mitts on some cosy jumpers, scarf & hat bundles and getting a long lasting coat that’s going to keep you warm when the snow starts to fall.

I was looking at the A/W 11/12 predictions for my uni work last year and my favourite has to be from Miu Miu.The colours are block and to the point with their signature print thrown across coats and dresses. Their shapes are practical yet stylish and will keep you on top of the trends next season!
So if you’re in love with their collection as much I am, you can find similar styles from Topshop. I trust Topshop 100% for their quality of winter wear and you can rest assured you’ll find that long lasting coat you need in your life!

Click here to see Victoria's blog which includes great outfit's of the day and lots more fashion posts... 

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Guest Blogger- My current favourite make-up products.

Today's post is written by Karla from Beauty and Beyond who is kindly sharing her current favourite makeup products...

Hi! Im Karla from Beauty and Beyond... and Sabrina has kindly let me guest post on her blog so I thought I'd show you my favourite make-up products which I'm using right now.
1. Witch skin primer
I bought this when I had a really bad out break of spots and didn't want to stop wearing make-up to try to get rid of them. This primer contains witch hazel which is an anti-blemish ingredient and it also acts as a base for you to apply your make-up. It really helped to clear up my skin and I've been using it ever since! 

2. Bourjois Clubbing mascara 
I've only recently started using this and it's amazing! It gives amazing length to your lashes and it builds up nicely to give the look of lovely thick, long lashes. 

3. Bourjois smoky eye palette 
I'm rubbish at building up eyeshadow colours and creating smoky looks so these palettes are right up my street. They contain three co-ordinating shades and on the back it has a guide on how to use them to create the 'smoky' look. The finish of them is inbetween a matte and a slight shimmer and they are perfect for everyday wear or to create a more intense look for evening wear. 

4. Maybelline gel eyeliner
I bought this after hearing amazing stuff about it from other bloggers and they weren't wrong. It's really easy to apply whether you want a thin or a thicker line, it's easy to build up and it is highly pigmented - it is a proper black!

5. 17 mirror shine lipsticks
Once again these were products which everyone raves about. I have 3 shades and my favourite has to be Belle. They give a nice sheer finish and there are shades for every mood! I use these all the time and will definitely purchase more shades.

So there we have it my favourite make-up products at the moment. Please let me know if you've tried any of these and what products you're loving at the moment and thank you to Sabrina for allowing me to do this guest post!

Thanks so much for the guest post, I must try the Bourjois Mascara as I usually love them! Check out Karla's blog here.

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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Guest blogger- Water Decal Nail Wraps

Today's guest post will be from Shotiee31 whose blog I usual refer to when I want nail tutorials and inspiration.  She talks about lots of different types of way of achieving amazing nail art and always talks about great up to date products.

Today I will be doing a tutorial on these amazing water decal nail wraps by Viva La Nails. They are very easy to use and I prefer using these over the stick-on and heat nail wraps as the finish is really smooth and lasts much longer.
What you will need:
- A hand/small towel
- Scissors
- A small bowl of water
- Nail file
- Base coat
- Top coat
- Your chosen water decal nail wraps
How to apply the nail wraps:
1. On a clean nail bed, apply your base coat. Chose the nail wrap most suitable for your nail and trim with scissors if you need to.

2. Remove the protective cover and place the nail wrap inbetween your thumb and index finger. Gently rub it while placed in the water - After a few seconds it should gently peel away from the paper.
3. Place the nail wrap onto your nail carefully, they should glide on and be easy to position - You will have about 30 seconds to put it in place before it starts drying out.
4. Dab the excess water with the towel. Gently file off the excess wrap and you are now ready to apply the top coat. This is where the beauty of the water decal nail wraps presents itself! When you apply the top coat the water decal almost dissolves (so you have to treat it like wet nail polish) and the unsightly edges blend into each other and you are left with a perfectly smooth, beautiful nail surface!
As you can see once the top coat is applied the effect is quite pixelised but that's only if you view it really close up. I can guarantee that no one else will notice this! They last quite a few days and make a real statement. If you want to see some of the other water decals I have used, you can do so by clicking here and here.

Thank you Sabrina for allowing me to do my first ever guest post on your blog! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday :)

Thanks so much for the very interesting nail tutorial they look great and I really need to order myself some of these! 
Click here to see her great blog! 

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Guest Blogger- My Top 10 Benefit Products

I am very excited to have Rachel from RachelPhipps.com and The Glossy Guide guest blogging today! Rachel writes two of my favourite blogs which I love to read from start to finish as she writes so well! Today she is sharing her top 10 Benefit products with A Little Obsessed readers...

 More than I am for any other brand, I'm a totally self confessed Benefit junkie. I know their counter like the back of my hand, and I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of their catalogue. Basically, I've tried practically every single product they've ever come out with, and these are my 10 favourites. If you don't try anything from Benefit ever again afterwards, try something from this list! 
  1. Boi-ing
 I spent ages hunting around for the perfect concealer for my super pale, super sensitive skin and I finally settled on this one. It's thick but creamy, and provides really good coverage. It can easily be blended with a brush, but I recommend using your finger as it warms up to the touch and goes on easier with the heat of your fingers.
  2. Sugarbomb
 I've tried most of the Benefit blush boxes, but Sugarbomb has to be my favourite, as well as the one I have re-purchased the most. This quad gives a nice, slightly shimmery pink peach colour, soft and healthy. Also, if you're clever with your brush, you can get several different shades of blush out of this box.
 3. Fluff Shadow Brush
I actually would not be able to live without this makeup brush - I use it to put my eyeshadow on every single day, and I have done since I first got it a few years ago. It is incredible for application and blending, and I would 100% recommend it!
 4. Benetint
I've heard lots of reviews complaining that, unlike Posie Tint and Cha Cha Tint because this is a runny liquid it does not work as well, but I actually think this is the best Benefit tint out there, and I really wish the other two were like it too! Benetint creates a lovely ruby red sheer colour to your lips which can be layered for darker colour which works beautifully under lipgloss and lipstick as a base. It also gives you lovely rosy cheeks if you use the tips of your fingers to blend it that lasts for a long time and does not easily sweat or rub off.
 5. BadGAL Plum
This was the first coloured mascara I ever used, and unless Benefit bring out another mascara in this shade of plum I think it will be the only one I ever use too. The formulae is great and creates night long, thick lashes and the colour looks nice and soft for every day, and brings out the colour of blue and green eyes beautifully.
6. Total Moisture Face Cream
 From their b.right collection this face cream has a gorgeous silky texture, leaves your skin feeling absolutely amazing and smells fantastic, thanks to the mango butter it's chocked full off. It also does not make sensitive skin sting like some similar face creams from brands like Clinique are known to do.
 7. Speedbrow
My eyebrows are really thick, and even with grooming pretty much uncontrollable. It is by no means perfect, but this brow brush and gel, with two coats does a really good job at keeping mine in check and lasts almost all day.
8. Refined Finish Facial Polish
From the moment I first used this new exfoliating face scrub from their b.right collection I knew it was going to quick become my favourite face wash. It leaves your skin feeling soft, bright and moisturised, it smells good and the exfoliating grains are not too small that they don't work, but not too big and hard that they irritate the skin and cause redness.
 9. BadGAL Lash
This is the same formula as the mascara I mentioned at no. 5, but in black. Just as brilliant, but much better for evening looks.
 10. Moonbeam
Everyone goes on about Highbeam as a cult Benefit highlighter product, but I actually prefer Moonbeam. While Highbeam has a silver sheen, Moonbeam has a pretty, softer pearly pink after sheen, which I use on my cheeks and below my brows on every single evening look I put together.

What is your favourite Benefit product?

Huge Thank you to Rachel for sharing some of her Benefit knowledge, I have only tried three of the ten products mentioned but this has really inspired me to try some of the rest!

Check out Rachel's blog-
Rachel Phipps
The Glossy Guide
Also follow Rachel on Twitter @makingmewonder

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