Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Weekend Pamper #1

The weekend is, in my opinion, the best time to really pamper yourself and pull out all the stops therefore I wanted to start up a little series showing you the products I am using to pamper myself. Its a great chance to exfoliate, tan, apply masks, treatments and to soak in the bath for a while. I have so many products that I usually change it up quite often so I will be showing you ten of my top products every week.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

A good pamper day starts with a nice long bath I'm really liking this Love Your Skin Arnica Bath and Shower Cleansing Gel (3) the scent is super relaxing and its even suppose to soothe tired muscles! I also like to take the weekend as a good chance to remove any old fake tan and St Ives Olive Scrub teamed with a good old exfoliating mitt. I have also been enjoying the Glam Glow mask, I'm going to write a full review soon but although quite pricey it leaves skin looking clear and healthy! I don't use hair masks often as my hair is quite thin but as an occasional treat this Lee Stafford Argan Oil one is nice just on the ends. 
Next moisturising creams, when your skin is as dry as mine you need loads! I like the Decleor Night cream as its lovely and thick although I don't use it every night, when my skin is in need of even more TLC I love serums such as Sophyto. Kiehl's Creme de Corps, L'occiatane hand Cream and Nuxe Reve De Miel are an everyday essential! And just to add a little atmosphere and a beautiful scent I love the NEOM candles they smell beautiful and add a little luxury!

What do you use to pamper yourself?
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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Railcard Giveaway

I will admit this is a very weird giveaway to have on a beauty blog but I am trying to expand and do more fashion and lifestyle posts so when National Rail offered to give one of my lovely readers a year long rail card I had to say yes. I've had a rail card for 2years now and have got so much use out of it! I use it to get to university and even to travel on the tube and bus in London by buying a travel card. As I know a lot of my readers are students I think this is a great giveaway as I am hoping it will save one of you a fair but of money with up to 1/3 off.
More info...
Rail card will be re-demable online only (therefore can not be redeemed by mature students)
Must between the ages 16-25 (as it is a young persons rail card)
Giveaway closes Saturday 6th October 2012 at Midnight (BST)
Leave your email or twitter below (so you can be contacted if you win)
Leave me a comment below letting me know where you would use your Rail Card to travel to.

Good Luck!

They are also running a great giveaway of 6 rail tickets on Facebook here which is worth a look!

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Clarins Instant Definition Mascara

 I love Clarins packaging, give me anything gold and I am instantly attracted! The new Clarins Instant Definition Mascara* is one of those instantly attractive products, I love that it has no writing on the packaging except a tiny and very elegant C. I have this mascara in Intense Plum which isn't my usual preference but it is so dark you can hardly tell the different, its just slightly less harsh than a black if anything.
 The brush is very unusual as the end tip is a rubber comb wand but the rest of it is a standard bristle wand. It is also quite small making it easy to get right at the roots of the lashes for extra drama and the tip is great for getting in the corners or for the bottom lashes. I usually use about two coats and get nice thicker lashes, you need to be careful if you go for any more as it can go quite clumpy. I also like the colour and like that it is slightly different the only problem is if it does fall/smudge around the eye it can make eyes look quite irritated but to avoid that try the black or brown! I also find this mascara very hard to remove (which means it lasts a long time) I use various eye makeup removers and still manage to have enough on to give me panda eyes the next morning.
I really like the effect this mascara gives and would consider buying the black version, I like to keep it in my bag as it so nice to look at!

This mascara retails for £20 from Boots and £18 from Feelunique and John Lewis

What is your favourite high end mascara? Let me know in the comments
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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Pimp Your Keys DIY Glitter Keys

 Now this has nothing to do with beauty products but it is pretty and I am trying to do a few different things on here so expect some more lifestyle posts.
When I was younger some of my friends had keys which had floral prints all over them and I always loved them! Although I am now a little older, I still think the idea of taking something as boring as a pair of keys and adding some sparkles and colour really interesting. Over the weekend I decided to paint my keys and turns out quite a few other people have done it before to, its super duper easy but I'll run you thorough it anyways.
 You'll just need some keys and nail polish, you can use any type of nail polish from glitter to just a solid colour but I would try and chose a more opaque one as it will just make it easier.
 Paint each side of your key with thin layers of nail polish and leave to dry before applying more until you have reached an opaque(or desired) colour. If you are using glitter that is quite thick you may want to apply a solid colour before applying the glitter. Be careful not to paint the part that actually goes in the key hole as that will get scratched and may leave particles in the key hole itself. Apply a top coat and wait to dry before attaching to the rest of your keys.
I haven't tried this myself but why not do some nail art on your keys if you are feeling extra creative?
I even tried it with a holographic polish was interesting and looked quite unusual!

This is a great idea if you are that person that can never find the right key or simply if you just want to add some extra colour to your keys!

What do you think? Will you be trying this and would you like more posts like this?
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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

No7 Stay Perfect Primer

I wouldn't say that No7 is a brand that get too much love in the blogging world but still I hear people rave about their primers. I have two of their primers but today will be talking about Stay Perfect.
I believe when this primer first came out it was limited edition but I think it has not made it to the permanent  line. Texture wise I think it is quite a strange product, it is quite foamy and feels very silky. It sits on top of the skin and leaves it feeling velvety soft without being oily. It reduces any redness I have in my skin but what I love is how my foundation looks with this product. My skin looks almost flawless and actually lasts all day!
I also have the Airbrush Away primer which I will be comparing to this one within the next few week.

I really love this primer and reach for it on a daily basis. It is priced at a rather reasonable £12.50 and available from Boots

Have you tried any of the No7 Primers?
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Monday, 24 September 2012

Accessorize Lip products

A while ago Accessorize re-launched their beauty range, it now has very pretty packaging and some great products! I have a few bits and bobs including two lipsticks and a gloss (I think I have three lipsticks and may have miss placed one). The packaging is super pretty with butterflies and flowers, its one of the prettier brands in the drugstore.
The lipstick packaging is similar to the NYX and MUA in that they have a little pot with lipstick in at the end. Both lipsticks are matte but they feel a little cheap and thick on the lips. They are quite uncomforable and drying to wear but paired with a good balm and even possibly a gloss they are wearable. Smitten is a mid toned coral and Love sick is a darker plum colour, both are highly pigmented and last a long time on the lips.
I also have one of their Intense Colour Lipgloss however I am not too sure what colour this is as it is not on the packaging. However it is a pretty darker nude and exactly my kind of colour! I'm not going to say this is the most amazing gloss ever as I feel most glosses are the same but it is a decent price, a fab colour and has pretty packaging (plus it smells of vanilla!)
Overall the lipsticks are not as wearable as I'd like but I reach for the gloss constantly!

Accessorize beauty products are available from Superdrugs and some Accessorize stores.
What do you think of the Accessorize packaging? Have you tried anything from the range?
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Joliebox September 2012 LFW Edition

 It's that time of the month again and I have received Septembers edition of the Joliebox. For starters lets just touch on the box, how horrible is it? I just hate the colours and think it looks very childish (or like a clown outfit), very different to my opinion on this months Glossy Box. But lets move on to the important things....
 This months box is called 'Runway Ready' and is inspired by London Fashion week. Inside there are  six items to get you through the post-summer blues.

Balmi Lip Balm
This product really did excite me as I never got the EOS lipbalm which is of a similar shape, I like that this is quite an unusual product and lipbalms always come in hands. It is the full size product which usually retails for £5 so although it isn't a highend sample I'm still quite happy with it

I love...Face Mask
I've been trying to get through the face mask samples which I have at the moment but I'm not sure this is one that I will use. I also feel the I love... has a very artificial scent that I really don't want from a Face Mask. Plus I love... product are very inexpensive I doubt this retail for anything more than a pound.

Redken Align 12 protective straightening Lotion
This is suppose to be a top selling product and Redkin is a great brand too however this is a Straightening product but as I never straighten my hair I doubt I will get any use of this!(also wasn't this in another beauty box?)

Twistband Hair Tie
These are not my usually cup of tea but I really like these! They allow you to tie up your hair without getting any kinks or bumps afterwards. Sadly yellow really isn't my colour but I will carry the green one around with me!

Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant
Luckily this is a little added extra cause you don't get very much but then again it is a high end brand.
What excited me the most this month is the Skin3 £25 voucher but I don't think this would benefit everyone. The salon is based in Swiss Cottage, London which isn't far at all from me but for subscribers that live outside of London they unlikely to benefit from this. There is also a Boohoo discount code which is always nice!

 I've really been enjoying receiving beauty boxes recently but I would like to clearly state that I get sent both the Jolie Box and Glossy Box. So the big question is would I spend my own money on it? For me at this moment in time I would have to say no, I have way too many beauty products and really don't need any more. However that said I think if I wasn't a beauty blogger or simply didn't have that many products I would subscribe. At round £10 a month I think they are reasonably as a treat but they aren't a  necessity.

I do like the variety of this box especially as there is even an experience voucher included!
Have you received this months Jolie Box? What did you think?
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Sunday, 23 September 2012

LFW The Body Shop Ones-to-watch

I've been a pretty bad blogger over the last few days but life just got a little busy and motivation wasn't as high as usual. I have been super busy with work and also events for LFW and launches. Last week I was lucky enough to be invited by The Body Shop to see some shows which they sponsored at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

The first show I saw was Ones-to-Watch which is for up and coming designers which haven't yet had a solo catwalk at LFW. Its really nice that you get a taste of four different designers especially as all four were quite different. Hellen Van Rees and Ming's designs were a little more structural but still very beautiful! Hellen Van Rees had some very impressive head pieces whereas Ming has some amazing studding! Charlotte Simpson and Hana Cha's designs were a little more wearable. Charlotte Simpson's show featured beautiful pastels and sequins as well as some dresses that looked very heavy! My favourite however was Hana Cha's show, give me anything black, white and studded and I will be happy but also the amazing long tassels looked mesmerising going down the catwalk!
Hellen Van Rees
 Charlotte Simpson
 Hana Cha

But as this is a beauty blog we have to talk about the makeup- which I loved and was exactly my kind of look. The makeup was by The Body shop whose Skincare I love but it was nice to see the makeup too! On the skin was the Body Shop BB cream which I have been using for a while and love (review here) the skin was kept dewy with the help of a radiance highlighter and the strong contour was achieved with the new Beauty Crush Collection contour. Eyes were kept quite neutral with an angular black eyeliner and teamed with nude lips.

Did you catch any shows at LFW?
I have another post coming soon about two more shows- so keep an eye out!

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Autumn Wishlist #1

As the weather is getting much colder I have been getting very excited for autumn and autumn clothes! I have spent hours on Pinterest putting together this (link) board of outfits I love and have come up with a wish list, a lot of the products on this wishlist have also been inspired by other bloggers. It is largely made up of Khaki and black but I don't really like to wear bright colours especially in the colder months.

The two jackets I am currently loving both have leather detailing but unlike my good old trust leather biker jacket are a bit longer which is always nice in winter. The khaki one with black sleeves is from ASOS and retails for £65 it is similar to the Zara jacket which most people have but I love it as it is a little different. I don't think it looks amazing on the model on the website but check out Ree here (link) wearing the jacket. The black jacket is from New Look and I first saw it at the New Look event, I love the zips and the shape!

As I am wearing trousers more and more I have been looking at the Topshop Leigh jeans. Somehow I have never owned a pair but I have heard such great things that I think it is time for me to get a pair or two. Hopefully they are as amazing as everyone makes them out to be and I'll be able to get them in a few different colours.

My favourite thing about Autumn and Winter is boots! I just think they are so comfortable and keep you feet nice and warm so when I saw these with gold studs I feel in love! They are from the teenage section of New Look but are only £23 and come in sizes up to 7.

I love shirts all year round but this Khaki shirt from Topshop would be my choice for this season. I love the colour and especially the gold tips on the collar!

This Zara bag looks beautiful, I love that it is quite structured would fit my laptop and has 3 different compartments at £49.99 I also think it is quite a good price.

What is currently on your wishlist?
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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New Look at Handpicked Media LFW Suite

 As I am sure you all know the last few days have been London Fashion Week and I was lucky enough to see a few shows as well as visit the Handpicked Media Lounge. The first event I went to at the suite was for New Look where they were showing their latest collection and their cosmetics.

If I am completely honest I don't go into New Look as much as I probably should do but the event really opened my eye to how great their clothes are! They had some fabulous jackets and boots for really affordable prices that were also nice quality.

In the room they had the Kelly Brook Lingerie which I was pretty impressed with especially as they come in quite large sizes as that can be hard to find on the high street. Even the knickers from the normal range are really nice and inexpensive, I am already planning to go and buy a few.

They also had the Gold By Giles makeup range which I hadn't seen before I am yet to have a good play with it but there are a few things that look really good!

The only bad thing to come from the event is that I now have a long wishlist that will set me back over £100 but it has got me very excited for autumn!

Huge thanks to HPM and New Look for the event- it was great fun!

What do you think of New Look? Have you tried their Gold By Giles range yet?
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Monday, 17 September 2012

Ted Baker's Sweet Treats- Polly

A few weeks back I was sent a large jar of sweets from the lovely Ted Baker PR girl (which my boyfriend managed to finish rather quickly) and hiding inside was this Ted Baker Ted's Sweet Treat Eau de Toilette*. Ted's Sweet treats is made up of three purse sprays; Cate, Polly and Vida who apparently are all sophisticated and stylish (as well as fictional).

"Deliciously feminine and sweetly convenient, these three little ladies are set to become your new best friends..."
I was sent Polly who is 'a grown-up yet girly addition to any night out'. This perfume is quite a sweet and fruity one although it has some musky notes making it a little more grown up. I love sweet perfumes but am getting a little fed up with the celebrity gimmicky sweet scents however this one is a little more wearable.

The packaging is also very pretty- it is a small purse friendly size but is still very cute especially the stunning lid!
The Ted's Sweet Treats perfumes are available form Boots, KMI and Ted Baker stores for just £15- perfect for anyone looking for a perfume to carry around!

What is your current favourite perfume? Let me know below!
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Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

Although I no longer want/expect high coverage from a foundation I still want a decent coverage so find that BB creams are usually too light for me. Nevertheless I took this All-in-one BB Cream from The Body Shop on holiday with me in the hope I could get some wear out of it.
This BB cream is relatively new and is a white cream which then transforms to suit your skin tone. It has capsules which are filled with pigments and burst when applied, when you look at the cream straight out of the tube it actually looks like an exfoliator but it actually applies smoothly. It is suppose to adapt to your skin tone but there are three shades to chose from light, medium and dark. I currently use medium and find it blends to match my skin tone quite well.
Although they sell it as a light coverage product I actually think the coverage is enough for the summer or for those who don't want a heavy coverage foundation. It leaves the skin an even colour all over and you may just need a little concealer but best of all it is a dewy and hydrating product perfect for anyone who has dry skin like me. It leaves my skin looking very healthy and feels really light to wear.

I think the best way to apply this product is using your fingers due to the beads which burst whilst applying. Unlike most BB creams I have tried this is a slightly thinner consistency and isn't sticky.
Although I really do love this BB cream and is one of the better ones I have tried I don't think I will be reaching for it too much as the weather gets colder. However if you like tinted moisturisers or a light/medium coverage all year round this is a fab product to try!

This retails for £12 from The Body Shop
What BB Creams have you tried?
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Saturday, 15 September 2012

Glossy Box September Maggie Li Edition

 Last month I didn't get a chance to write about my monthly Glossy Box as I was away so I am quite excited to share this extra special Glossy Box with you. As you can tell this month's box is extra pretty and designed by Maggie Li which is an extremely talented Illustrator! I popped in to their Glossy Box September box launch this month and was so impressed by all the products you could get this month- there are some fab-ulous items!
 I even got my nails done with the cutest design inspired by the box! Sadly my nails are a little shorter than I like them so I chose not to write a whole post on them. However I love them and the manicurist did a great job, I am so jealous of easy she managed to do the pattern too!
 I was pretty impressed with the content of my Glossy Box as it was quite full and even had a great full size product. The full size product is the L'Oreal Mythic oil which I love and use almost daily, there is also a shampoo and conditioner sample sachet which I will be trying very soon. After hearing about the Lady Gaga perfume everywhere I am glad that there is a Flame Black Fluid include I use to really moan about perfume samples but I am beginning to warm to them. There are four Rodial Sachets two  Glamoxy Snake Serum and also two 5 Minute mask's. I am actually quite a fan of Rodial and their products can be quite expensive so even if I like this sample the full size is far to expensive for my student budget! I have also been loving Balance Me recently so the Wonder Eye cream has also caught my eye but is probably something I won't use too soon as I am not too big on eye cream. For me the least exciting product is the Olay Regenerist wrinkle relaxing complex as I simply won't use it but I am sure if I pass this on to someone else they'll be happy- its just not really aimed at my age.
Overall I actually think Glossy Box has been doing a good job recently and the brands have been pretty impressive. This September box is being shipped early next week but you still have time to subscribe.
The box cost £10 plus P&P but check out all the other offers here

What do you think of Maggie Li's print? What do you think of this months content?
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