Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Boots 17 Autumn Collection 2011

The Autumn collection from Boots 17 has got me a little excited as I love all the products from the collection! It contains 3 nail polishes and 3 eyeshadow trios all perfect for autumn and even for the holiday season!
The three nail polishes are Sulk, Revenge and fury.I was impressed with how they applied and think that they are perfect if you are looking for three colours to make your nail polish collection on trend for this season.
I have a few gold nail polishes but none are quite like Fury! Fury is a darker Gold and a far more interesting one too it has sparkles of green and reds. It would be perfect for Christmas and really reminds me of Chanel Peridot but far cheaper (and slightly darker.) This is a perfect on trend colour and a gold which actually doesn't look too bad on my pale skin.
Revenge is another beautiful colour and it reminds me of autumn leaves. Its almost like a light plum colour with pink sparkle and very wearable!
Sulk is the final colour a true green with a slight blue tone once again perfect for Christmas!

The other product in the collection were three eye shadows Vengence, Broken Hearted and Enraged. At first I thought they were nothing special just three very wearable trios however I now think they are stunning! My favourite two are Revenge and Enraged, Enraged is a perfect everyday palette and Vengence is a must have palette if you have green eyes! They are very shimmery but have no chunky glitter making them my sort of product and they are very inexpensive at £5.49 for three colours.
 What do you think of this collection?

Eyeshadow trios retail for £5.49 and nail polishes are £2.99

Sabrina X
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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Preview: FashionistA & The Saturdays Magnetism Nail Laquers

A few weeks ago I was invited to the launch of a new makeup brand called FashionistA set to hit Superdrugs this October. There are a few things from the new range that I want to share with you but today's post is mainly about the New Nail Lacquers being released by FasionistA and The Saturdays. The Saturdays were there to talk about the inspiration behind the nail polishes and even the names of the colours are inspired by their songs.
Each one of the girls has their own colour Rochelle has 'All Fired Up Red', Frankie is 'Notorious Silver', Mollie has 'Purple Me Up', Una's created 'Ego Green' and Vanessa has 'Forever is Blue'.
I got two of the colours Forever is Blue and Notorious Silver. They come with a separate magnet which fits nicely on top of the nail polishes as above.
I thought I would also swatch the colours without the magnetic effect as I know the magnetic result isn't for everyone.
Forever is Blue

How is works?
Paint your nails with the nail polish, you will need two coats. When the second coat is still wet hold the special magnet still over the nails for about 8-10 seconds and your normal nail polish will have transformed!
Notorious Silver

Magnetic nail polishes are appearing everywhere now and seem to be replacing the cracking nail polish. Nails inc. Filthy Gorgeous and 17 have also released magnetic nail polishes all with a similar magnet however Fashionista have said they will be releasing other magnets with different patterns.

Overall I think that the idea behind these are great they are almost like easy nail art but I doubt I will buy any Magnetic nail polishes. I think the final result is far more messy then they would look if you didn't use the magnet, I also kept leaning the magnet against my nails which meant my nails kept smudging.

The nail polishes retail for a little steep £6, the magnet for £3 and are available only from Superdrugs

What do you think of the final look? Will you be trying it?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Models Own Mushroom

Last winter I decided that my favourite every autumn/winter colour was Mushroom by Barry M however I seem to have found another colour that colour potentially take its place and its also called Mushroom! However this Mushroom colour is by Model's own and actually quite different to the Barry M one.
This was the only non-glittery nail polish that caught my eye on the Models Own stand. It is a creamy grey colour that is slightly purple/taupe which they say (and I agree) is a great alternative to black. I think (just like Barry M's Mushroom) that it is not a colour that most people wear on their nails but it still isn't a colour that stands out and is almost a classic colour or at least one you can wear with almost anything!

The quality is also fantastic! Easy to apply, only needed to coats and wore really well. I will be checking out some more Models Own colours, what are your favourites?

Models Own are available online and in Boots- They retail for £5
Sabrina X

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Boudoir Prive Beauty Box

I hope you are all well and had a great weekend! 
I reviewed the Glossy Box few months ago and shared that although I thought it was a great idea I didn't think it was really for me. I still thought that I would give Beauty Boxes another go and decided to try another popular box by Boudoir Prive.
As soon as I opened the box I could see that although the idea of Beauty Boxes is the same they are also very different. With the Boudoir Prive box you pay £10 a month with free delivery and you receive 5-6 deluxe sample size product which can be either makeup, hair, skin, bodycare or fragrances. The subscription can be cancelled at any time with no cancellation fee, which is great if you are a little unsure if the service is for you!
Content of my September Box:
Tropic Skincare- Body Smooth
Agent Provocateur L'Agent
Macadamia Hair Repair
Colbert HD Nourish Eye Cream
Zoya Nail Polish
Cargo Cosmetics Boogie Nights Eye pencil
Mai Couture Blot & Bronze
Out of the seven products I received I only knew three of the brands so this would be a great way for me to get to know new brands. Every product is sample sized although some of the samples are very generous and all the brands are quite expensive. The favourite for me is the Zoya nail polish as I have never tried any, I don't mind that it is a smaller bottle as I usually just swatch nail polishes for the blog and then move on to the next colour. The Macadamia Hair Repair & the Colbert HD Nourish Eye Cream are probably the next two products which I will use, however I feel that although I will use them they aren't something I would necessarily pick up in a shop. I like the perfume sample as I don't usually have time to go to the department stores to pick my favourite perfume but this is something department stores freely giveaway and the size isn't very impressive either. I also really like that the Glossy Box offer money off codes if you do decide to repurchase the product.

I loved my September Beauty Box from Glossy Box so this one fell a little short of what I had hoped for but I think maybe a month and just one box isn't enough time to tell. The Glossy Box doesn't offer free P&P which means you do pay an extra few pounds and although they often include a stand out product not all the products are high end and aren't too expensive to buy yourself. I think that Boudoir Prive is perfect if you are the type of person that wants to try more high end products and would like to try some new brands.

What has your experience been with Beauty Boxes?
Would you also like me to show you my September Glossy Box and should I subscribe to one too see what I think in the long run?

Check out the Boudoir Prive website for more info and to subscribe

Please leave your opinions in the comments!
Sabrina X
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*This product was sent to me for review purposes

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Revlon Plum Attraction

I am currently really into plum coloured nailed polish as I am sure you will be able to tell from the next few nail posts I have planned. Revlon actually has a few interesting nail polishes out at the moment and after reading Fee's post about Revlon Facet of Fushia I went along to Boots and picked up this colour.
In the bottle it appears to be a metallic plum however I found that once applied on my nails it was a little more Burgundy. This polish does need two coats as the first one is rather thin and patchy but dries quite quickly. It is a very chic (can't think of a better word) colour but just not for me, I think it may be the shimmer that makes this one of least favorutie plum colours. Revlon nail polishes are in my opinion always pretty good however be careful with this colour(and most dark colours) as it does stain. Always make sure to use a good base coat!
Revlon Nail Enamels retail for £6.29 from Boots, Superdrugs and some good Supermarkets.

What is your favourite plum nail polish?
Sabrina X

PS Please excuse my not so perfect nail polish skills I am trying to improve!
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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Boots No7 Autumn Collection 2011

 The new Boots No7 Autumn collection is now in store and with the No7 £5 off vouchers its a great chance to pick up a few new things but what is worth trying from the new collection? I have been trying out the Eye Colour, Double-Ended Eye Pencil, Lip & Cheek Tint as well as the new Lash adapt mascara.
 Lash Adapt Mascara (here)
This mascara claims to give you 'beautifully defined lashes' with no 'clogging and clumping' which actually doesn't really attract me too much. Straight away I assumed this mascara would give a very natural look and make lashes look long but not thick. The brush itself is exactly what I like, a nice size traditional mascara wand. The result...
The final result after a few coats was very long looking lashes and indeed they were not clumpy but I think that this mascara doesn't add enough drama.  Maybe after six coats it would add some sort of drama but seriously, who has enough time for six coats?! Although this mascara isn't really for me it would be fantastic if you like a more natural looking lash look that is defined but at £12.50 it is a little pricey.
Double Ended Eye Pencil (here)
I have this pencil in the Shade Mid Brown-Ivory and although I love one shade I don't think I will ever use the other. I think the Ivory Shade is perfect for the waterline, it will make your eyes appear brighter and bigger. For me the Mid Brown shade is really nothing special, it is far to light to define my eyes and is actually really hard to use. However if you are someone that thinks black eyeliner is a little too harsh then this may be a good colour to look in to. I think the Dark Brown shade would be more my taste. Retails for £9 which for two colours isn't too bad.
Cheek & Lip Tint (here)
This is actually one of my favourite Cheek Tints from the Highstreet and also my favourite product from this collection. This cheek tint is quite sheer making it easier to use then some cheek tints (its always easier to build up the product then to try and remove it) you can chose from a sheer cover or build it up to a stronger colour. The finish is non-tacky, natural and I think this product would work for most skin types but I think it is a little drying for the lips. I have the shade Pink Tint perfect for those of you with fairer skin tones although there is a shade for darker skins.

Eye Cream Colour (here)
I really I thought I would love this, it appears to be a pretty natural nude colour with light shimmer. However although the consistency and actual product is great the colour isn't on me it appear to almost be concealer and not eyeshadow as the shimmer disappears once it has been blended it. There is also another colour apart from Buff called Pewter which I might buy as I do really love the consistency. Retails for £10.50
Swatches- Lip & Cheek Tint, Eye Colour and Double Ended Eye Pencil

What do you think of the collection? Will you be spending any of your £5 off No7 Vouchers on anything I have shown?

I can not wait to shade the Christmas Collection so many products have caught my eye already! 
Sabrina X
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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Weekend Offer

I just recieved my ELF order which I placed earlier in the week & as I was walking back up the stairs from our front door I recieved an email from ELF about another 50% Off Offer!

Once again & apparently for the last time ever ELF is offering 50% off everything until 8am 19/09/2011 on all orders over £25!

Also I just posted a picture on Twitter of what I order (here)  and after watch HollyMBB's video I am so tempted to order again (but will try and resist).

To get the discount use discunt code LAST50 (UK/EU) and LAST50IT (Italy.)

Happy Shopping!

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Friday, 16 September 2011

Sleek Makeup & PPQ Me, Myself and Eye

As I mentioned briefly yesterday Sleek Makeup have released yet another eyeshadow palette. This time they have teamed up with PPQ to come up Me, Myself & Eye*, a limited edition palette to help you create all your favourite fashion week looks.

Although this palette offers a range of bold and neutral tines I was a little unsure about just how wearable it was going to be. However once I had swatched them I realised that the mix of shimmery and matte shades made this a very beautiful, wearable and quite exciting palette. Although I am not too keen on the Simply Red shade I think that some of the other may be my favourite Sleek Colours ever.

Surprisingly one of my favourite and more unique Sleek Palettes.

It is limited edition and available from today (16th September)  retails for £6.49 and is sadly an online exclusive .

Will you be ordering your own palette?

*PR sample
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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sleek Makeup Nude Collection

You may have read about Sleek Makeup's new collection everywhere but I simply haven't had the time to quite catch up with this months blogging (I have lots of exciting things to share!) but I thought just in case you haven't seen it I would still blog about it. 

As I am sure many of you are aware I really like Sleek Makeup's palettes they are very affordable, good quality and there is always a wide range of products to chose from. This A/W Sleek Makeup has released a new nude collection which is perfect for the colder months!

 Although they recently also released a palette filled mainly with nudes, the Oh So Special palette personally I think this one is far more wearable. There aren't very many pinks just core beiges, greys and browns.
Sadly the pigmentation is some of the lighter colours isn't quite as great as with the darker colours but with a little more effort you can pack on a decent amount of colour.
The pout polish in Bare Minimum is perfectly names, it has very little colour in comparison to their other pout polishes but is still quite nice and very natural adding just a little shine.
The blush in Suede is unlike anything in my collection, I am yet to try it but the nude colour definitely intrigues me! I will update later once I have actually tried the blush.

Overall this collection would be great if you are just starting up with makeup and looking for the core nude colours however for me this doesn't add very much to my collection.
This collection is permanent- available now in stores and online

Tomorrow I will post with another Sleek Eyeshadow palette since they just keep rolling them out!

What's your favourite Sleek eyeshadow Palette?

Sabrina X
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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless

I always get a little excited to find that Illamasqua is releasing a new collection not only because of the products but also because of all the beautiful imagery that also gets released. Just so you don't miss out I have included some of my favourite images...
 I also have a few products from the collection which I am very impressed with and unlike the imagery that was released with the collection is also very wearable!
 The first product I tried was the Masquara, if you have been following my blog for a while you will I know my favourite eyeliner is the precision eyeliner by Illamasqua. Although I was hoping it would be as great of a product as the eyeliner I am always a little sceptical when buying more expensive mascaras as I find they're not always worth the extra money.
 At first glance this mascara is exactly my cup of tea. It has a standard brush which is quite big and the product is clearly very dark. Once applied the look and drama this mascara gives is fantastic! It is like expected very dark, adds great volume with some length. The only downside I can see is how long it takes to dry, it does take quite a while and I managed to get quite a big around my eye as a consequence.
 The above images were taken with just one coat of mascara, I would say that this mascara is a little clumpy and although I like that it isn't for everyone.
The Belladonna Intense Lipgloss is also a fabulous product, at first it reminded me of Girl About Town Lipstick by MAC and although very similar they aren't exactly the same. Belladonna is a Raspberry pink coloured gloss which applies as quite a thick product and is quite opaque. I would recommend using a lip brush to apply but it is such a lovely colour and one I am sure I will get a lot of use from! I also think that this is quite a good colour for most skin tones.
 The powder blusher in Ambition is the product that I thought I wouldn't use very much as it appears to have quite a lot of shimmer and be slightly darker then the blushers I usually chose. However once applied it really adds a beautiful glow to the skin and the shimmer is barely noticeable. It adds a natural looking flush and since it isn't overly pigmented you can either wear it lightly or build it up to a more intense colour.
Overall I am very impressed with the products I have from this A/W collection and I would really love to try some of the other blushers and lip colours from Illamasqua. Although they are slightly pricier then the high street you do get great quality products which are still affordable in comparison to many high end brands.

Blusher £16.50
Intense Lipgloss £13
Masquara £15

What is your favourite Illamasqua product? Have you tried anything from the new collection?

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*All products were a PR sample

Monday, 12 September 2011

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint Review

When I think of Liz Earle I think of fuss-free great skin so I was extremely excited to find out the Liz Earle was releasing the first product from her colour range which is the new Sheer Skin Tint. A few month's back Sophie (from Sophie is Made up) and I were lucky enough to meet Liz Earle herself and have her talk us through the new product. See post here
I feel in love with this product over the summer and although I may not use it all year round I am sure it will become a staple for the summer!

Now I will start with the slightly negative- it is quite pricey. By quite I mean £21 which for 40ml of a product with not a great amount of coverage however I do think the positives out weigh the negative. I am also not overly excited about the packaging, sure it keeps the product inside clean but for this price I would expect a little more then a sparkly navy tube, maybe something glass with a pump (which of course is a little more costly to make.)

It also comes in a mere three shades and since I have the darkest one Beach I wouldn't say that the choice is very wide although I can only use this when very tanned. However when you order this product on line they send you samples of all three shades so you can try them all out and make sure you have order the best colour and if not you can send the product back!

It has an SPF of 15 essential for the summer months!

The consistency is some what thick although the coverage is quite light. If you have less then perfect skin and you like extra coverage I would still recommend this product, just use an extra little concealer. It also takes a little longer then most face products to set leading my boyfriend to describe my face as 'sticky' until it has set. If you do suffer from oily skin a little powder in the t-zone would be okay but too much as this leaves skin beautifully dewy.

And my favourite thing about this product?
The finish! It leaves skin with a stunning dewy finish which looks natural and light, also I think that the finish is so light you can get away with a darker colour if you're somewhere in between two colours.

After writing this review I find that this product does have a few negatives but I just love the finish too much to not love this product. However if you prefer matte finishes then this product clearly isn't for you.

As a first step into colour from Liz Earle I think this is a great product and although there are some improvements that could be made I think that Liz Earle has got the right idea of what their range should be and I am extremely excited to see what they release next. I predict it will stay along the lines of sheer colour.

What do you think?

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint is available from September 15th in 3 shades Bare, Beige and Beach.
Available online now

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