Friday, 28 September 2012

Clarins Instant Definition Mascara

 I love Clarins packaging, give me anything gold and I am instantly attracted! The new Clarins Instant Definition Mascara* is one of those instantly attractive products, I love that it has no writing on the packaging except a tiny and very elegant C. I have this mascara in Intense Plum which isn't my usual preference but it is so dark you can hardly tell the different, its just slightly less harsh than a black if anything.
 The brush is very unusual as the end tip is a rubber comb wand but the rest of it is a standard bristle wand. It is also quite small making it easy to get right at the roots of the lashes for extra drama and the tip is great for getting in the corners or for the bottom lashes. I usually use about two coats and get nice thicker lashes, you need to be careful if you go for any more as it can go quite clumpy. I also like the colour and like that it is slightly different the only problem is if it does fall/smudge around the eye it can make eyes look quite irritated but to avoid that try the black or brown! I also find this mascara very hard to remove (which means it lasts a long time) I use various eye makeup removers and still manage to have enough on to give me panda eyes the next morning.
I really like the effect this mascara gives and would consider buying the black version, I like to keep it in my bag as it so nice to look at!

This mascara retails for £20 from Boots and £18 from Feelunique and John Lewis

What is your favourite high end mascara? Let me know in the comments
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  1. WOW That mascara looks amazing, Your Lashes are soo long and separated! Must Buy Now!

    Great Post, Followed!!

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  2. That looks amazing, and the packaging is lovely!


  3. Your eye lashes look so amazing! That packaging is so lush! It reminds me of the YSL lipsticks in the boxy gold packaging :) Such a good review, I really want to give this a try now!

  4. i do love anything shiny... looks great x

  5. ooohh I really love the packaging and the effect! Definitely one to try when I use up the other five in my bag! xoxo

  6. i actually like this shade it doesn't look as dark as black mascara ! x

  7. I've never actually tried any high end products, but my favourite is the Loreal Telescopic, and I have straight and short lashes (they're awful) ~ this mascara transforms them completely :)