Monday, 28 January 2013

Manicure Monday: Estee Lauder Dilettante

 Estee Lauder Dilettante is another new colour part of the Spring 2012 Heavy Petal Collection which we first saw here. Dilettante is a really pretty light blue, aqua creme. It is a little streaky so need a few coats but the final result is a beautiful colour!

What have you been wearing this week?
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Simple Eye & Red Lip Makeup Routine Video

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I have a haul coming soon

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Business Card Giveaway

Admittedly these aren't the most impressive business cards but I was in a rush and didn't have time to do much more. I am also in the middle of a bit of a re-design so will hopefully get some printed to go with that soon.

The quality of these cards from Instant Print are fabulous and they have given my readers the chance to win 1000 business cards for themselves! (There will be four different winners which will each win 1000cards) It is a great way to help your blog grow and improve your networking skills. The cards are 400gsm thick and are available in different finishes which is great!

To enter you much be following this blog via GFC
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Giveaway closes 1st Feb 2013 at midnight.

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Aussie Miracle Shine Range

For a while I stopped using hair tools in my hair however now I blow dry and curl my hair almost daily and my hair is beginning to lose it's shine so I have now reacher for Aussie's Miracle Shine range in the hope that it can bring the shine back to my hair. It has Australian Ginseng extract and a pearl powder which helps add shine. The range is made up of a shampoo, conditioner and of course, the famous Aussie 3 Minute miracle deep treatment.

I have used the range twice now and instantly feel in love with the scent. It isn't over powdering like some other haircare ranges but still sweet and fruity. I haven't used a hair mask in such a long time as they often weigh down my hair but this one didn't do that at all and am really hoping it will help my ends over the next four weeks. I'll see you in four weeks to see just how shinny my hair really is!
What is your favourite Aussie Product?
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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Glossybox LE Roger & Gallet

 I know I wrote a Glossybox post not too long ago but I really couldn't resist telling you about the new flashbox celebrating 150years of Roger & Gallet! As many of may have already know Roger & Gallet is a brand that has been around for awhile and although I think it is generally associated with older ladies but I think it is underestimated by young age groups. It has a premium feel to it and has lots of heritage as well as stunning fragrances and textures.

When I first opened the box I honestly gasped, not only goes it look amazing with the beautiful gold sticker and expensive looking ribbon but it smells divine! Inside are five great size samples product; a body lotion, foaming shower honey, perfumed soap, dry oil and fragrance water.
 The samples are all decent sizes and smell amazing. The nice thing about this Limited edition box is you know exactly what you are getting. However there are a limited amount of boxes so keep an eye out on the Glossy Box website to find out when you can buy them as I am sure they will sell out fast. They will retail for £10 to subscribers and £13 to non-subscribers plus P&P but it is well worth it for this box, for the first time ever I may get use out of everything that comes in a Glossy Box but it is an extra and isn't part of the monthly subscriptions. Unlike with monthly Glossybox's you will receive exactly the same box as all other subscribers if you do chose to buy it.
This box is available here

What do you think of this box?Will you be waiting to buy it?
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25% Off ASOS

One of the perks of being a student has to be student discount but if like me you don't have an NUS card it is always a bit of a struggle to find a store that will accept simply your University card. However if you haven't heard of UNiDays it is completely worth checking it out! It's an online, free version of an NUS card, you simply sign into your university (or college) portal to verify that you are a student.

Currently they are offering
25% Off ASOS
20% Off Urban Outfitters
20% Off Miss Selfridge
20% Off Republic
20% Off Boohoo
25% Off Dorothy Perkins
25% Off Motel Rocks
and loads more...

Off Course the 25% off offers are the best, in the past I have gotten £60 off a watch from the ASOS website which was incredible but there are usually only around for a short time so act fast.

Sign up here for UNiDays Student discount

Sorry this post was only for students but I hope it helped some of you!
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Snowy Vlog

I have had a lot of people ask for more videos recently and although I have had lots and lots of ideas I just haven't had a chance! To ease myself into it I have uploaded a vlog instead, sadly my life isn't that exciting so it isn't the most entertaining video you will ever watch (sorry no dancing animals!) but I'd love it you could check it out (here) and subscribe to my channel, maybe?

I haven't posted it on here as it isn't very beauty related, although I do love the lipstick I am wearing at the end!
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Monday, 21 January 2013

Manicure Monday: Bourjois Purple Fiction

 After last weeks slightly braver nail colour I thought I would tone it down a little this weeks with a new Bourjois Ultra Shine Nail Polish in Purple Fiction*.

 It is part of their new Aristo Clash Collection which is the new Bourjois Winter Collection. Purple Fiction is a rich purple cream polish which applied beautifully, needed only two coats and dried quickly with a high-shine.

The packaging is pretty average although I do like the lid as it makes holding the brush very comfortable. The brush is also nice and thick meaning it's quick and easy to paint my nails.
Bourjous nail polishes retail for £5.99 from Boots, Superdrugs and some beauty halls.

What nail colour have you been wearing this week? I'd love to see a picture, tweet me @sabrinalovesyou
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mascara Roundup January: Benefit, Clinique and Bourjois

 I try lots of different mascaras but as they dry up so quickly I never get around to blogging about them so I am hoping to do month round ups. I know some people will think going through three mascaras a month is a bit much but please remember that I do it because of my blog rather than simply feeling the need to just buy 3 mascaras a month for myself. I have quite long and thick eyelashes as it is(nothing amazing), so bare that in mine when looking at the photos.
 Benefit They're Real!* £18.50
By far the mascara I had been most excited to try for a while as it claims to give you the false lash effect. I love the packaging which I believe is designed to look like a drinks shaker (I may be wrong) and the brush is also very interesting. It is a rubber brush with almost a little ball on the end and very small bristles. This is a great mascara if you are looking for both volume and length and is really black. My only problem is if you already have decent lashes (as I do) it can be easy to apply to much and when you do it gets worse and not better. It is quite a wet mascara at first which I think gets a little better with time and when it is drier. I do like the volume it gives but the consistency makes spider eyelashes way too easy to achieve.

 Bourjois Volume Glamour £7.99
I wasn't expecting too much from this mascara; it has a small want and very conservative packaging but I was surprised by how good it is. As it is quite a dry formula it doesn't clump but you can get great definition and volume. The size of the brush is great even for the smaller bottom lashes. Perfect day mascara and actually even for the evening if your not looking for anything very dramatic. It claims to be ultra black but I think it isn't anything blacker than a standard mascara (or the Benefit one) A great drugstore mascara if you are looking for volume.

 Clinique High Impact extreme volume mascara £17
As it is Clinique I was under the impression it would be average as I don't associate Clinique with dramatic lashes but inside this very impressive shinny tube lies a very impressive product. It is a rubber brush which is quite fat and seems to have longer bristles on one side although they are all pretty short meaning it grips the lashes really well. If you have decent lashes already this mascara is fabulous, adding lots of volume and a little length however I do think if your lashes are a little thinner it may be a bit much and make it look a little spider-y.
Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara £11
(On the bottom lashes of the Clinique image below) I have alway thought this mascara was a bit gimmicky, do I really need a separate mascara for my bottom lashes? I can't pretend that this mascara doesn't do it's job, it does. However I would say that the other two mascara's I have tried do the same job. Using this tiny brush is more time consuming, more expensive and just not worth it. I know so many people would disagree but I didn't get any more length or volume than I would carefully using a different mascara.

Overall I think all three mascaras are great this month. I was a little disappointed with Benefit They're Real but thats as I have very high expectations. Bourjois Volume Glamour adds great volume if you like a mascara that is a little drier, with a smaller brush and at an affordable price. The Clinique mascara  really surprised me, the volume is great and it doesn't clump on my lashes. The only mascara I was disappointed by was Clinique bottom lash and that just because I think it is an unnecessary extra.

What mascaras have you been using this month?
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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks

Since I have a love for lipsticks I was very excited to hear that Bourjois had realised a new range of 18 lipsticks called Rouge Edition*. Divided into three categories; Preppy, Colour Block and Night out they range from pale beiges, bright pinks, deep reds and dark browns, there is a shade for everyone!
Preppy is a range of lighter, everyday more subtle shades, the two that caught my eye were Beige Trench and Rose Tweed. (Left to right, Top to bottom)
02. Beige Trench
Less can be more and this lipstick is a perfect example. It is a perfect easy to wear, everyday nude  beige. It applied beautifully although it is slightly more purple tones than the beiges I usually go for.
04. Rose Tweed 
A very elegant and slightly pinker nude, this could easily become a handbag essential!
 Colour Block
The colour blog range is very bright, perfect for the summer or simply adding some colour to winter days. I chose Fuchsia Graffiti, Rose Studio, Rouge Buzz, Fraise Remix and Rose Neon (Left to right, top to bottom)
07 Fushia Graffiti
This is an electric blue fuchsia shade which isn't for the faint hearted! It has a slight blue shimmer in it which although isn't overly noticeable really spoils the colour for me and means it is probably my least favourite shade out of the 12 I have.
08 Rose Studio
 A very true simple pink, still very bright but a shade I will get lots of wear from.
10 Rouge Buzz
A very loud neon orangey-red which is like nothing I own, perfect if you like orange reds.
11. Fraise Remix
This one caught my eye more than any other, a beautiful slightly milky pink leaning towards the yellow side.
12 Rose Neon
A bubblegum pink shade with blue tones, the perfect barbie colour

Night Out
The night out range is as you would expect darker, more glamorous and more red based than the others. I have Rouge Jet Set, Pretty Prune, Rouge podium, Brun Cosmopolitan and Rose Millesime (Left to Right, Top to bottom)
13 Rouge Jet Set
A true red with slight hints of blue, very glamorous shade and a great red to have!
14 Pretty Prune
I really hate the name, prune, really?! But it is a lovely plumy red shade.
15 Rouge Podium
A bright deep red with a really slight orange tone.
16 Brun Cosmopolitan
A dark and elegant chocolate colour, much easier to wear than the similar matte shades which are currently out
17 Rose Millesime
Not too sure how this shade fits the 'Night out' section but I guess it would be a nice shade with a darker eye. It is a light and very romantic pink, great for day and night.

I am very surprised about the how nice they feel on the lips, 12 lipsticks later and my lips actually didn't feel too bad! They have Orchid Blossom Extract which is suppose to keep lips hydrated for 10 hours and although I don't think they'll last 10 hours they are surprisingly moisturising. There are some real beauties in this range and I would recommend having a look in store. They are all really pigmented although you could sheer most of them out if they are a little too bright (this does range slightly depending on the shade). Stand out shades for me are Rose Millesime, Fraise Remix and the two preppy shades although I am sure in a few weeks after having more of a play with them I'll find some new loves from the range.

Lipsticks retail for £7.99 with Selfridges selling the range before it goes nationwide in February.

Which shade has caught your eye? Which do you prefer preppy, night out or colour block?

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Current Favourite Perfumes

 I've always thought it was a little crazy when people owned more than 3 perfumes however I have no managed to build myself a reasonable size collection and thought I would share my current favourite three. I wouldn't say they are my overall favourites but for the current wintery climate they are the ones I have been reaching for the most. Please Note: I a rubbish at describing scents so you may not get much more from this other than I like them.
 Versace Vanitas £35
This isn't my usual scent at all and I wouldn't have thought of buying it in a shop but have really been liking it. Sadly I didn't keep the box to share with you but it is beautiful! I feel like this is my first grown up scent so bare that in mine if you are considering it, it isn't a over sweet scent. I have seen reviews saying that this perfume is 'soapy' but on me it is just a slightly floral, sophisticated scent which starts of quite strong but fades to a really nice everyday perfume. This is an all year round perfume in my opinion as the floral makes it quite summery but as I do like the very sweet scents in summer I think I'll get more wear out of it in the colder months.
 Lolita Lempicka Midnight £65
I first came across the Lolita Lempicka perfumes in a GlossyBox a while back and I instantly feel in love. This one the midnight 1st fragrance is full on, sexy and bold with notes of Iris, Jasmine and vanilla. Sadly the bottle is a little hard to work with since it had such a thin top so be careful when using it. It is pricey but very special, my favourite perfume!
Thierry Mugler Alien £50
This is an old classic and everyone knows this perfume however I feel like it's popularity has died down meaning I feel it is okay to wear it now. In previous years every where you went you could smell this scent! This is a very sexy scent with notes of Jasmin and Cashmere wood. It's quite a strong one so not great for the office but I like to wear it during the day as most people don't expect it and I get so many compliments. Aimed at younger women (maybe 18-35) it really is a favourite and one of the few perfumes I have nearly finished. It's quite a sweet perfume but still very sexy, a real conversation starter!

What is your current favourite perfume?

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Lauren's Way Self Tanning Bronzing Lotion

I do feel like this is a big statement to make but... I may have found my favourite fake tan. Ever. I say that as I have never finished a fake tan, especially with such commitment. TOWIE tan's are known to be dark and possibly a little orange but I am pleased to report that you get the dark without the orange if you use Lauren's Way Self Tanning  Bronzing Lotion.
I was a little scared at first  as I assumed it would be a little orange, when applying it the consistency is much runnier that any other tan I have used. I use a mitt, apply it to the area in long sweeps before buffing it in using circular motions. It's quick, easy and goes on with no streaks however be sure to use only a little on your hands. The colour is very dark when you apply it, I mean shockingly dark (see Katie Price, she does have a crazy amount on)! Therefore make sure you apply the tan just before going to bed and wash it off in the morning. It dries quickly so you will be able to put pj's on soon after but be careful as you may a little colour left on bed sheets (a hot wash will sort it out).

The picture above is me with just one layer and having washed it off in the morning, sorry it's a rubbish photo but you get to see the colour quite well. I don't have a before picture as I try to stay fake tanned as much as possible but I am very pale, naturally about a Mac NW/NC20 possibly slightly paler in the winter.
It has no alcohol or parabens which is always a plus, has a slight fake tan smell in the morning but just be sure to wash it off before leaving the house. It lasts about 5/7 day's on me but some times I do apply it a few days in a row if I want to be very dark. I've used the Medium as well as the Darker Than Dark colours and I wouldn't say there is that much between them, this tan isn't for you if you want just a light glow.

As always keep it well moisturised and exfoliate prior to application.

At under £16 I think it is quite a reasonable prize which should last about 3 months, even with regular application.

Would you like a post with all my fake tanning tips? What is your favourite fake tan?
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Monday, 14 January 2013

Manicure Monday: Estee Lauder Absinthe

 Not everyone loves green nail polishes but I think it makes a change from boring red and pinks. This Estee Lauder green caught my eye straight away, it is part of the Spring 2013 Heavy Petals Collection. It's called Absinthe* and is a real avocado true yellow based green.

After the first layer I thought I wouldn't really like the nail polish, it applied sheerly at first but with just two coats I actually got the opaque look achieved in the photo and it was completely streak free! In the official pictures it looks a little lighter and I must admit I would have preferred it that way as it looks a little more summery. I'm very excited to use this in the summer with more of a tan as I think it doesn't look as amazing as possible against my current winter skin colour.

The packaging on all the Estee Lauder nail polishes is truly beautiful and classic, not that I would expect any less from EL. There are four other shades which all look beautiful and I can not wait to try a few more!
What do you think of green nail polish? Do you have a favourite green polish?
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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Book Review: Jemma Kidd Make-up Secret

 A few people have requested some book reviews so I thought I would kick it of with the new Jemma Kidd Book. Sadly as many of you may now Jemma Kidd Makeup has actually gone out of business (and I didn't even get to try the foundation) but last year I was actually lucky enough to meet the lovely Jemma Kidd herself and have one of her lessons.
 The book itself is one of the thicker beauty books which I own and is divided into two main sections; Making Make-up work for you and Problem Solver.
  Making makeup work for you is filled with all the basics, how to chose the right foundation, how to contour, enhancing your eyes and all the usual as well as Fashion Makeup and timeless celebrity looks. All the looks are very wearable and there are great face charts showing you exactly where to apply everything as well as 'insider tips'. All the looks are very wearable and it covers all the basics very well.

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg