Thursday, 31 May 2012

New CID Polish Crepe Suzette

 I have tried very few New CID products if I am honest but yesterday at the Debenhams Press day I got my nails painted in on of their new iPolishes. I believe that the polishes are a new addtion to the range and have only been out a few months, there are24 colours. However the 24 colours aren't the most exciting ever as they are largely safe colours in different shades of pink and red.
 They have a light in them just as many of their other products do such as their lipstick and lipglosses. I don't totally understand this idea as I can't imagine painting my nails in the dark, whereas I can see the need for the light on the lip products in case you are applying them in the car at night or a dark bar. I can't help but feel like this is very gimmicky!
 The colour I chose was Crepe Suzette a coral  pink which looks prettier in the bottle than on the nails. The manicurist applied two coats which left them pretty opaque and glossy, you can see that in the image below it doesn't look perfect but thats because I was taking pictures with them still slightly wet after although they dried quite quickly.
 The New CID polishes retail for £10 from Debenhams

What polish are you currently wearing?

Sabrina X
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 I though I would just plug my pinterest today as I haven't ever shared it on my blog, I am really enjoying making boards of my favourite looks and inspirational images! It would be great if you came over to join me here I post quite regularly and would love to see your pins!

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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Accessorize Makeup Range

Yesterday I went to the launch of the new Accessorize range, which I am actually very excited about.
Please excuse the poor photos, I have no idea what is going on!

If I am completely honest I wasn't overly excited on my way to the event, I'm not sure why but I had never tried any Accessorize products as I hadn't really been overly drawn to anything. However, everything has changed and I am actually quite impressed, I have my eye on so many products!
The lipsticks these are probably the products I am lusting over the most, they're are eight new shades and its far to say I want to try most of them. The colours are all matte and on trend, they are suppose to leave lips ultra moisturised and kissably soft- as they are matte I am very curious to see how they live up to this claim. They retail for just £4.95 which means I will be buying a few! I have includes some swatches and as you can see the pigmentation and colours are beautiful!
The new range includes a variety of things from14 nail shades to chose from (retail for just £2.95!), brow pencils and a fibre lengthening mascara too.
There are ten colour rick silk based mono eyeshadows and I think the one I got is such a beautiful colour, I will hopefully write a post about it soon!
There are two palettes in the new range of which I have the 'You are everything palette' each palette contains 32 shades which are highly pigmented as you can see from the pictures. Some shades are matte others are shimmery so there is something for every occasion, the palette I have has a variety of bold colours whereas the 'Lovely Day' palette has more neutral colours. Both retail for £8.95 which is a great deal for some many colours.

There are three fragrances- two of which are in the long packaging. The two perfumes in the tall packaging are called Charm (pictured) and Passion  they both retail for £5.99 and are both part of the Accessorize fragrance wardrobe. My favourite is the Enchanted and it is a perfume I would actually recommend it if like me you love sweet scents, its only £15 and a good size to travel with.

The collection will be out new week on the 6th June so you don't have long to wait
I am very excited to get my hands on some of the lipsticks! Keep an eye out for more in depth reviews of the products.

Accessorize beauty range is available in some Accessorize stores (although they only carry a small amount of products usually) and in Superdrugs.

What has caught your eye?
Sabrina X
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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Makeup Storage

 After having a look at the AMAZING John Lewis hall and in particular the storage I though I would share my less than amazing storage solution. Like a lot of other beauty blogger I use the Helmer from Ikea which retails for just under £25 and I also got some inserts from Ikea to go on the inside, I have a reasonably big collection considering its just for me so simply a makeup bag wouldn't do.

 I would also like to say that this is the majority of my makeup collection although some bits may not be in their place or may be in a different box waiting to be reviewed. I know that this is a little excessive collection but I find that having a collection this size is useful when writing my blog and I see it largely as an archive. 
 On the top of my Helmer I have a WHSmith Drawer which I use to store my makeup in but I have now out grown it and it is currently empty. On top of that I have a few of my favourite beauty books such as the Bobbi Brown Beauty books, my mascaras and brushes waiting to be washed.
 Most Used Drawer
My first draw has my most used products or the ones I have been using most recently, I have all my MAC lipsticks in this draw as well my new Nars Sheer Glow and other favourite products. (I'm not suggesting that Nars Sheer Glow is a favourite just yet.) I also store my Urban Decay Naked Palette in here and then place my MAC eyeshadow palette on top as they are my most reached for eyeshadows.
 Base Drawer
In here I have my foundations, primers, concealers and setting powders, sadly the draws aren't quite deep enough to store them all standing up and I also have a quite a few foundations so this is the best way for me.
 Cheek Drawer
In my third drawer I keep highlighters, blushers and bronzers from cream ones to powder ones, I store all my sleek and elf ones in the back left section and try to keep my cream products some what together in the middle left section.
 Lip Drawer
I keep all my lipstick, lip lines, lip glosses, lip balms and what ever other lip products I own in here, I tried to keep some sort of order but some products had to share a section with other products. I like to stand all my lipsticks upside down where possible as it means I can see the name/colour of what I am using.
 Eye Draw
This is one of my less loved drawers and that is why it is at the bottom of the pile, it has cream eyeshadows and eyeliner as well as some eyeshadow bases. I'm quite loyal to liners so I rarely come down as far as this draw if I am honest.
 Palette Draw
Lastly I have a drawer full of palettes and some odd single eyeshadows with no other home. They are mainly eyeshadow palettes,  a large section of the back is being taken up by my Sleek Eyeshadow Palette but I also have other palettes such as Urban Decay, Stilla and Chanel- I should start varying the palettes I use really.This is the only draw with no dividers as it simply wouldn't work due to the size of most my palettes.
 I also have a dresser with my everyday essentials such as skin care, hair care, tissues, cotton wool and brushes as well as a few miscellaneous things that ended up here too. I store a lot of the things in two old Glossy Box's and think it works quite well- in the drawers are some products I am yet to review and some other tool such as tweezers.I like to use old candle glasses to store cotton wool and hair ties as well little boxes to store cotton buds and other things, you don't have to spend huge amounts of money- just work with what you have.

I am hoping to pick up another Helmer soon to store my skincare and haircare which I currently have stashed in my wardrobe and to find my nail polishes a new home that isn't a box.

How do you store your makeup?
I will do a more in depth video soon
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Monday, 28 May 2012

Jubilee Nails Inc

 You may have realised that I have a new addition in my header, a Union Jack as this weekend we will be celebrating the Queen Diamond Jubilee so I thought my blog would get in on the fun. I will hopefully be sharing a good few Jubilee themed posts starting with this one. For most of last week I was wearing Jubilee by Nails Inc which was applied for me at the QVC press day but which I had seen first at the Nails Inc Bloggers event.
 Its a mixture of navy, red and silver glitter, obviously mirroring the union jack, it applied just opaque and you only need two coats. I also think it wears pretty well but I am not looking forward to removing it as I always find removing glitter very tough!

 Below are some of my Instagram pictures of my Nails through out the week, they look so pretty in the sun!
The nail polish retails for £15 which may seem expensive but is almost Jubilee memorabilia but better! The bottle is beautiful with little gems in the lid and is, of course limited edition.
 Check out the Nails Inc Website for more information, Nails Inc is available from Boots, QVC and all good department stores.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up to date with what I'm doing and using: A_littleobsessed

Sabrina X

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Sunday, 27 May 2012

L'oreal L'or Electric

Inspired by Cannes Film Festival L'Oreal release it's new L'Or Electric Collection (clearly my post is a tad late!) The collection is made up of two Infallible shadows, three lipsticks and three polishes although I am sure the shades vary in different countries. The first thing I realised is that come of the colours aren't really overly wearable an orangey shadows isn't usually what I'd go for and the shimmer in the lipsticks just isn't my cup of tea but lets take a closer look...
The two Infallible eyeshadows are in Metalic Lilac and Metalic Coral, they are basically pressed eyeshadows but it really works well. The pigmentation and texture is fantastic but I don't think I will use the coral colour very much but it might be worth a look if you have blue eyes, on the other hand the silver/lilac shade is perfect for easy smokey eyes.
I have no swatches of the lipstick yet but I will feature them in Nail of the Day posts very soon. the colours available in the Color Riche Nail Polishes part of this collection are 811: Magic Croisette, 809: Mystic Blue and 810: Mythical Carpet. The think that caught my attention about this product is that it apparently doesn't need base coat or top coat. Even out these the polish is suppose to be long wearing and not stain your nails, I experienced some tip wear after a day or so therefore I am not convinced about not needing a top coat. However when I removed my nail polish my nails weren't stained.
There are three lipsticks in Electric Fuchsia, Metallic Coral and  Prismatic Pink- all the colours are slightly sheer and shimmery. At first I was very excited about Prismatic Pink it looks like a pretty pale pink but really its a sheer shimmery colour which adds very little. The Electric Fushia is probably my favourite the colour is pretty and the shimmer is quite as obvious, I also don't mind Metallic Coral but the shimmer is just a little too much for me.
Excuse the mess, clearly my lipstick applying isn't up to scratch. Electiric Fushia: Above. Metalic Coral: Below.
This collection is already out and worth a look if you are on hunt for some summery bright colours and like shimmer. Available from Boots, Feel Unique and other L'Oreal retailers.

What do you think of the collection, have you tried anything?

Sabrina X

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Glossy Box May- Birthday Edition

 Its only right to start with wishing Glossy box a


they have been such a great brand to work with over the last year and its been great to see such an original idea develop on the British market. Last month I attended their fab party and was able to meet some of the team and they are all lovely! I was patiently awaiting the Birthday special box all month and here it is...
As stupid as it sounds- I love the tissue paper, its just so pretty, fitting to the brand and nicer than plain black one. Inside this was a rather full Glossy Box with 8 products if you include the balloon, the other product include perfume samples, a Glossy Box mirror, false eyelashes and a few other things. I am not overly excited about this box other than the tissue paper and the amount of products, I would say my least favourite product are the lashes as the gold makes them a little drag queen for me.

Other then that I quite like everything, the UNIQONE all in one hair treatment is a generous size and one I will probably get through, the Noble Isle Summer Rising is also something I can get use out of although I probably wouldn't have purchased it myself. My two stand out product are the Murad Clarifying Mask which although targeted at acne I will still be using and (surprise surprise!) I like the perfume samples. Maybe there is actually a reason they include them in these boxes! Usually I moan about small perfume sample but I love the Lolita Lempicka L'Eau en Blanc and am seriously considering making it my summer scent.

I know they say you're never happy with what you get but I think some of the other Glossy Boxes had some amazing products inside. There were 3 possible HD brow products, which I would of loved as well as a Collection 2000 gel eyeliner (glad I didn't get that) and a Welda product too.

Overall I think this was a decent box and if I found a possible signature summer scent I'm happy!

What did you get in your box? Will you be signing up?
Check out the Glossy Box Website here

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Sleek Ultra Matte Palettes V2 Darks

I haven't blogged about Sleek Eyeshadow Palette in a while, since November last year actually that's because it has been a while since they released a new palette. However this month they have released two need palettes both mattes but one bright and one dark and I have a few things to say about it. I have the darks palette as I would get little to no wear out of the bright palette. 
 Sleek Makeup has changed its packaging slightly recently in particular their logo, its only a small change but I actually like it. Like always this palette is made up of 10 eyeshadows one of which didn't survive the postage stage but is still useable. I like the colours in the palette as I don't think I really buy or use enough matte shadows, there is a nice variation of colours some lighter and some darker but all wearable.

 The quality and pigmentation is okay but I always find that the Sleek lighter colours leave a lot to be desired as the pigmentation is poor and they are often chalky as is the case in this palette. Saying that the darker colours are really beautiful and pigmented.
 Overall I think I will use this palette as I don't own nearly enough matte shadows and would recommend this palette if you are in the same boat as me, I'll be reaching for this for some smokey eyes!

Sadly, I do however feel a little less in love with the Sleek Palettes then I did before, I have well over 10 and although I love my collection I no longer get excited for the new palettes. I feel that most colours are repeated or at least not different enough from other palettes, I would really love to see some exciting shimmery colours with great pigmentation, formula and an original must have colours- I think that would get me excited again!

This palette is available now on the Sleek Website and in Superdrugs.
What would you like to see from Sleek next? 
I'm hoping it won't be a predictable summer palette!

Sabrina X
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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Boots Giveaway Winner

 The lucky winner of the Boots giveaway is Kirsten from Freedom Of Peach

I have a few exciting giveaways come up within the next few weeks.

Have a great Sunday!
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Look of the Day

 Last week I posted on Instagram the above image after the Glossy Box event of the makeup I wore and I got quite a few questions and even requests for tutorial. I posted a few more so check out a_littleobsessed on Instagram if you want to have a nosey. Although I am not doing a tutorial I though I would at least show you what I wore, the below image is without a filter.
 I was wearing Sinena X Fake tan lotion in the darker shade, I quite like it but I will save the details for a review coming soon. On my face I was wearing Makeup Forever HD foundation, which is probably my favourite foundation ever but sadly its very hard to get hold of in London, I forgot to wear concealer so this is all that is on my face as a base as a setting powder I like the Mac Prep+Prime powder. On my cheeks I had another all time favourite (actually this whole look includes pretty much all my all time favourites!) the Sleek contour kit in Light, if you have access to Sleek Makeup and don't have this product believe me you are missing out!

On to my eyes which is the main focus of this look, I used the HD brow kit through my brows and Nars eyeshadow primer. The shadows I used was Woodwinked all over the lid and some Satin Taupe in the outer corner- Woodwinked has fast become my favourite shadow and I wear it almost every day. The eyelashes really finished the look they were the Illamasqua False Eye Lashes in No.16 a a great option if you are looking to achieve a cat eye look. I curled my lashes, applied some mascara and my favourite lipstick.
What is your favourite Mac Eyeshadow and your go to lashes?
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Monday, 14 May 2012

New John Lewis Beauty Hall

Last week I attended the launch of the New (and very expensive at over £7 Million) beauty hall on Oxford Street. The Beauty Hall is based on a town square, they have premium makeup and skincare around the outside of the central hub and then niche brands, fragrances, nail polishes and skin care in the middle.

It is actually a really great place to shop at first I thought it was simply going to be a beauty hall like every other beauty hall but there is something extra special about this one. Most the premium brands have their own little section almost like a little boutique, they are really well set out and easy to navigate and offers a premium experience. I also love that unlike most beauty halls they have included some inexpensive brands such as Topshop. It is in fact the only Topshop stand outside a Topshop and also they have the only Burberry concession not in Havey Nichols or Harrods. They have a variety of beauty rooms too as well as selling electrical beauty goods.
I would really recommend having a look at the new John Lewis Beauty Hall even just for a browse as it such a lovely experience. Its very light, well laid out and there is something for every price budget. The variety of brands is just great; Topshop, L'oreal, Givenchy, Ren, Nars, Liz Earle (with the new makeup range- more about that in another post), Essie, Opi, Caudalie, Burberry and so much more
. Possibly my new favourite place to buy makeup or at least browse highend makeup!

Have you visited the new beauty hall yet? Are you planning a visit?
Sabrina X

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