First thing’s first, hello! It’s such an honour to be on
Sabrina’s blog today as I’ve been a big time lover of A Little Obsessed for a
really long time now. I’m Jemma and I blog over at Bamboozle Beauty and like a
lot of you, I’m completely obsessed with make up. One thing I absolutely love
doing is applying eye make up. It was one area of make up that I never really
explored when I was younger – those deep colours, mascara wands that look like
they’re about to poke your eye out? Yup, used to frighten me to death. And it’s
only in the past couple of years that I’ve started wearing eye make up and the
past few months that I’ve really started to experiment with it.

 The look above was one that I didn’t plan out. For me,
that’s the beauty of make up – you’re pretty much free to do whatever you like.
And after reading somewhere that purple enhances green eyes, I raided my
collection and came across two beautiful purple colours that I had to paint my
eyelids with. The KIKO Eyetech Look Eyeshadow’s are wonderful contraptions as
they’re tiny with buildable colour. The shade I used (106) is a gorgeous bright
purple shade that really makes the eyes stand out when it’s applied sheer. They
come with their own applicator which makes applying eye make up quick and easy
– great for professional looks in an instant.

Unfortunately, the majority of the eyeshadows I used in
this look are from the Purminerals Beautiful Creatures palette which is now
sadly unavailable. The reason why I love this palette is not only because the
quality of the shadows are outstanding but because it’s very versatile and the
shades are wearable whilst allowing you to inject a bit of colour into your
look. With deep plums, stunning khakis and beautiful neutrals, there’s bound to
be a look for you to create. I used ‘Fantasy’ in the outer corner to deepen the
look and ‘Forbidden’ in the crease to make it more wearable. I love applying
shadow underneath the lash line and for this look, I used ‘Fate’ which is a
beautiful muted down bronze colour.
Underneath all of this make up, I used the KIKO Pearly
Eye Base which is a primer that’s cheap as chips and really enhances shadows
when they’re blended onto the eyes. And of course, it makes them last all day
long like a primer is supposed to. I used a combination of my two favourite
eyeliners to add definition to the eyes – before discovering the Collection
2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner I could never wing my eyeliner out.
Shocking, isn’t it? And to finish the look off, I used my trusty SEVENTEEN
Doll’d Up mascara. It’s a great all-rounder as it makes the lashes longer and
fuller without any clumps.

Primer: KIKO Pearly Eye Base All over the lid: KIKO
Eyetech Look Eyeshadow in 106 In the outer corner: Purminerals
Beautiful Creatures eyeshadow in Fantasy In the crease: Purminerals Beautiful Creatures
eyeshadow in Forbidden Underneath the lashline: Purminerals
Beautiful Creatures eyeshadow in Fate Liquid liner: Collection 2000 Extreme 24 HourFelt Tip Liner  On the waterline: KIKO Vivid Eyes Kajal and Eyeliner  Mascara: SEVENTEEN Doll’d Up 

And there you have it. The completed look. I’m pretty
happy with how it turned out. I do tend to shy away from colours but by mixing
the purple with the neutral bronzes, it created a purple eye that’s easy to
wear. I really hope you like the finished piece and if I could give you a piece
of advice it’d be to experiment. Don’t hide away from colour as you’re bound to
find a way to make it work for you.
Thanks so much Jemma for the guest post! I can’t wait to try it myself! 

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Traditionally I think of lip pencils as matte pencils used to line the lip (and occasionally fill it in). I personally can’t help but think of someone like Pamela Anderson and her over drawn lips. However, there’s a new kind of lip pencil which are a little chubbier, less matte and just a little more fun and easy.

It all started with Clinique Chubby sticks which are moisturising, glossy and with a very buildable colour. They later introduced the Chubby Stick intense which are more pigment but remain beautifully creamy! I swatched these below although I didn’t manage to swatch any other ones that I own.

 However nowadays the high-street is rarely far behind and a handful of inexpensive brands have brought out their own chubby lip pencils.

Left to right- Two Ton Tomato, Bountiful blush, Voluptuous Violet, Roomiest Rose, Plushest Punch and Chunkiest Chili

Of course Revlon released their Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains just right and they really do rival Clinque’s original Chubby Sticks. They are just as creamy, have a similar shade range and extremely similar packaging: remove the lids and you can barely tell the difference. These are stains so perfect if you want a colour to wear at the beach and there is a nice range of seven colours to chose from. Usually £7.99 but currently on offer for £5.99

 A more pigmented chubby pencil are Seventeen Lip Crayons, I love the playful packaging on them but they are slightly stickier than the originals. However the colour range is more impressive, fun and young. There are five shades to chose from and you can achieve either a light wash or quite easily build the colour to be quite intense. They retail for a very affordable £4.99

My current favourite drugstore brand at the moment is Bourjois and they have released Color Boost Lipsticks  which unlike the other ones I have spoken about have an SPF 15 making them almost a summer essential! They are beautifully pigment but still shiny and creamy. There are four colours to chose from and retail for £7.99.

The Models Own Colour Lip Stix are the least shiny out of my whole collection which I like more for the autumn/winter. They are also the ones that smell the best as they smell simply delicious! There is a nice range of eight and retail for just £5.

I also have a lovely Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush which is pigmented and moisturising but with limited colour choice with only two shades and more expensive than the others I have spoken about at £12

The priciest choice of all is the Pur Mineral Lip Gloss Stick which are sadly not my favourite as I find them to be quite greasy leaving an uneven colour. There is a choice of four and retail for £16.

My personal favourite is the No7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink as it is the perfect pretty pink. Its a lovely balmy consistency and I find it to be the most ‘young’ colour as most of the other shades are dark ‘grown-up’ colours. The range is made up of 5 shades available and retailing for £9

What Lip Crayons have you tried?
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Todays blog post is by Lorna from Studs & Dreams and the post is filled with one of my favourite things- lipsticks! Luckily they are all affordable lipsticks that are quite easily available….

 Recently I have become obsessed with buying lipsticks. I never used to be one for them and would usually slick on a bit of lip balm and be done but now I can’t leave the house without slicking on a bit of my favourite shade and so thought it’d be fitting to choose this as my guest post subject! 

 MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl 

This is the most perfect peachy nude and I would definitely say that it is my most used shade. This was my first ever purchase from MAC and actually I didn’t like it at first. It was so different to what I would usually use as I am generally a big fan of a bright lip, which is usually either red or pink and so a peachy nude was completely out of the ordinary for me. I really wanted to love it though as it was my first MAC purchase and didn’t want to be disappointed so I kept wearing it and eventually I was in love! It’s great for during the day, which is generally what I wear it for but it’s also great with a smoky eye at night to tone down the look as a whole making it a lot more wearable. I only have good things to say about this so would definitely recommend trying it out! 
Barry M Lip Paint in 153 
I went through quite a phase of buying Barry M products at one point and this was actually a product that I’ve recently rediscovered. I didn’t even realise I had it until a couple of months ago! It’s a lovely pink that goes great with virtually any makeup look. It’s one of those my lips but better colour lipsticks! It’s a really creamy formula which applies like a dream (unlike some of the other Barry M lip paints, 147 anyone?) The Barry M lip paints are a bit hit and miss usually, so would definitely recommend swatching them before buying! 
Topshop Lip Stick in Beguilded
I am a big fan of the Topshop makeup and this was another addition to my collection. It’s my darkest lipstick and was another one that took a while to grow on me. It is a dark purple red and is quite a daring shade in my opinion due to it being so dark and so I have to be feeling quite brave when deciding to wear it. If I do wear it I would usually wear it on a night out as I’m always a lot more daring with my lipstick choice, really want to wear this one more though. Definitely will the next time I go out. The quality of it is lovely just like the rest of the Topshop Lip Sticks as it is really creamy and applies really well to the lips.
Topshop Lip Stick in Mischief
Again another Topshop Lipstick, I would say this is actually my favourite out of the 3 in this collection. I am a lover of a red lip and this is perfect for that. I used to have another red lipstick by the brand Eyeko which was my ultimate favourite but I lost it and now it is unfortunately discontinued but this has definitely taken its place. It is slightly less creamy than Beguilded, but I actually prefer that. I really like a semi-matte lip as I feel it stays better while also looking much better. I would definitely say that it is the perfect red! Really want to try the other red in Topshop’s collection; Rio Rio is next on my list. 
Topshop Lip Stick in All About Me
I actually received this one free with a Topshop order and so didn’t make the conscious decision to buy it but I’m so glad I received it as it has made me love a pink lip so much! Before this I would always wear a red lip on a night out but this has definitely broadened my horizons so much more and also broadened my lipstick collection spurring on a huge spree for pinks… The quality is amazing just like the other lip sticks. Couldn’t recommend it enough!

MAC Shy Girl, Barry M 153, Topshop Beguilded, Topshop Mischief, Topshop All About Me 

 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Belle
This was actually one of the first nude shades I ever owned. When I first tried it I didn’t really get it because it is a very similar shade to my lips. I started to wear it more and fell in love (yet again) it definitely used to be my number one day time lipstick before MAC Shy Girl came along, definitely need to get this one out more! The quality is great, it’s really moisturising and as a bonus it wasn’t expensive. 
ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour in Coral 
I bought around 4 of these when they were quite highly discounted (I think it was 50% off, there are always big discount codes for ELF so would never purchase without) and this was definitely one of my favourites. I wouldn’t really say it’s a coral as it really isn’t as orange toned as you would expect a coral but I would say it is definitely more of a nude. It’s really wearable as I generally choose to wear it during the day. The quality is really good; I much prefer a creamy matte shade over an overly creamy lipstick so this is really great for me. I love the pen form; I actually much prefer this over the usual lipstick form in the bullet as I find it much easier to apply. I would definitely recommend picking some of these up if you’re making an ELF order. 
ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose
I’m actually quite surprised I like this one as it is quite purple toned, almost lilac like. Again the formula is great and it applies really well to the lips. It is quite a natural colour and so wear it during the day. It looks beautiful on and is slightly different to the usual day-time nude – which is probably why I like wearing it so much!
Topshop Lipstick in Clueless 
This is one of my other most used lipsticks for nights out. I loved using this one on my most recent holiday to Zante. It is great for jazzing up an outfit and making it look that bit better and as I am a big fan of toning down an outfit to make room for a really bright lip this one is perfect! It is a bright blue toned pink that is very matte. These lipsticks from Topshop can be quite drying but I don’t usually find this a problem. This is definitely the creamiest of the collection that I tried but if you still find it drying a bit of lip balm over the top will sort it right out. It’s definitely worth the drying as the shade is beautiful. 
Topshop Lipstick in Powder Room 
This is the newest lipstick in my top 10 collection and it’s lovely. Again I probably love it a lot due to the pen shaped casing but the product is lovely too. This is a much lighter pink than the previous and I like to wear this during the day or with a smoky eye at night. It is slightly more drying than the previous but I’ll just put a bit of lip balm over the top if it really gets too much. I really like these and will definitely be picking up some other shades!

17 Mirror Shine Belle, ELF Matte Lip Colour Coral, ELF Matte Lip Colour Tea Rose, Topshop Clueless, Topshop Powder Room 

I hope you enjoyed the post and have found some lipstick you think you might like. I personally have my eye on the ELF Lipsticks and will hopefully be ordering some soon. 

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Lorna’s blog posts on Studs & Dreams and here Twitter @studsanddreams

What is your favourite Lipstick?

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 When I went to the Boots Christmas Press day (hopefully I will write a post about that soon) they spoke me through the new product set to hit 17 Cosmetics. When I left the one thing I was most excited about was the release of their new mascara Blow out. I have a few mascara’s which I love from 17 such as Peep Show and Falsifeye, their price point is great as is the product so I had high expectations for this mascara too.

 Their new mascara Blow Out comes in a chunky tube mirroring the large brush head made of natural fibres. I have the shade black although the option to buy brown is available. The large brush head is quite nice so long as you don’t have small eyes or lashes but even if you don’t it is still quite easy to get the product on your eyelid. It is quite a wet mascara which takes a while to dry so be careful after applying as it will smudge.

 However my high expectations weren’t quite met it promises lashes 12X bigger and I wouldn’t say they are much bigger at all! They are slightly longer and the mascara holds the curl quite well but other than that they aren’t thicker and fuller as I expected.

Overall just doesn’t live up to its claims and offers a far too natural look for my liking. I would recommend checking out some of the other 17 Mascaras such as Falsifeye and Peep Show before tying this one.

This mascara retails for £6.29 from Boots

What is your favourite 17 Mascara?
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 Now I am not sure what the french for Va Va Voom (Thierry Henry Va Va Voom Advert) but this Boots 17 Mascara has it. I’m not keen on the name or packaging as it all seems a bit dated, the name remind me of the advert and the packaging of the (rather horrible) Louis Vuitton Graffiti bag but all that aside I think its a great mascara.

The brush is big, actually very big and I am sure its not too everyone’s taste, it makes applying the mascara quite difficult and messy but the final result is worth it. My lashes look thicker but partiuclarly longer and it really does give that false lash effect which I never believe a mascara can actually do. It is buildable and I would apply another coat or two if I was going out but for day time two coats adds enough Va Va Voom for me. Unlike some mascaras my lashes still looked like hair instead of looking crispy and then potentially flaking.

 If you like big brushes you’ll love this mascara!
 I believe this is the new packaging but the mascara is available from Boots for £6.29

Sabrina X
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