Wednesday, 11 April 2012

33 Ways To Stay Creative

 I don't really use this blog as a scrapbook of my thoughts but today I thought I would leave you with this list I found, I completely agree with everything!

What are your tips to remain creative?
Sabrina X
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  1. I agree. I grabbed the moleskine out today and colleagues thought it was weird, I think their weird not having a notebook! :-)

  2. I actually do some of these anyway, might try a few extra for more creativeness

  3. Great list

  4. I love these sorts of things. I like to print them out and blu tack them into my big wall collage (which is my own little 'stay creative' trick, it covers almost an entire wall of my room!) with all my fave inspiring pics and quotes. They just make me smile and feel like being a little more individual.


  5. I naturally gravitate to #2 and #31 ! :P
    Thanks for posting.

    xx Veronica

  6. This is such a great list! Sometimes it's hard to stay creative when you're juggling so many things. It's good to have a touch point to come back to. xx

  7. I agree about carrying notepad everywhere. Sometimes during the day I got so many ideas, but if I won't write it down, in the end of the day I will forgot!

  8. Definitely need to do some of these, thank you!

    Jayde x

  9. Love this! i carry it everywhere and i break rules xD hahah