Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Instagram 2

Today I have the second instalment of my Instragram images however I just realised that I have included lots in this post, in future I will include do them more often so not as many images build up.
1- I went to the launch of the mens perfume spice bomb, it was actually a very exciting event.
2 Pick n Mix from the Very event
3 Wedges from Very which are sadly too small for me but I am getting them changed.
4 My stack of book- I will do a post about some of my favourites soon
5 My room looking quite tidy
6 I have been loving NEOM Candles recently, it smells Divine!
7 New blog header and layout
8 A couple of new cleansers
9 A drink that I got at the Missguided event, its a natural energy but tastes nicer then I expected
10 Its been so cold recently that the mop actually got frozen to the bucket after being left outside
11 Imats press pass
12 Wearing some new colours from IMATS
1 Inside my IMATS Bag
2 MAC Pro Card
4 A Birthday card from Moonpig
5 The fire in the house I babysit at it beautiful!
6 Snow outside the window
7 Snow at 1.30am
8 yucky half melted snow, that looks far less pretty then before
10 Hot water bottles have become essential in the cold weather
11 My boyfriend got me a Michael Kors Silver watch for my birthday which I love

Sorry if this post is a little boring, I hope you are all well

Sabrina X
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  1. I love these kinds of posts - instragram makes everything so pretty! x

  2. Aww I love instagram posts ! I do them all the time on my blog , becomes a tad addictive .

    Where is that jumper at the bottom from ?

    x .

  3. Great pictures. I love instagram x

  4. Everything looks prettier in snow :)

  5. love your instagram moments :)

    xoxo, Rute

  6. great post look like my phone love this !!

  7. I don't think it's boring at all! it think it's very interseting like we get to see a bit more of who you are and what things you like.


  8. I love instagram! Great pics x

  9. Great post, I love looking at people's photos/instagram's :) Those wedges stood out to me straight away, so cute!

  10. That watch is just amazing, I love it xxx

  11. I love instagram. =) So nosy hehe

  12. i just came across your blog and i absolutely love it! You´re stunning :) x