Monday, 24 September 2012

Accessorize Lip products

A while ago Accessorize re-launched their beauty range, it now has very pretty packaging and some great products! I have a few bits and bobs including two lipsticks and a gloss (I think I have three lipsticks and may have miss placed one). The packaging is super pretty with butterflies and flowers, its one of the prettier brands in the drugstore.
The lipstick packaging is similar to the NYX and MUA in that they have a little pot with lipstick in at the end. Both lipsticks are matte but they feel a little cheap and thick on the lips. They are quite uncomforable and drying to wear but paired with a good balm and even possibly a gloss they are wearable. Smitten is a mid toned coral and Love sick is a darker plum colour, both are highly pigmented and last a long time on the lips.
I also have one of their Intense Colour Lipgloss however I am not too sure what colour this is as it is not on the packaging. However it is a pretty darker nude and exactly my kind of colour! I'm not going to say this is the most amazing gloss ever as I feel most glosses are the same but it is a decent price, a fab colour and has pretty packaging (plus it smells of vanilla!)
Overall the lipsticks are not as wearable as I'd like but I reach for the gloss constantly!

Accessorize beauty products are available from Superdrugs and some Accessorize stores.
What do you think of the Accessorize packaging? Have you tried anything from the range?
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  1. Shame the product isn't as good as the packaging! So pretty :) xx

  2. I probably wouldn't wear the bright pink lipstick that much, but the mauve one seems more wearable! We don't have Accessorize in Canada (to my knowledge) but I would definitely check out this brand if it was available to me :)

    xx Veronica

  3. Maybe you could mix the shades to make them more wearable? I agree, especially that pink is not my taste either. Love the packaging though, it's cute. We don't have Accessorize here in the States though

    xx Linds

  4. I found with accessorize beauty products - fab packaging, average product :)

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  5. such a shame the lipstick isn't really wearable ! x

  6. God i love the packaging!! haha i'm a sucker for florals, that gloss is a gorgeous nude, pity the lipsticks aren't much cop!

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  7. the packaging on the lipsticks is gorgeous I think. I heard good things about their mascara, think I'll have a look at their products, soon. :)

  8. Seems like they put more effort into the packaging than product x

  9. Love the look of this gloss. A shame about the lipsticks as I really like the make-up line on a whole.

    Ria x

  10. so pretty! really need to check this out :)

  11. The packaging is so good, just a shame about the product! However, the shade of the lipstick looks lovely!xx

  12. The owl on the lipsticks is what makes me want to purchase them, they could sit on my drawer unused and I would look at them all day long because they're so so pretty xx