Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Taylor Swift WonderStruck

 Perfume is one of the thing I don't cover enough on my blog but after receiving this perfume yesterday I just had to share it! I'm usually not a huge celebrity perfume fan as I think they are very tacky but as I don't know too much about Taylor Swift (other than what happened with Kanye) I don't really have the same feeling towards this perfume. This is a new perfume here in the UK set to launch tomorrow but has been out in the states since last year.
 This isn't a mature scent, as I am sure you could of guessed, but saying that I really love it! Instead it is sweet and fruity therefore perfect for summer. It has notes of Apple Blossom, raspberry, hibiscus and vanilla- you can tell it is a celebrity scent (think Britney Spears perfumes) but I have already decided it will be the scent I am taking on holiday with me.

The packaging is quite pretty in a holographic bottle with little charms which I think will appeal to teenagers and young adults. It doesn't have the greatest staying power although it is Eau de Parfum but is also a perfume that won't break the bank so you can afford an extra spitz.

100ml £38
50ml £29
30ml £20

Available tomorrow (25th July 2012) from Boots, Superdrug, The Perfume Shop & The Fragrance Shop

What is your favourite Celebrity perfume? What do you think of this perufume?


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  1. it looks very much sweet like her, thanks for sharing

  2. ive only heard good things about this perfume.. will have to have a sniff when its in the shops! x


  3. lovely bottle(: If its like Britney Spears perfumes, I might just try this little number:D



  4. I have this perfume since its been out in the US for some time. It's so fresh,
    I wear it whenever I need a mood lifter.The packaging is also so lovely xx


  5. The bottle reminds me of the Britney Spears perfume in the pink bottle, I can't recall the name.. I just really don't like the packaging... it's a bit tacky for my liking :( Having said that it's the product inside that counts! :)

    Lea x


  6. I requested a sample for this a while ago can't wait to try it the bottle is beautiful
    Beauty Fiends Blog

  7. I haven’t tried this perfume yet, but it looks ace! I like Britney spears perfume so might give it a go!


  8. I have the roller stick of this and LOVE it, the smell is so lovely !

  9. I work on a perfume counter and we had this in at the weekend, it really does smell lovely and the bottle it gorgeous!

  10. I don't like the look of the bottle, but I would be interested to smell it! My fav celeb perfume is probably Kate Moss, or Heat by Beyonce, although I don't own either of them...

  11. The bottle is SO CUTE! I am a sucker for a pretty perfume bottle! And quite light and sweet perfumes are usually the ones I go for, so this sounds ideal :)

    Kathryn Xx

  12. I absolutely love the bottle design.


  13. This perfume is on my top list. Wish to own it soon. :)
    pheromones for women

  14. I have this but I only bought it mainly for its gorgeous bottle..

  15. I don't tend to go for celebrity perfumes, but this bottle is absolutely gorgeous!

  16. i've wanted this since it came out last year in the states, i live in france at the mo and just left London today and couldnt find it any where in shops, so sad! but my boyfriend wants to get it for me for my birthday so i'm looking forward to that! :) xx

  17. ARGH I think I'm going to need this, even though I have wayyyyyyyyy too much perfumes already! You had me at "sweet and fruity" though... I know you mentionned not being a fan of celebrity fragrances but have you smelled Jessica Simpson Fancy? It's my favourite perfume ever, it's just so sweet and gourmand... YUM!

  18. actually surprisingly sounds nice!


  19. Wow what a bottle design this is i can use it as a showpiece in my cupboard.

  20. The bottle is unique but the perfume is even better. I have tried it on in the store and it is smells beautiful. It's got staying power. I could smell it on my wrists all day which is good because that means it has staying power.
    Not like some other perfumes which quickly fad away. I have written my own review on Wonderstruck perfume. You can read it here:


  21. my all time favourite perfume :3
    Its so pretty to have on display aswell unlike most celebrity perfumes!