Saturday, 30 June 2012

Floral in Cambridge

 Last week the boyfriend & I went to Cambridge for a little day trip, its about an 1.30 drive therefore isn't too far. We had a great time and I already want to go back, my boyfriend said that he would even like to live there if he had to leave London. When we arrived we had lunch at the Jamie's restaurant which was nice and then went for a little stroll and done a spot of shopping. We weren't sure if we would go on punting but decided we might as well and I am so glad we did! It was really enjoyable and we learnt about a lot of the history of the University. If you do decide to go punting I would highly recommend going for a guided tour rather than just renting a boat.
 I basically ended up wearing three different outfit by the end of the day, I first stated of wearing these floral trousers with the black blouse however once I got in the car I began to get uncomfortable as it was a warm day and therefore decided to wear just the top I had underneath and changed the heels for sandal. Once it got cold I ended up wearing my boyfriends Denim shirt and flat nude shoes.

I love these trousers and they were just £14 from Primark, I like them so much I even have them in a different pattern, which I will share soon. I also got lots of comments about them from strangers who said they liked them although I am sure a lot of people dislike them.
Trousers- Primark
Heels- M&S
Nude shoes- Dorothy Perkins
Sandals- Select
Denim Shirt- Topman
Black top- Primark
Black Shirt- H&M
 And I am also currently in love with my new Fiorelli but more on that another day...

What outfit do you like best?

Sabrina X
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Monday, 25 June 2012

Barry M Lemon Ice Cream

 Today's post is yet another crazy nail colour (Click here to see the Leighton Deny & Nail Inc Bright polishes) I am still one quest for a neon yellow but sadly this isn't it (I want to try the American Apparel one next).
 I use to love Barry M but this is the first nail polish by them that i have bought in a long while as the colour range is a little limited in my opinion. They don't release a lot of new colours and there are only about 10, possibly 15 colours I would want to own- all of which I do/have owned.

You might remember that Barry M released four Ice Cream nail polishes a while back, I think it was last year and this is actually one of the colours. This is suppose to be quite a pastel colour but I think its a medium toned yellow, it is a great formula- no shimmer, opaque in two coats and glossy. It didn't chip although I wore it for four days .

This nail polish is also a great conversation starter the two most memorable being the post in Primark who said 'Wooo you're nails are so bright' and my mother who thought the colour was a little (maybe very) ridiculous. Although this is most definitely not a professional or classic colour I love it and can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it!

 Barry M nail polish retail for just under £3 in Superdrugs, Boots and online.
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Saturday, 23 June 2012

New M&S Beauty Hall

Last week I headed down to the new M&S beauty hall at Westfield Stratfield for a quick peak, to take a few photos and for a lovey Leighton Denny manicure. After going to the John Lewis Beauty hall re-launch I was excited to see what M&S's new hall would be like. I was expecting them to be particularly similar as John Lewis has so many high-end brands but I was still pleasantly surprised.

I was expecting to see a slightly extended M&S beauty range with a few counter girls and a nice counter but not much more however I was wrong! M&S now carry a variety of beauty brands some of which are super exciting! The idea is for the hall to be the best of Nature & Science, it now looks more high-end and premium.
Alongside their own beauty lines of makeup, skin care, mens products and lots more they now have a range of niche and premium brands many which can be quite hard to find in the UK and are actually exclusive to M&S. The range includes Nuxe, Philip Kingsley, Leighton Denny, Roger & Gallet (a french brand), Dr Murad, Skyn Iceland and lots more.

What do you think of the look of the M&S beauty hall?
Take a look at the Virtual Beauty Counter here and take a look at the full beauty range
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Friday, 22 June 2012

Nails Inc Westbourne Grove- Currently on My Fingertips

 If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I asked if I should paint my nails using this colour or Ciate's Mojito. Although most people went with Ciate I actually chose Nails inc's Westbourne Grove simply because I have already reviewed Ciate Mojito here. After removing Leighton Denny Shipwrecked I really wanted a bright colour to replace it and this neon orange shade seemed like the perfect one.
 Nails inc describe this colour to be a 'Show stopping yellow/orange' and although I agree it is show stopping I don't see much yellow. The colour required three coats and I still think it is slightly sheer although not streaky.

Overall I'm not sure if I will use this colour a whole load it is lovely and neon but not the most flattering on my skin tone.

Nails inc retails for £11 from department stores, Boots and online. This colour is part of the Nude & Neon Collection

Whats your favourite bright nail polish?
Sabrina X
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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jolie Box June 2012 Birthday Special Box

 Although it was just yesterday I reviewed the Glossy Box today I have yet another beauty box to talk about. This time it is the JolieBox June 2012 which was put together to celebrate their 1st Birthday and includes some fabulous french brands! As you can see the box I received is bright orange and it is one of two boxes designed for their 1st Birthday- I really love the colour of this box and is my favourite beauty box design ever.
 The content was also quite impressive and I will be using most if not all of the products very soon! I don't think there was really a stand out product to me instead I quite like all of them.

 The full size product that came in the box was a Elysambre lipstick (which I think may be in sample packaging?) which took a long time to open as I just couldn't work it out. Once I had opened it I found a dark red colour, extremely pretty and pigmented but maybe a little more of a winter colour. I was excited to see the Instutut Esthederm UV inCellium Spray laying in my box as I have heard so many great things about the brand. I haven't tried the product and am not sure I completely know what it is but I will be looking into it and am excited to give it a go.

TheYon-Ka Pamplemousse was one of the customised products and was chosen as I have dry skin. I know a few people have struggled with the fact other beauty boxes don't customise so Jolie Box is a good option if this is something you value highly. I was pleased to see a L'Occitane product inside this time it was the Angelica Hydration Cream which is a nice size and by a brand I trust but is also the second facial cream in this box. Lastly was the Jolie nail file which I don't have much to add about, it was a nice extra but nothing exciting.
 Overall I am happy with this box but haven't received a Jolie Box in a while so don't want to comment too much about how reliable they are especially as this was their birthday special box.

Once I opened the outside box and sore the bright orange box I was instantly excited, my excitement was kept by the box having a mixture of brands I trust, brands I have wanted to try and new brands.

If you are interested in receiving this exact same box you have until tomorrow (22nd June2012) to subscribe here

Also have a look at my GlossyBox post here from yesterday
What do you think of the Birthday Special Jolie Box?
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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Glossy Box June 2012 The Sexy Summer Box

As I mentioned yesterday I lost my memory card with most of my photos on and therefore today's post will be lacking a few images. Usually I try to fill my posts with pretty, informative and detailed pictures but as I usual get rid of all my packaging after taking the photos so I only have photos of the actual products today.

First I want to talk a little about Glossy Box and Beauty boxes in general as I have seen a few negative comments. As far as I know Glossy Box is the biggest beauty box company in the UK meaning that catering products to individual subscriber would be very difficult as well as time consuming, if this is something you look for I would consider subscribing to another box that can provide this for you. I personally so really like receiving my Glossy Box and look forward to it every month. Do I always get what I want? No. Do I sometimes get what other people would like? Yes and I often also get some amazing products which I proudly add to my collection.

I also think people also often forget that beauty boxes usually only say that you will be sent 5 beauty samples and expect at least some full size products as they were lucky enough to get it once. I personally find that there is always one stand out product per box and then I don't give the other products enough of a go but I think we should all actually give each product a good go, even the smaller samples before knocking the box.
With that over here is what I got in my June Glossy Box...
This time around my stand out product was the HD brows tweezers- in the past I had seen other people had received HD Brow products which I hadn't and been a little disheartened but it just goes to show if you wait a little you will get a product you really like. I haven't put the tweezers down since I got them! I also got the Paul Mitchell Orginal Conditioner which is one of those products I am going to have to push myself to use as it might be amazing for all I know. The other three products which is seems everyone received was the Glossy Box blush brush which although is a fab idea isn't a great brush, the DermaBlend Starter Kit from Vichy which I really like, I have the full size product and use it quite a lot. The final item is the BM beauty summer bronzer which I have heard great things about but once again haven't tried, will give it a go tomorrow.

Overall I am happy with this months Summer edition box and made extra happy by the tweezers admittedly.

What was in your box?
Sabrina X. 
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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Currently On my Fingertips- Leighton Denny Shipwrecked

 I hope you are all well and having a great week. I must say my week didn't get off to a great start as I lost my memory card with all the photos I had spend hours and hours taking for my blog. This does mean I might not be as active as I would like to be over the next few days as I don't have many photos to talk about and will have to retake them all.

I thought I would share the nail polish I have been wearing over the last few days and which I am pretty much in LOVE with. I chose Leighton Denny's shipwrecked from their S/S collection and the manicurist actually said that it was the one colour no one ever chooses, she also thought I would get bored of it pretty quickly. Boy was she wrong, almost a week later and my love is still going strong but it is looking a little worse for wear so I will have to remove it this evening.
 As you can see the whole of the Spring Summer 2012 collection (above) is pretty impressive and there's not a single colour I wouldn't love to have in my collection but Shipwrecked is the stand out colour! I don't actually own this polish and it was simply applied at an event but although it is a pretty pricey polish I am considering spending over £10 on it. It did need two coats but the end result it pretty good. The colour however is very hard to describe, they say it is a pistachio green which it probably is but its almost a neon/pastel colour and although I know this statement is pretty contradictory I can't describe in in any other way.

Let's let the photo do the talking after all it worth a thousand words right?...
What do you think of this colour? Do you know any comparable colours I could purchase instead of this one?

 Sabrina X
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Monday, 18 June 2012

Red Heels & Kisses

 I bought this Topshop blouse a good few months ago as I though it was good for work but I ended up only wearing it once. I pulled it out again to pair with these red shoes, jeans and red lipstick- I think its still casual but I love the red lipstick and shoes against the how plain a white shirt and jeans looks. I think I will be trying to wear this shirt with a few other things and I am also thinking of replacing the buttons with gold ones for a little something extra.

The red shoes are from Primark and were around £12, they are my current favourites and I love them! I think they come in other colours and am currently on the look out for them, they are really comfortable but make my legs look longer which is always great. The jeans are also from Primark for about £11, they aren't the best quality as they are my third pair but they fit well, are thin and a great colour. They are actually pretty similar to a pair of Topshop ones which my friends have but I am unsure of the name.

My current obsession is making bracelets and all the ones I wore were made by me, I also made some skull ones this morning (click here)  but I'll share more about them in a different post.
 Hope you all had a great weekend! Is any one desperate for more sun?
At least I am going away in August, hopefully I will get some sun then.


PS Currently loving Seams for a Desire- total style crush!
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Saturday, 16 June 2012

St Tropez SprayCation

 If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen I posted a picture of myself looking a little more tanned than usual and thats because yesterday I went down to Westfield for a St Tropez spray tan.

St Tropez is going on tour as they have found most people are opting for a 'Staycation' and staying at home for the summer, therefore they are traveling across the country and providing people with a 'SprayCation'

The tour kicked of on Friday in London but its worth checking out the other cities for your own spray tan!
Bullring Birmingham 22-23 June
Trafford Centre Manchester 28th-29th June
Glasgow Braehead 6th-7th July
Dublen Pavilions 13th-14th July
I will be writing a post about fake tan preparations and maintenance soon as well as review this spray tan!

Have you had a spray tan in the past? What was your experience like?
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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Liz Earle Natural Glow Powder Blush Nectar

Over the last few weeks I have been giving the Liz Earle products a try and I am pretty impressed! The packaging on both the blusher and the bronzer is very sturdy, a deep navy colour with little specks of shimmer. Both products have a mirror on the inside which is always nice and has 'Liz Earle' embossed across it. The blush compact isn't particularly big meaning its a nice size to travel with.

 Liz Earle currently has two different  forms of blushers Natural Glow Powder Blush and Natural Glow Cream blush. Both products come in seven shades which are the same in both products- this is quite nice as you have the option to get both if there is a particular colour you like or to use the powder blush to set the cream one. Of course you could just get on or the other if you have a particular preference. Usually I prefer cream blushers but the one I own is the Powder blush but I really like this one and would be interested in trying one of their cream ones too.
The colour I have is Nectar which their website describes as 'Fresh rose-pink. A vibrant colour which works well on darker skin tones too. Perfect for a night-time pop of colour.' I am not great at describing colours so I have included some swatches, although it is quite bright I wouldn't say it is only a night-time blush but it is also perfect for the day. I think this works well on medium to dark skin tones (by medium I mean not very pale), I love wearing this blush with a tan as it adds a lovely glow to the skin and really makes me look healthy!
 Bronzer on the Left, Blusher on the Right
I really love this blusher and it has become on of my most reached for, I have included a picture of me wearing it when I have no fake tan on and you can see it still works on my light skin tone. It is easy to blend into the skin although it is highly pigmented so I would recommend applying a little and building it up.
Would really recommend having a look at this blusher if you are looking for a perfect summer blusher and the whole range is really worth a look.

They retail for £16.50 for 6g-  is available online and in good department stores

What have you tried from Liz Earle?
Sabrina X
*This review includes a PR Sample
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Friday, 8 June 2012

Nioxin Hair Treatment

 On Wednesday I spent the day pampering and in the evening I went to Michael John Salon for a scalp treatment which claims to do exactly what I want from my hair! When I was told I could have treatment I done a little brief research into it and read that some people experienced great results. Nioxin is a Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment which claims to be great for people with fine hair, thinning hair and coloured hair. The result is suppose to be thicker, healthier hair that grows quicker. Sounds great right?

I'm not too sure why but I was a little scared of having this done and was wondering if it would be too strong for my already fine hair but I decided to bite the bullet as it is just shampoo. The Nioxin Cleanser System starts with a double shampoo which just removes any build up, the Scalp Renew Dermabrasion treatment is then applied and was left on for 5 minutes. You too get a slight tingly sensation (like if you use a minty shampoo) they call this set the hair facial, it brings blood up to yours scalp and unclogs pores just like a facial does. The last step is the Deep Repair Masque which helps repair the hair- I then went on to a blow dry.
The blow dry was really nice and left my hair soft and wavy, please excuse the picture inserted- I had just had a facial and therefore had no makeup on, a full faced picture with no makeup wasn't really an option. However yesterday my hair felt extra amazing and I can't wait to keep trying it out. My hair feels really lovely at the moment and I am going to try the Nioxin hair system kit over the next 30 days. As always I will keep you updated- this treatment is available for £45 from Michael John.
What new hair products have you been trying recently?  Have you ever tried Nioxin?
Sabrina X
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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Spring Haul

This morning I finally posted a rather long haul with a variety of clothes from a couple of inexpensive shops largely Primark. I'm not too sure whats wrong with the quality but I hope it is good enough.

Blog which inspired some of my purchases:

Don't forget to subscribe here I'd really appreciate it :)  

Hope you are all having a great extended Jubilee weekend!

Sabrina X
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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Liz Earle Colour Range- Makeup

 I feel like today is a good day to introduce you to the new makeup range from Liz Earle, I found this flag made of their products on their website and just had to share it, it is perfect for the jubilee weekend! As many of you may know Liz Earle is a British brand which for years concentrated largely on skincare however last year they expanded and released the first product in their colour range. The product was their sheer skin tints (review here) which was actually my go to foundation last summer, last month they added another shade of sheer skin tints and a whole new makeup range- how very exciting!
Last year just before the Sheer Skin tints officially launched I was lucky enough to meet Liz Earle to talk about the new product and she shared that they were hoping to expand more. I was expecting the process to be far slower a new product this season and another two the following season however they have launched a whole range. There are lipglosses in a variety of different shades, mascara, eye pencil, bronzer, cream blush and even brushes!

I got the chance to meet Jane Bradley at the John Lewis event who is the makeup artist for the brand and she showed us a few of the product and shared that Liz Earle's personal favourite lipgloss is in the shade cherry. For me the most exciting products are the fact they finally have a darker sheer skin tint (although it still quite light, not for black skins- which is a shame), the natural glow bronzer (pictured below), the Healthy Glow Powder Blush (also pictured below)  and the healthy glow cream blush (which is probably the most exciting product to me). They also have a Light reflecting Concealer, which I believe is suppose to be a little like the YSL Touche Eclat and sounds really good!
 I currently have three products to try; the Natural Glow Bronzer, the Healthy Glow Powder blush which I have in Nectar but also come in six other colours and the powder brush which is one of the three brushes in the range. The packaging is very simple and what you would expect from Liz Earle; classic, sturdy and fit perfectly with the already existing Sheer Skin Tint.
 I don't want to go into too much detail about the product I have at the moment as I will be reviewing them all individually soon.

The range retails from £10.50 to £21 (including the brushes!) 

There are some great How-to videos on the Liz Earle website here if you are interested too.

Liz Earle is available online, John Lewis, QVC and all good department stores.

I will update with individual reviews for the products soon.
Have a lovely weekend!

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