Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism

 As many of you may have realised I am falling behind with my blogging, sometimes life just takes over.

Last week I attend the Illamasqua event for their new Human Fundamentalism collection, as always Illamasqua held an inspiring event with beautiful visual to go along with it! As expected from Illamasqua this collection brings makeup for you alter ego, it is about not conforming and instead doing your own things and expressing yourself through makeup!

I always get a little caught up in events and talking to fellow bloggers that I don't get get photos so please excuse them!

 Human Fundamentalism is made up of fabulous products some of which are new and other that are re-promotes. They have two stunning eyeshadow palettes, one neutral and one more daring. The nail varnishes really caught my eye and I am in love with the image of the nails with all the rings!

I left the event with some goodies which I will share with you all soon!

Human Fundamentalism is available globally from March 14th (today) online and in stores

What do you think of the collection and the beautiful imagery?
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  1. this collection looks amazing, love the colours xx

  2. i love the way they use colours!! :) X

  3. i love those images xx


  4. The nails are so cool!
    Very aztec-like

  5. wowowow this look way to cool your one lucky girl love the nails !!

  6. I love the green and purple from this collection!

  7. i want the bluish green lipstick :DDD

  8. Wow, what an amazing collection. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I'm kind obsessed with all of those images!!! Especially loving the sequin brows!!!

  10. this is so creative!! LOVE IT!! im following you! check mine?


  11. Love the pictures. But such fashion style can be pulled by just selected few, let's say celebrities. How i wish i can wore those without looking awkward.