Monday, 7 May 2012

Nails Inc 2012

You may have seen that on Saturday I tried to post a Nails Inc post sadly it some how got delete rather than uploaded and I haven't had time since to write it. Last month I attend the Nails Inc Blogger event but unsurprisingly I had no battery on my camera so was unable to take any photos. They were showing new and upcoming collections which I thought I would also share with you....

Nail Jewellery
Although I have stopped wearing quite as much glitter polish (I just think its too time consuming to remove) this range is beautiful! It has four shades of glitter polish which look fantastic on top of other colours.

Out Now

Neon Shades
One of the big nail trends this season is Neon Polishes, this range is made of six colours and Nails Inc are currently offering a Neon & Nude manicure which I will be attempting to recreate soon, so keep an eye out.

They also have a range of four neon crackle polishes if you are after some.

Out now

Sprinkles Collection

I think this was the collection I was most excited about, a lot of people were comparing this range to the Caviar nails by Ciate however I believe it is very different and I actually prefer this polish.

There are four shades in this collection a pastel grey, blue, teal and pink. This applies surprisingly nice with simply two coats however it is very hard to remove!

Collection available in June 2012

Juicy Sheers

This seems to me to be the most unusual collection, it is made up of simply two shades Chelsea Flower Show which is an orange sheer colour and Henley Regatte (right) which is a pink sheer shade.

I am yet to try this colour out but I am lead to believe that although they are sheer they are buildable to a more opaque colour.

Autumn Collection- four metallic shades of catwalk inspired colours out in late August

What do you think of the new Nails Inc colours and collections?
Sabrina X

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  1. The neons and glitters look great :)

  2. Wow! The glitters look amazing x

  3. I always go out then realise my camera isn't charged, so annoying haha! The sprinkles polishes look really interesting. I love how all the nail companies are bringing out really innovative products at the moment :)

  4. Oh wowsers I really love the intensity of those glitters. I love a little sparkle but couldnt agree more, as qucik as they go on they take an age to take off. Ive started to just do a statement ring finger glitter nail so that I have a little sparkle but not wasting my time with the other fingers when it comes to take off haha :o) xx

  5. Can't wait to try the special effects one, they look amazing!! I'm sure how pretty it is will make it worth all the time it takes to get it off xx

  6. Oh WOW! The glitters and special effects shade look so stunning.


  7. I think Nails Inc. polishes are slightly overpriced but I can't wait to try the Sprinkles collection!

    Amy xx

  8. Love them all, especially the neons! x

  9. The polishes look great~ especially the glittery ones :) I must check them out soon. Thanks for sharing~x

  10. I definitely want to try the sprinkle collection! Thanks for posting Sabrina! :)

    xx Veronica

  11. I like the crazy glitter ones! nice! thanks for sharing!

  12. Looks cool! I definitely want to see the Sprinkles Collection polishes more when they come out to see the colors and just how they look!

  13. These colors are so inspiring for some kind of nail art!

  14. Nailpolish-orgasm! Dear lord they look stunning!

  15. stumbled across your blog...GREAT Stuff!

  16. Oooooh those glitters! Soooo shinyyyy!

    *my precioussss*

    Geek moment!

  17. I no longer wear glitters because of the whole removal situation. Like the thought of the neons though!
    S xx

  18. I have the glitter Silver, it reminds me of being 11 and going to school discos caked in glitter <3