Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day.

 Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a great Christmas filled with family, laughter, gifts and a few too many minced pies. I had a great one, watched some great family films, played lots of games and ate far too much! I even managed to roll myself out of bed this morning and get to Brent Cross for some Boxing day shopping, sadly I didn't pick up very much just a few bits of jewellery, a jumper and a t-shirt. I was planning to pick up much more but a few shops were closed, Zara's sale didn't impress me even half as much as I had hoped and the queue's were generally quite ridiculous however I am thinking of popping to Oxford Street tomorrow.
 I thought I would quickly show you yesterday's outfit which was actually taken on my new lense which I clearly haven't got the hand of yet. I picked up a few midi dresses from Boohoo which arrived last week, although some were a little too thin and cheap I did fall in love with two. This one is a pretty Aztec print which I think is very versatile for both summer or winter as well as day and night. At only £15 I think it's really worth it, the quality is nice as is the cut and if you get student discount it becomes and absolute steal at £12! I'm considering ordering some more!

 This time I paired the dress with red court shoes, they don't really get much of an outing and I feel it added something extra rather than black shoes. My trusty leather jacket, Zara bag and gold jewellery finished the outfit for me.
Dress Boohoo
Shoes Primark
Bag Zara
Jacket Oasis
In love with new Christmas present; an Alexandra McQueen skull ring which although isn't to everyone's taste is completely to mine!

If you are looking to purchase something off Boohoo don't forget to sign up to student discount here.

How was you Christmas? Did you go sale shopping today? 
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  1. really lovely dress!

  2. The dress is beautiful and I completely agree with you on the ring, it's gorgeous! X

  3. the dress is sooo beautiful!!
    have a happy holiday!!
    kisses from milano

  4. Love the dress and the ring is gorgeous <3 The red heels definitely make it more special than black ;) xx

  5. You look beautiful in this dress. When I first saw this on Instagram (I think), I was like wow that dress is amazing. It looks so much more expensive that a BooHoo dress :)

    LaceyLoves x

  6. Such a nice dress, you look lovely in it :) I definitely need to pick up a midi dress soon.
    Rosalie x

  7. I had the exact same crackers! The dress looks cold for this weather though x

  8. That dress is stunning. I love really bold prints! Will be perfect for summer.

    Hope you had a nice christmas :)
    Julie x

  9. That dress is stunning!

  10. Love the shoes...can't believe they're primark!

  11. This dress is beautiful, you look lovely! I have been loving Boohoo lately xx