Thursday, 21 February 2013

The M&S Dress...

I took part in in the M&S valentines challenge, which was almost like secret santa but with dresses and it was for valentines day. I chose a dress for Vicki and got sent a dress from someone else in return (still not sure who) I think we forget to look in M&S for dresses and always think of our mum's but surprisingly they have some fab dresses and at least for that reason it is unlikely anyone else will have the same dress.
Below are my favourite four I think they're classic but still fun and a little younger than you may expect from M&S. I think although you may not want to wear these clubbing (although I would, especially the end two) they are perfect for weddings or even fancy work do's. Which is your favourite?
I was sent this pink dress which isn't completely my style if I am honest although I think it is super pretty and would look amazing on some like Holly Willoughby. Excuse the selfie but I'm hoping to get it exchanged (I've asked M&S and they said it's fine!) so didn't want to wear it out. The quality and attention to detail is fab, plus it is slimming which I won't complain about.

Have you ever bought a dress from M&S?
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  1. I love the lacy black dress! xx

  2. Such lovely dresses, the lace dress is stunning

  3. Dress looks amazing on you! I always think of M&S as being a bit 'old' if you know what I mean but that dress looks fab :)

    Nicola xo
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  4. Such lovely dresses, MandS insn't somewhere I would usually look at but I actually love a lot of these! xxx

  5. I'm loving that 3rd dress! The pink dress looks amazing on you!x

  6. It does look very slimming on you! The dresses you picked are gorgeous, my favorite is the black lace dress :)


  7. The first dress is gorgeous:) x

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  8. second fro the left looks like the bottom half has been censored!!

  9. I think the pink one looks amazing on you! Really shows off your figure.

  10. I really love the slash neck floral lace shift dress, it’s stunning.