Thursday, 27 October 2011

Beauty Products for Halloween

Since I am not doing anything this Halloween I thought I would get some what in the spirit of it by sharing a few Halloween themed beauty products, which is harder then it seems.
I think most people associate orange with Halloween and I think this Barry M nail polish is perfect. Its inexpensive at £2.95 and can easily be brought out again during the summer. Add a coat of the Nails Inc. special effect nail polish to make it have an extra Halloween feel!
This Lush Bath Bomb is a must have this Halloween! A little less scary than most Halloween things it smells divine and looks really cute with its heart eyes. Lush has a few Halloween products click here to take a look.
And if you want to spend a little more this £18 bath set from Philosophy is perfect, lets just hope it has more treats than tricks!

What are you doing this Halloween? Any plans to dress up?

Sabrina X
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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Carmine Beauty Box (October)

There is a new beauty box in town called Carmine* and now that I have review Glossy Box, Boudoir Prive and the Feel Unique Box I thought it would be good to review this one too.
The first thing I always realise about these boxes is the packaging. I know that some people don't think the packaging matters too much but I think the presentation is very important. The Carmine box is bigger then any of the other beauty boxes, black on the outside and green and red on the inside. Green and red?! Green and red just doesn't appeal to me and makes this actual box fall right to the bottom in terms of presentation. I also think that the box is just too big and I doubt they will every fill it. I felt like the box was too empty if the box was smaller I would probably get more excited instead of thinking is that it? One the plus side I do like the red and black slightly different to the usual pink and black.
Really the imporatant thing about the box is the content so what was inside?
Inside the October box there is...

Eye Delight in Peach and Ice-Daniel Sandler
Frat Boy All-in-one Shadow/Blush-The Balm
Nail Repair Natural-Trind
Quenching Sorbet-Crème-Caudalie
Super Moisturising Hand Cream-Balance Me

I was quite impressed with the content of this box for me the two makeup products really attract me and I like that its not all about skin care. I am very keen on Hand Creams so this box is perfect for me! There is a three full size products and two not which is great! Plus, there are none of those tiny perfume samples which I am always disappointed to see in beauty boxes.
As this is the first box that they have released it is hard for me to recommend it as I have no idea what the next one may be like, this could simply be a good one to tempt you in or it could get even better. Everything considered I still prefer the Feel Unique box there was something about the packaging, the size of the box and the content that really appealed to me.
I can not wait to see what the future boxes from Carmine way hold!

The Carmine box is £10 + P&P and is available on a monthly subscription, although if you chose the 12 month plan you get a free box.
What Beauty appeals to you the most?

Click here to view their website and here to order your own box.

Sabrina X
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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Michel Mercier Detangle Brush

A few weeks ago I went to the launch of a new hair brush set to hit the UK by Michel Mercier. The idea behind it is similar to that of Tangle Teezer that is is suppose to make it easier and less painful to detangle hair as well as reducing hair breakage. 

I got the chance to meet Michel who explained that he was brushing his young daughters hair when she complain on the discomfort leading him to create a brush that would not only him but everyone. This brush is aimed at everyone (that needs to brush their hair, not much use if your bald) even at fathers that need to brush their daughters long hair.

The brush is said to have 482 bristles all of different heights to help disperse the pressure points placed on the hair whilst burshing and detangling resulting in less pain, hair loss and hair breakage.

There are three different brushes available all colour coded to suit different hair types fine, normal and thick
I got the pink one aimed at fine hair and wasn't too sure to expect as I wasn't too keen on the Tangle Teezer. However unlike the Tangle Teezer the bristles on this brush are all different sizes rather then just two sizes meaning that it brushes the whole way through your hair making it instantly better then the Tangle Teezer in my books.
I am not in love with the shape and design of the Michel Mercier brush* but I do think it completely works and I do reach for it everyday. I don't think it is perfect but it is getting there. It does make my hair a little static, I think it doesn't work very well in wet hair and it can't be used with heat but I think this is something they may improve on when the pro brushes are brought out next year.
Although a little more expensive then the Tangle Teezer it is worth the money! If you struggle with your hair or anyone elses this is a fabulous product, it will help your morning run more smoothly.

Available from here for £14.95

Have you tried any brush that claims to help detangle your hair? If so what do you think?
Sabrina X
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Monday, 24 October 2011

I Got Some New Shoes On...

Now that winter is fast approaching I thought it would be a cleaver idea to buy myself a few new pairs of boots and I managed to sneak in some lovely heels to, for the party season. There is a obvious theme running though them, they are all black, brown and gold since they are all my favourite winter colours! None are expensive, since I needed to buy quite a few I simply could afford expensive ones.

1. H&M black ankle boots with elasticated gores £29.99 2.M&S Autograph Suede Court Shoe £45* 3. Missguided Brigittta Suede Platform £34.99* 4.Primark Desert boots £10 5.Primark Suede boot with rubber wedge £20 6.Primark Gold Glittery Heels £18

1. I have bought so much from H&M recently the price is low, quality is quite good and everything is very on trend. As you can tell I have already got quite a bit of wear out of these boots and I am sure I will get even more as the winter comes around. They have so many nice boots in at the moment such as these but I don't know if I really need any more!

2. As I mentioned before M&S has surprisingly good products in at the moment. The design is anything very special but they are very well made, classic shoes which are apparently very comfortable because of the material they are made from. I'm yet to put that to the test but I do really love them! I can not find them online but they had them in stores just yesterday.

3. These are exactly the pair of boots I wanted. Very high, chunky heel, black and suede I love these and although I don't think I will get a huge amount of wear out of them I will be reaching from them want I want to add a slight edge to an outfit. I can't wait to contrast them with a very pretty dress or top and at £34.99 they are very affordable in comparison to some similar ones I have seen.

4. I bought these in black about a week back and I haven't taken them of since. They are very comfortable and warm all I look for in a pair of boots (although not ideal for rain as they aren't waterproof) so I could help but pick up the brown pair too. At £10 I can't really go wrong!

5. I'm not too sure how I feel about these as  I'm not too keen that the sole of the shoe is a different colour but I decided to buy them. They do look much better on and they are incredibly comfortable, I am sure these will become my everyday shoes very quickly!

6. I LOVE these gold shoes. I had seen them in Primark before I knew that in reality they were very high and very over the top but after picking them up for the second time I knew I couldn't put them down. I doubt I will get much wear out of them but they are still very pretty even if I do just look at them!

What shoes have you bought recently?
Sabrina X
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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Superdrug PRO Make-up Brushes

 If you follow my blog your have most likely realised that I am a drugstore girl at heart but I still expect products to be good quality. However I find that finding good quality inexpensive makeup brushes is near impossible so I was keen to try Superdrugs new range of PRO Make-up brushes.

The range of eight brushes is priced between £4.99 to £9.99 (brushes are currently on offer until the 22nd November) which have 'been individually hand-crafted to help achieve a beautiful, professional finish.' At first glance they are my kind of brush as they are black and simple but how do they apply make-up?
 Foundation brush £9.99
This is one of the more expensive brushes, it is 100% synthetic as it is used for applying liquid foundation. I like the shape and size although it could be slightly denser. It applies makeup quite well and although it isn't the greatest foundation brush I have tried it is okay. It is a soft and sturdy brush one of the better inexpensive brushes which I have tried.
 Retractable lip brush £4.99 
One of the cheaper brushes this lip brush is retractable so perfect for carrying around in your bag. This brush is once again synthetic but is a brush I can't see myself reaching for. A lip brush should make it easy for you to line your lips as well as fill them in however the bristles are too long and haven't been cut neatly enough.
 Powder brush £9.99
 I'm not a big powder user so powder brushes are probably the powder brush is probably the one I know the least about. This brush has natural hairs which are quite nice and soft, this is a brush I wouldn't mind using but I do think that the shape of it isn't quite right. I was also surprised that it doesn't shed but it still nice and thick.
 Slanted eyeliner brush £5.99
I think is quite hard to get an eyeliner brush wrong, this brush is synthetic and slightly wider then the standard eyeliner brush, which I don't really mind as I use to find wider brushes much wider to use. I would say the eyeliner brushes aren't really worth splurging on and this is a nice one. Only criticism is that it is ever so slightly too wide but unless you want a very thin line it is still something you can work with!
 Overall I don't think these are the answer to my inexpensive brush dream but I do like that Superdrug has realised that it is something we do need. Hopefully these are only the first brushes which they will improve on, personally I think they could even raise the price a few pounds if it would help them produce a better quality product. Also I think that these are still better quality then the brushes I have seen some people use, brushes are the key to good make-up application!
 I think I will write another post about my favourite inexpensive brushes very soon!
What inexpensive brushes should I try? Which are your favourites?

Sabrina X
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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Current Favourite Nails inc. Porchester Square

 The product I am going to do today isn't quite the most exciting or even unusual but has quickly become one of my must have products. I have spoken quite a bit recently about various Nails inc. colours but by far my favourite is Porchester Square.

I first feel in love with this colour when I saw many of the Nails inc. girls themselves were wearing this at the last event I went to. They had teamed it with a glittery top coat which looked beautiful but it is also a colour which can be simply worn on its own. Porchester Square is a muted mushroom shade, which looks fabulous in the office, at a party or on a casual day. It is an easy to wear colour which only needs two coats and lasts about 4/5 days.
 This is a perfect colour to buy if you are planning to invest in a new nail polish. I think I will be wearing this colour for a very long time!

Whats your all time favourite nail colour?
Sabrina X
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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Children in Need Nail Wraps

Nail Rock has joined with Children in Need to produce this pretty Pudsey inspired nail wraps to help raise money for disadvantaged kids in the UK. Available in Boots from tomorrow 25% of the £6.65 will be donated to Children in Need. They are available with both a black and a white background, although I have the black one I think that the white on is that little bit nicer!

I was very surprised to see that they have now been improved and no heat is required, this is music to my ears! No more having to heat them before hand these are going to be so much better to apply! And they're made in the UK which is always great!
This is a great way to get involved with charity and I can't wait to try these. I will of course, share the final result with you.

Children in need is on Friday 18th November click here for more information about Children in Need.

What do you think of these nail wraps? Will you be purchasing a pair?
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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Glossy Box The October Box

 Yesterday I received my third Glossy box, the October one. I am not going to talk too much about the whole concept of beauty boxes and I haven't even included photos of all the packaging as I have written a few posts about it all. Just click here and here for all the information you need.

The October box is the 6th box from GlossyBox which is suppose to make this box extra special and they say that they have included the beauty bag as a special celebratory gift.
 What you get this month...
Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Thermafoliant
Dermalogica Age Smart Multivitamin Power Recover Masque
Leighton Denny Expert Nails
Stila Smudge Stick waterproof eyeliner in Moray
Robert Piguet Eau de Perfums
Dermalogica Age Smart With beauty bag

What I think
I really want to love this beauty box but no matter how hard I try I can't. There are three Dermalogica Products all aimed at older skin which I won't be using and although the products are quite expensive in the full size these sample sizes are wasted on me. I was very excited to see the Leighton Denny Nail polish and it is the one product that I would possibly buy but never in the colour I got (Babydoll). As I have previously said perfume samples to me don't add much value to this box, do people really use them? Personally I don't and they end up just adding more clutter to my room. To end in a positive note I do quite like the Stile Smudge Stick and although it didn't originally excited me it is a lovely colour and one I can see myself getting a bit of wear out of, plus Stilla still isn't very easy to get hold of in the UK so it is a nice touch.

I am so disappointed to having to be giving a slightly negative review but I just don't think that the GlossyBox is for me. Makeup is my thing and they don't offer enough makeup to make me subscribe if however you are just looking to try new beauty products from hair care, skin care, nail polishes to make up then it is worth consideration.

What do you think of beauty boxes, which one is your favourite?
Subscribe here
Sabrina X
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M&S Mad As A Hatter Tea Party

Last month I was invited to see Marks & Spenser's autumn shoes and accessory range. I must admit that before I went to the event M&S was a brand I only looked at if I was buying something for my mum but in fact I was very impressed with everything I saw at the event!
The room was filled with beautiful bags and shoes that I am still lusting over. Beautiful large leather totes, suede lace up heeled boots and classic shoulder bags! My favourite piece in the whole room was the bag below on the left but it was a little pricey at over £100.
The jewellery and knits were also stunning and really got me in the mood for winter. They have some beautiful jewellery that would be perfect for the party season to add some sparkle to a little black dress.

And they have all the extras...
 I love this Burgundy hat and is very on trend!
How pretty is this fur scarf perfect for wearing over jackets, dress and thick cardigans.
I really did underrate M&S and although it is a little expensive they offer great quality classic products which cater to all age groups. I would highly recommend shopping in M&S for more then just bras and panties.

I have got some essential M&S pieces recently, can't wait to share them with you!
Sabrina X
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Monday, 17 October 2011

Spray Tan @ The W with James Harknett

A few weeks back I was invited down to The W Hotel in London for my first ever spray tan*. At first I was a little worried, new experiences are always a little scary even if it is just for a spray tan! The spray tan was applied by James Harkett The Spray Tan Man so I knew I was in safe hands.
At AWAY spa at W London I was met by James Harkett and a menu of tanning menu with four options The New York (SJP's finest), The London (Kate's fashion tan), The Barcelona (Penelope Cruz shows her friends how it's done) and The Santa Fe (J Lo Smolders like burnished bronze). I went for The Barcelona which is applied in layers to give the extra dark tone.
On the day of the tan you are left with a guide colour which doesn't look perfect and after hitting twitter to share my worries I was reassured that it would be beautiful in the morning. After a shower in the morning the colour was absolutely perfect! It wasn't patchy and it looked a beautiful natural colour like I had spend weeks working on a beautiful brown glow.  The above photo shows my tan a few days after and it still looked fantastic and lasted about 5/6 days, since I didn't moisturise as much as I should of.

A few tips for any newbies...
Waxing/shaving should be done 24hours prior
Exfoliate body and face with oil free products
Don't wear moisturizer, deodorant or perfume (it turns green)
Remove all makeup and jewellery
Wear lose clothing

Only shower 8 hours after
Avoid having long hot baths instead have warm showers
Moisturise often

I really loved getting this spray tan and would highly recommend James Harknett at AWAY Spa in The W.
I can not wait to get another spray tan, life just seems so much better tanned!

Check out James Harknett's website and Twitter
For further information or to make an appointment call 02077581071 or visit the website

What have your spray tan experiences been like?

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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Nails inc, Regents Palace & Chelsea Embankment

I have recently been trying out quite a few Nails Inc. nail polishes and I am very impressed with some of the colours especially the glittery ones! I do think for some of the more basic colours they are a little expensive but I would say that the glittery colours are worth the price tag.
Today I was trying out two new colours Regents Palace* & Chelsea Embankment*.

Regents Palace is a dark purple colour with pink shimmer, it applied quite well looking perfect after two coats but I was a little disappointed that after a day or so the tips were fading.

Chelsea Embankment is a gold glitter polish and is rather amazing it is pure glitter rather then being mixes with a colour, this does make it a little grainy but since the glitter is quite fine it doesn't bother me too much. I do think this colour is quite special and worth the money but I am not looking forward to removing it!

Nails inc polishes retail for around £11.

Click here for tips on removing nail polish
What do you think of these colours? Do you like Nails Inc. Polishes?

Sabrina X
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Friday, 14 October 2011

A Little Obsessed Ramble

I hope you are all well and had a good week but you are probably just as excited as me that it is the weekend!

A few changes have occurred on A Little Obsessed since the last time I wrote a review.

01.I have finally bought and set up my own domain so the new blog address is now
I bought it of fasthost if anyone is interested but I'm not sure I would totally recommend them as I did struggle immensely to connect it to my blog. You will still be able to access my blog with the web address but you will be redirected.

02. To go along with the domain I also have a new email address 
I will be trying to switch over from my old email so this will be the best one to contact me on from now on.

03. I have also changed my header but I'm not sure if this one is actually much better then my old one so all criticism is welcome about my entire blog layout. Does it look messy, is it hard to navigate, do you dislike the new header? I would love to hear your opinions!

04. As I have previously mentioned all my lovely readers nominated me for a Cosmo Blog award and I would really love it you could vote for me here I have been shortlisted in the New Beauty Blog category.

It would also mean a lot to me if you could nominate me in the Hand Bag Beauty Awards here, it would be completely amazing if I were shortlisted for these awards too!
05. I've attend a few great events recently and will be blogging about the products very soon but if you are interested I have uploaded some of the pictures on to my Facebook Page. Check out pictures from Soap & Glory, Collection 2000, FrontCover and M&S.
 06. Lastly tomorrow (15/10/2011) I will be at The Only Way Is Blogging event which is open to any beauty blogger which wants to come along. It will be taking place near Green Park, London and it would be fantastic to get a chance to meet some of you so why not check out the Facebook Page here if you don't have plans for tomorrow.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
Sabrina X
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Thursday, 13 October 2011

M&S Nail Polish- Blue

 Blue is the one colour which I wear on my nails all year round so am always excited to try new true blue colours.

I recently tried this M&S Nail colour in Blue* (very original name, eh?) which I wasn't expecting too much from. The packaging it simple, sturdy but nothing to special. It claims to be a 'High gloss, fast dry, chip resistant' nail polish and it really did surprise me. The pictures show what the nail polish looked like after simply one coat, the result was a opaque, even and glossy colour- I didn't even add a second coat. It died extremely quickly and really pleasantly surprised me.
 At only £3 a bottle they are very affordable although there are only 21 colours so it isn't the most extensive range but I am sure there will be a couple of colours that do take your fancy. I can not recommend this nail polish enough and will be trying some more in the near future.

What has your experience been like with M&S makeup range?
Sabrina X

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