Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Aussie Miracle Shine- A Month On

Cast your mind back a month or so, you may remember me talking about the new Miracle Shine Range and that I was going to give it a go. Well four weeks on and I have used no other shampoo other than the Aussie Miracle shine as well as the conditioner and mask.
Aussie Miracle Shine claims to revitalise hair and leave it shiner and vibrant as it has Ginseng Extract and Pearl powder. After two weeks I realised I had far less shampoo left than I expected (even if I do wash my hair daily) and that's when my mum informed me that she too had been using my shampoo. 2 more weeks on and we have repurchased two more bottles (which were on offer!) This is a big step for my mother, She never changes her hair, never uses any other products and most definitely never starts using my shampoo (I always try to convince her) but this time round she saw that my hair looked so healthy and shiny that she couldn't resist. It has now become her shampoo of choice, I am very surprised by her decision to change!
(excuse my very Mediterranean nose!)
I found that my hair is now far easier to brush and less knotty which I think is due to the great conditioner and 3minute mask. Most importantly to me, it doesn't weigh my hair down which is the main reason I don't usually use masks.

Although as a beauty blogger I do try a lot of shampoo's I think this will be on my bathroom shelf for a little while longer and the Deep Treatment may never leave it again.

What is your favourite Aussie range?
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Monday, 25 February 2013

Manicure Monday- Essie Butler Please at Michael John

 Another week another manicure Monday... I must admit I really look forward to these!

Today's Manicure Monday is a little different as I was invited down to MichaelJohn Spa for a luxury manicure and how could I say no!? I went in on Friday and was so glad to get away from the horrible snow and be greeted by their friendly staff. I chose my Essie colour, Butler Please which is a beautiful electric blue.Although many of you may not agree I think it is one of those colours that goes with anything, as it is so bright it simply look like you have purposely clashed it. It needed two coats as well as a base and top coat (of course) but she was done I was left with a cup of tea and magazines to wait for it to dry.
I am always a little disappointed with colour choices in salons though as they always have very normal colours; pinks, reds, neutrals and only two bright colours but I am happy they had this!
 (This colour also matches the pole on the Piccadilly line exactly, which amused me a little)
The salon is really nice and calming, everyone is very friendly (even the customers which you may not expect in Knightsbridge) and we had a little chat about eyelashes, the horrible weather and nail polish colours. The manicurist was also really nice she filed my nails and removed my cuticles perfectly before painting my nails. I was interested to find out what was the difference between the luxury manicure and normal manicure is; apparently it is simply that your hands are placed in hand heaters in the luxury manicure which I think is a little unneeded and not worth the extra £10.
(above photo looks a little lighter than it really is)

But overall I really enjoyed it and would love to go back to the salon for another treatment (or manicure) and would highly recommend it! I just love finding a salon that I feel real is really friendly and that makes me feel welcome. They even charged my phone!

Butler Please is also very similar to Nails Inc Baker Street Review here
Check out the Michael John Website for more info (& to book for a great manicure!)
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Saturday, 23 February 2013

Giveaway! Ray Ban Erika

I am very excited to let you that I have a pair of Ray Bans to giveaway today! I have teamed up with Smart Buy Sunglasses to giveaway a fabulous pair of Erika Ray Bans! Smart Buy Sunglasses stock a range of designer glasses from Tom Ford, Prada to Persol. I picked the Ray Ban Erika's as although I love the Classic Wayfarers I feel that everyone has a replica pair and the Erika's are just a little more different. I have the brown pair which I really do love and have been wearing loads (well as much as you can in February in London). Good luck in the Giveaway!
& here are the rules (provided by Smart Buy Sunglasses)
SmartBuyGlasses is giving one lucky reader of A Little Obsessed a free pair of Ray Ban Erika sunglasses in the color of their choice. This giveaway is open internationally and is based on a point system. The more points you earn, the bigger chance you have of winning. To enter, just use our Rafflecopter.

1 point    Like SmartBuyGlasses UK on FB
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10 points! On your own blog, place a link to any page from the SmartBuyGlasses UK website. After you have done so, please leave the link to your blog in the comments

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

20% Off @ H&M

One of the (few) perks of being a student is student discount, everyone always says they are very jealous of students because of this. That is why I thought I would share with my student readers UNiDays. I have blogged about it before; it's free and easy to sign up to previously it was only online but there is now an app which you will soon be able to use in stores such as French Connection, Schuh, Urban Outfitters, Paperchase AND... H&M!
Finally student discount in H&M! I'm not sure if it's forever but starting Monday you can get 20% off in-store by showing the app (app UNiDAYS)

Click here to join 
Happy shopping 
(at a more affordable price ;) )

I already have a list of things to buy!

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The M&S Dress...

I took part in in the M&S valentines challenge, which was almost like secret santa but with dresses and it was for valentines day. I chose a dress for Vicki and got sent a dress from someone else in return (still not sure who) I think we forget to look in M&S for dresses and always think of our mum's but surprisingly they have some fab dresses and at least for that reason it is unlikely anyone else will have the same dress.
Below are my favourite four I think they're classic but still fun and a little younger than you may expect from M&S. I think although you may not want to wear these clubbing (although I would, especially the end two) they are perfect for weddings or even fancy work do's. Which is your favourite?
I was sent this pink dress which isn't completely my style if I am honest although I think it is super pretty and would look amazing on some like Holly Willoughby. Excuse the selfie but I'm hoping to get it exchanged (I've asked M&S and they said it's fine!) so didn't want to wear it out. The quality and attention to detail is fab, plus it is slimming which I won't complain about.

Have you ever bought a dress from M&S?
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Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Welcome to the new and improved (in my opinion at least) A Little Obsessed. I say new but it has been up for a few days now. I was so nervous to make the switch as not everyone deals well with change but I hope you'll agree its much better than my previous DIY job.
Since the switch I have received various emails asking me who designed it. I'll start by saying that in the past I swore I would never pay someone to design my blog again as I previously paid what I considered to be a lot and was a little underwhelmed but I would highly recommend Abby. She designed my blog; was so reasonably priced and actually affordable! She done exactly what I wanted and was happy to change anything that wasn't right for me- a real pleasure to work with. I simply showed her what I like and what I wanted and she came back with this.

Abby writes a beauty blog but check out her web design website here and contact her if you are looking for someone to design your website

Let me know what you think of my new layout? I know if my take some getting use to having to click to see a whole post but I think it does look better!

Sabrina X
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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Paris Day One

 As I mentioned before I was lucky enough to spend four days in Paris earlier in the month for my 21st Birthday! I love Paris, there is something very magical about it! If I could speak French I would move there in a heartbeat. I thought I would share 11minutes of my first day in Paris, it was freezing cold so I didn't get to do as much as I had hoped but I hope you enjoy it...
Unable to embed video



Have you been to Paris?
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Monday, 18 February 2013

Barry M Ridley Road Manicure Monday

Sadly due to simply being busy I missed a few Manicure Monday posts but I'm hoping to get a few scheduled for a few weeks. The weather in London has been getting a little more spring-y so I couldn't help but bring out this beautiful mint green polish.
I would go as far as saying I had begun to fall out of love with the Barry M nail polishes, they're a great price and decent quality but I owned all the ones I wanted. I felt that they simply weren't doing anything new well at least nothing new that I was interested in (although they did bring out those fabulous glitters!). I was so glad to find out that they have two new types of polishes; Textured Nail Effect and Gelly Nail Polishes. I have four of each and I must admit there are some true gems! 
I decided to give Ridley Road a go yesterday one of their Textured Effect Nail paints. I know a few brands are doing these and I have some of the Nails Inc Concrete polishes but this is the first one I actually tried. At first I was a little unsure if I could apply more than one coat or if they are like the Crackle polishes which are one coat only. I applied two as this polish needed more than one and was left with this effect. 
I expected the colour to be a little more like Mint by Barry M (that I blogged about many years ago) but I actually think I prefer it, it is much lighter meaning my hands look very tanned! I'm a little confused by the finish as although I wouldn't say it is a matte polish the grain make it look less shiny and more like a semi-matte.
I thought the grains would drive me crazy but surprisingly they don't although I do think it means you get more tip wear as they almost get caught a little more but nothing that is very bothering.

What do you think if this nail polish? Have you tried any textured polishes?
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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

7 Eiffel Paris - Hotel Review

 I got a few questions on my Instagram asking about my stay in Paris and especially about the hotel I stayed at. I went to Paris last week for my 21st birthday- I went on the Wednesday and came back on the Saturday. We got a great deal on the Euro star at £59 return (keep an eye out for the sales) and decided to get a crazy o'clock train in the morning. My first recommendation is don't do this. It meant that we just wanted to catch up on sleep rather than go out especially as we had been up the night before and therefore I got no more than 3 hours sleep, plus one hour on the train. The other thing was it was very, very cold which meant I didn't really want to be outside, even though I was wearing three jumpers and a parka!

But onto the hotel...
We stayed at the Eiffel 7 (I will be uploading a video room tour onto YouTube soon) which was recommended by Jessica. We stayed just a single night (we stayed with family after) and payed just over £120 for the standard city double. 

The hotel is quite small with just 32 rooms, which I quite liked near La-Tour Maubourg and just a 10minute walk from the Eiffel tower (which sold it to me). The other selling point was the free wi-fi (which my Mac book was unable to connect to although the windows computer was) but it also has a breakfast room, bar and terrace which we didn't use.
It is situated on a small road which does have a bit of traffic passing by but nothing too noisy. The lobby is pretty impressive which a bright pink wall, comfy chairs and a fish bowl. The receptionists were all friendly and knowledgable, the lift was also quite interesting with rose wallpaper and a strange floral scent. 

 The room itself
I've read in various places that in Paris the rooms are usually very small and this was one of the smaller rooms I have stated in at a hotel however it was big enough. It has the essentials a large, very comfy bed, a TV, desk and a large shower room. I loved the interior decoration, very modern and clean but still very warm and welcoming. They really payed attention to detail, no over head lighting just lots of lamps, the wallpaper all looked great and it was covered in mirrors which helped the room appear bigger.
 One very important thing to note is that the bath room doesn't have a door(some rooms may but ours didn't), instead it has a sheer curtain. The actual loo has a door but from the bedroom you can see the shower which is worth remembering if you are going with a friend and not a partner.
 Everything was very clean, we had nice bath robes, toiletries, towels and the reception was very helpful. There is also a safe if you are worried about your belongings. They also have a luggage room which we took advantage of after checking out which allowed us to have a look around Paris without carrying our suitcases.
If you are looking for a hotel to stay at in Paris I would highly recommend 7 Eiffel! I would love to stay there again soon!

Check out their website here for more information

Where would you recommend for short trips? Would you like more lifestyle posts?
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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Lash Extensions with Boudoir Lashes

Yesterday I went in for my first lash extensions ever. I have been ooing and ahhing over them for about a year now but was never too sure if there were right for me and I didn't want to end up with bad ones. After doing research I found that Asma at Boudoir Lashes is one of the best, they are quite pricey but sometimes you get what you pay for really.

I spent some time googling Asma and Boudoir Lashes before agreeing to get it done. Although lash extensions aren't permanent I want to make sure it was something that wouldn't ruin my lashes and that I would be happy to have for at least a month.

I went done to Boudoir Lashes new home over in Shoreditch and although she is still setting up it looks like it's going to be really nice.

After filling in a consent form and having all my questions answer (I always have a lot of questions), I was led downstairs to the treatment room where Asma prepared me for the lashes.

She explained that different peoples eyes and lashes require different extensions, I said that I usually like quite dramatic eyelashes and how natural they looked wasn't really a big issue for me. I like that I was made to feel super comfortable with a cusion for my legs and a blanket as I often get cold lying in treatment rooms.

Asma cleansed my lashes and combed through them so they were prepped for the extensions. By far the strangest part was getting my bottom lashes tapes down, it's a really strange feeling and although it is uncomfortable at first it's not too bad after a little while. It is also quite difficult to keep your eyes closed in a very bright room but essential as she must see where she is placing the lashes.

The actual process is pretty easy although at a few times I did find it slightly uncomfortable but never painful but I have quite sensitive eyes anyways so that could be why. It took about an hour and a half for a full set as each eyelashes is individually glued on and after that I was free to gently open my eyes. The lashes are applied to your own lashes rather than to your skin and therefore fall out when your natural lashes do.

First thoughts
Compared to strip lashes they are quite natural but I love how comfortable, curly and natural they look. I just look like I have amazing lashes! Wearing no mascara is a plus too, as I honestly spent an extra 10minutes in bed this morning! As you can see from the pictures it looks like I am wearing a very good mascara but it has more of a curl and is more fluttery.

The thing that is a little annoying is that you have to be very careful with them. No water or even steam on them for first 24/48 hours, no oils, moisturisers, mascaras, cleansers or anything like that on them-ever! (well for as long as they last) and no rubbing as doing so will shorten the lifespan.  You even have to be careful not to sleep on your front!

This is day one and first impressions but I'll check in sometime next month for a full review!
For more info check out the website here:

What do you think of Lash Extensions?

EDIT: Boudour Lashes is offering my readers 50% Off a full set of lashes making them just £65! T&C's apply- Please contact Asma for more info
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Monday, 11 February 2013

Manicure Monday: Paul and Joe The City Never Sleeps

So round two of Manicure Monday! I just couldn't resist sharing this beautiful colour with you, I'm impatient, next week is just too far away. 

Paul & Joe is a brand that I think only does pretty things, look at how pretty this bottle is! I love the lid, the shape of the bottle and even the flower. 

The City Never Sleeps* appears to be a not too exciting purple from afar but at a closer look it is filled with blue and pink shimmer. The shimmer is very small so it isn't very noticeable but close up it is stunning! With two coats it is opaque , dries quickly and is possibly one of the most special and unique polishes in my (massive) collection. I'm not too sure if this colour is limited edition but I got it recently at an event so I am assuming it is still available. 
What do you think is the most special nail polish in your collection?
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