Saturday, 19 July 2014

5 Things to Do Before Your Holiday

1. Make a new Playlist
There's nothing like a song to take you back to your holiday which is why I think a good playlist is essential. Not only do you want it to fuel the fun whilst on holiday but you also want to be able to reminisce about your holiday every time you hear it once you are back.

2. Make space on your phone and camera for lots more memories
Maybe this is an obvious one but some how I always manage to forget and find myself frantically deleting half a dozen photos whilst my friends are posing for a photo.

3. Plan a few things to do whilst away but don't plan too much
You want to have a few plans for whilst your away as you don't want to spend your whole holiday researching what to do. Tripadvisor is amazing for this, you can plan things to see, where to eat and what to do. That said don't plan too much, your holiday is suppose to be some what relaxing and you want to allow for some spontaneity.

4.Buy a new Perfume
This relates back to point 1. Make a new playlist I love putting on my perfume from the summer before and being automatically transported back my holiday which means I like to have a small bottle which I use throughout my holiday and occasionally when I'm back and want to be reminded of summer.

5. Prepare to disconnect and relax
Answer your emails before hand and set up an out of office, let Facebook know you're off on holiday but save all the holiday pictures for when you're back so you get a chance to disconnect from the real world and actually enjoy your holiday!

What are your tips for things you should do before going away? Where are you away to this summer?

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  1. Buying a new fragrance is a must before a holiday! I have a few perfumes which I bought at the airport when on holiday and they bring back so many memories!

  2. Disconnect and relax is what I am always struggling with! As someone devoted to blog and social media, I somehow always feel guilty for doing these, although I am perfectly entitled to!
    Anyway, great post and thanks for sharing! Hope you are having a nice weekend!

  3. Number 2 is definitely the one I need to remember this year!! I'm going to Paris overnight next week and knowing me I will be at the top of the Eiffel Tower, taking a good ol selfie, and that frustrating message 'no more space' will pop up!! I also always have a holiday playlist - usually upbeat, summer songs - think Sean Paul and cheesy teen pop!!

  4. great tips! Can't wait for my holiday!

  5. great post, amazing suggestions!

    lots of love, Ana

  6. Great tips, never thought of buying new perfume for a holiday, will defiantly have to try that next time I travel.

  7. I always buy a new perfume & create a new playlist before I go on holiday! Great post!

  8. I love making playlists before holidays and feeling all nostalgic when getting home- and I always have such issues with space on my phone! So will definitely follow this tip!

    Katie //

  9. Every time I go on holiday I buy a new perfume in the airport, its always my holiday treat! I think this year I will be getting the new Marc Jacobs which smells incredddible!

    Jess | x

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  11. This is such a good post, and so true! This is everything you do to really
    Lovely post. Katie. X

  12. i always make an effort to not connect to the wifi etc when i go on holiday, love completely disconnecting from social media and just relaxing! lovely post xx

  13. Honestly, these are great tips for ANY time you want to make sure you remember something you enjoy. Scent and music really can transport you in time, and the other tips really help you to live in the moment!
    I've definitely got to start implementing this in my life! Thanks for posting!


  14. Thanks for posting,they are great tips to be followed.

  15. Great tips! I agree on the"Make space on your phone and camera for lots more memories". Never forget to bring your camera in times like this. All the memories will be stored in it.